Win an R5 Signed ZinePak -- for FREE!

Win an R5 Signed ZinePak -- for FREE!

R5 pose with a few copies of their special edition ZinePak, which is only available at Justice stores.

JJJ was lucky enough to get our hands on FIVE copies — each of them signed by the band – Ellington Ratliff, and siblings – Riker, Rocky, Ross, and Rydel Lynch.

The ZinePak comes with the debut album, a magazine, poster and stickers. Want one? See how to enter below!

In case you missed it, check out R5‘s new video for “Pass Me By“!

UPDATE: Winners have been notified. Thanks for entering!

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Photos: Hollywood Records
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  • http://@sabina1709 sabina nogic

    I love R5 so much! Best band around. i listen to their sings all the time! i cant get enough. it would be so awesome if i won :)

  • sabina nogic

    I also like to catch up on celeb news on the Just Jared and Just Jared Jr website. I can read for hours! It’s very entertaining.

  • sabina nogic

    @sabina nogic: i meant songs. not sings lol

  • Danica w

    R5 Rocks! Saw them in concert in NY and they were awesome! Would love to win their new album.

  • Jackie

    this is so cool!

  • Jade


  • kEVIN

    R5 is the real deal. I think this is just the beginning of a lot of amazing music to come from those five.

  • http://@greta_love_R5 Gretar5

    R5rocks! i wish i could meet them soon in Italy and have the chance to get LOUDER at they”re concert!

  • http://@caitawesomelin Caitlin

    Did everything you asked! Please pick me!!! :D

  • http://@Katherine_colon katherine Colon

    I absolutely love R5 !.. i love to listen to rock and i finally found a band that fits me and i listen to them everywhere i go :) they are already a great hit right now imagine years from now ! they are all very talented and am amazed by what they’ve accomplished and they are like my inspiration in music and as persons. Keep going R5!! love you guys!! :D

  • cindy

    Saw R5 in St Louis a week ago. Best concert ever!!! Hope they come back again next year. Counting the days for the Louder release! :)

  • http://@sniiperboy330 michaela

    I have no idea what I’m supposed to say, so here goes:

    My name’s Michaela and I’m 15. R5 is my favorite band. They’re the first music group that I’ve gotten really into, where I know all of their songs and like every single one so much that I don’t have a favorite. Although I wish they would still play and release audio versions of their older rock/punk/pop era songs. I’ve been a fan for 2 years and counting. In those 2 years I’ve seen them live and met them in person twice; Once for my first concert at the John Hancock Center in Chicago on 9/3/12, and the second time at RiverEdge Park in Aurora on 8/18/13. I first liked their music when I looked them up on YouTube and watched their rock version cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Me” (I grew up around rock music with my dad, so I was really into it). Then I found their R5 TV’s on Riker’s official YouTube channel and instantly fell in love with their personalities. They’re all such down-to-earth people. They’re honest and true and pure hearted. They’re fun and adventurous and not afraid to take risks and show who they truly are. Watching them grow up the past few years has been the most amazing thing. It really shows you how much people change, yet stay the same, in a matter of time. If I had the chance to know them personally, I know we’d all be the best of friends. Their friendship with me would mean the world. I already love them like siblings. And I would be more than happy if I won this contest.

    Wow, this is long… um okay.. Well bye! =]]

  • http://@Katherine_colon katherine Colon

    Every time i get a chance to catch up on some news i always come to JustJared.Jr first and i end up being on for a couple of hours just reading and scrolling around :)

  • http://@Katherine_colon katherine Colon

    I feel like the oldest out of all the fans.. by what i see.. not that its a problem i love it :) its probably not true but am 20 :) well i just turned 20.. just putting it out there

  • alexa

    this is so awesome! I really love R5 more than anything! they used to be our little secret now they are not! I love the #R5Family

  • alexa

    I cant wait for the album to releaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@jillkr5 Jillian

    I am wicked excited for their first album! I’m so proud of how far they’ve come!

  • http://@Rossbeanie Sierra

    AHHH i love the little stickers it seems so cool! can’t wait to hear the new songs!

  • http://@Rossbeanie Sierra

    Such an awesome group!

  • http://@Rossbeanie Sierra


  • Tony

    AHHHH!!!!!! So in love with R5! I LOVE RIKER!!! So ready for louder!!!!

  • http://@Katherine_colon katherine Colon

    Ross <3 hahahahahahaa he's super cute :D can't wait to meet him 1 day.. i don't think il be the one to choke him for a hug though ! : but yes the singing along and screaming !!! :D ahhhhhh .. i love big families always so much fun ! i hope that they can come to Broward :) rockkkkk onnnnn !!

  • yvette

    theres a hand full of the xclusive editions.. ill be broke buying them all!!

  • Itzel Ayala

    Please, please, please :3 I want to win this

  • http://twitter mollyivey

    i’ve would love to win that r5 stuff

  • http://facebook johnathanhaswell

    i love R5 they are my fave band i wish they would do a consert in chattnooga,TN they might one day bet Chattnooga is the forgoten city

  • http://@R5_courtney Courtney

    I love R5 and I have been a fan for a while. I would absolutely love to win this. Plus, I’m broke and can’t afford it.

  • Courtney

    R5 means a lot to me and I would love to win this contest. I love Just Jared Jr because they always keep me up to date on everything R5 related. They were one of the first websites that actually acknowledged them. ?

  • tristan juern

    i want tooooooo win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max phunhirun

    I so want this I’m a big big fan… it weird cause I’m a guy? LOL

  • Kaity

    I love R5 so much i have followed them since the beginning and im seeing them the second time in concert. This november!!!!!!!

  • http://@rhenz17 Rhenz17

    To win this R5 zinepak album is like winning the lottery!
    I am a fan of both JustJared and R5, hoping to be one of the five lucky winners. YOU ROCK!

  • http://@barbiier5 Barbie

    Please please for the love of god I just have permission to post one comment and youhave no idea how much I love R5. Itwould so much to me if I win these contest.I at least want to have something from them. Please I don’t near ny the concerts they have played and I’m slowly dying because I want to at least see them in concert so pleasee. I swear you’re not going to be sorry that you picked me. Please. Plese just jared.

  • http://Exhaleariana Kim

    if i win this i’ll probably cry and possibly die i love r5 so much like they are just so perfect and amazing. If i won this Zinepak I will cherish it for the rest of my love. R5 is going to dominate the world, I just know it. :)

  • http://@sARAR5JKREW sARA


  • Suzette_z

    Choose me!!!

  • pauline

    I LOVE R5

  • pauline

    i really want this

  • pauline

    I love R5!!

  • Erinne

    College students love R5 too!!

  • http://@sARAR5JKREW sARA

    R5 is the best band in the world!!! They are amazing singers, songwriters, and role models!!

  • pauline

    Please please please choose me!

  • Brittany sanavaitis

    i’m always horrible with things to say, but, it would mean a lot to me if i won this! r5 have been one of my favorite bands for a long time now and i’m super stoked that they’re finally releasing an album (minus ep).

  • http://@okhelloR5 Jessica henri

    l o v e

  • http://@okhelloR5 Jessica henri

    well heylo

  • http://@okhelloR5 Jessica henri

    ellington ratliff is my spirit animal

  • http://@okhelloR5 Jessica henri

    rydel lynch is my spirit animal

  • Arieny

    I’m so excited for the release of LOUDER! I can’t wait to hear all the new songs! #R5Family

  • http://@Bailey_loves_R5 Bailey gonna be Lynch

    If I win it’ll be like winning the lottery for me!! I love them so much!!! :)

  • Scarlettr5lover

    I LOVE R5! They are the best band ever! I’m so proud of them! :D Go R5!

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