Zendaya: 'Bottle You Up' Song Premiere - Listen Now! (Exclusive)

Zendaya: 'Bottle You Up' Song Premiere - Listen Now! (Exclusive)

Check out this exclusive listen to Zendaya‘s new song “Bottle You Up”!

The 17-year-old actress/singer’s new track is off her highly-anticipated debut album Zendaya, which officially drops on Sept. 17th. We can’t wait to hear it!

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Listen to Z‘s brand new track “Bottle You Up” below! And be sure to pre-order the record now!

Zendaya – “Bottle You Up” Song Premiere Exclusive

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zendaya’s song?

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  • http://www.justjaredjr.com wallace hyman

    love it

  • Lauren

    so much autotuned, and zendaya is so ugly

  • http://zellieber4ever Caitlin

    its perfect :)

  • http://@rinashabi Rina

    This song ..I mean no words really can describe how much Z is going to achieve in her career.We see it and we hear it step by step .Tbh I’ve always been a fan of her.She is a flawless person inside and out..Her personality radiotes positivity and love and happiness..She is one of those people who have that power of inspiring others..You know that’s Zendaya ..One in a million.I really hope with all my heart that she will be the best of the best cuz we need a singer like her who in just her beginings is bringing back true music.
    P.S : she NEEDS to ballroom dance again LOL ,but only with Val not with anyone else..Someone needs to tell her that :p
    I love you so much Zendaya?

  • http://zellamakmesmile Zswagger

    Perfect :) amazing, awesome, wonderful, beautiful song <3

  • kessi

    So amazingly beautiful!!

  • kessi

    The lyrics in this song are so relatable!

  • http://twitter.com/lembrym Marie

    It´s perfection, loooove it !!

  • dani
  • http://blueallysoniam samantha

    yes, it’s perfect this song…
    she’s perfect!!!!

  • andi

    she has a beautiful voice gosh

  • http://@ZswaggerCrew cristhian—Amaury—

    Really a great song, love the melody and with the zendaya’s sweet voice and her style make that the song be better yet, really i cant wait for her music album, i am sure that it will be a great hit. Zendaya is this singers kind that have something magic to do the things and she shows this through her music and the acting. i am so glad for her, i desire the best wishes to her life.

  • Lexi

    @Lauren: I wonder what you look like.. Prob butt ugly????

  • http://www.twitter.com/biebsmynigguh tamara

    Zendaya’s tone and range are pretty impressive considering she comes out of Disney, plus she chooses good songs. It’s a shame that her album will most likely flop but I’m pretty sure this girl will eventually blow up

  • anne

    @tamara You don’t even know what flop means!!! It is her debut album and she is not well known yet! She is just giving people a taste of what is to come! An album doesn’t have to get in the top 20′s to be considered successful!!

  • http://facebookk patrick

    what are u jealous

  • haley


  • http://www.twitter.com/biebsmynigguh tamara

    @anne: Girl, just accept the fact that it’ll flop like me. I’ll be surprised if she gets any plaque in the future.
    She has potential: She can sing, dance and has that bad ass look people like (not going to talk about her acting skills because Shake It Up is lame as hell)… she’ll blow up. It doesn’t really matter if that album doesn’t smash. Lol.

  • anne

    @tamara I won’t admit what I don’t want to come to pass. I believe she will do fine. I think shake it up is lame but I think she a good actress. I ending anyways.

  • anne

    *it ending anyways I meant*

  • jesse

    JJ…Can you help Zendaya promote her new album? Hollywood records is only promoting Selena which is the least talented artist at HWR!! It’s seriously annoying! Zendaya is amazingly talented and people are just finding out that her album is dropping in 2 weeks!!!

  • cati

    She’s going to have a great future.. If they promote her enough. The girl can actually sing without auto tune. Go listen to her acoustic version of Replay. SO good. And she’s beautiful, plus girl can act! Disney has had a lot of really big stars.. Selena, Demi, Miley .. I’m sure they can make her another one! No doubt! She has serious potential.

  • brandy melville

    I love this song!! She has an amazing voice. Oh, P.S. @Lauren, every singer has to have a little work done to their voice for your info just to let you know! She’s very pretty. She’s so so awesome, I wish I could bottle this song up and take it wherever I want!

  • http://Aol/twitter Barbde

    I agree w/Rina. Zendaya & Val should dance tog. again, they certainly have the fan base. Disney or some other prod. comp. should make a movie around their story on DWTS. It could inc. both hip-hop & ballroom. A real winner in my book!

  • Jay

    Talentless fugly nig!

  • jesse

    @jay thank you for the support you show Zendaya! Let the haters know how much of a threat she is, with her amazing talent and stunning beauty!

  • http://@femcoastie Janet

    @Jesse that was cleverly said, kudos & well done.
    To address @jay comment:
    “I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. ” ~Booker T. Washington

    Enough said!

  • http://twitter.com/ily_ariana_ alexa asperilla

    this is actually amazing

  • http://@zellakriptonite zellakriptonite

    omg, i’m so proud of her.
    i’m a zswagger, always a Zswagger:)

  • nixy

    Song is genius!!! Love it. Zendaya,you work a great job.LOVE YOU

  • http://eriikasworld.blogspot.com Erika

    This song is really good!

  • jesse

    @janet thanks! She is seriously so amazing!!

  • http://zellieber4ever Caitlin

    guys stop hating like seriously she tries soo hard to make her fans happy and saying these things isnt gonna make you cool its gonna make you look bad she does not deserve this if you dont like the song thats fine but she works sooo hard and you are gonna say these things wow thats sad just leave her alone she does not deserve this so if your just gonna be mean then dont bother listening to it cuz she has ALOT of fans that support her and reading these kind of comments is soo rude so stop saying bad things about her shes 17 and REALLY talented and if you gonna say these things then you should be really ashamed cuz shes better than you so knock it off and leave her alone cuz she didnt do anything to you and she still has to go to school and shes staring in movies making music and still going to school everday and she does ALOT more work than you so leave her alone and go away like seriously its not cool to be saying these things about her when its not true so learn to respect people for who they are cuz they are not gonna change and i bet people who are being mean dont even have the guts to say it to her face so sont even say it at all like how can your parents even like you if you dont even respect people thats sooo sad and not cool

>>>>>>> staging1