Ashley Tisdale: First Pic of 'Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch'!

Ashley Tisdale: First Pic of 'Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch'!

Ashley Tisdale wears a bright pink hoodie while out running some errands on Tuesday afternoon (September 10) in Los Angeles.

A few first look pics were just released for the 27-year-old actress’s new gig — Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch!

The new animated show follows the title character, voiced by Ashley, as she juggles her existences as a klutzy high school student and as a top sorcery student in the magical world. Whenever said worlds collide, Sabrina must battle her foes while keeping her spellcaster identity a secret from humankind.

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch premeires Saturday, october 12th @ Noon ET/PT on the Hub Network.

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Photos: AKM-GSI, The Hub
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kelly @ 8:15 pm on 09/10/2013

teamtisdalenyc on twitter had a personal interview with Ashley yesterday and she told him she’s working on a THIRD ALBUM! It’s going to be independent so she can have all the creative freedom she wants! and is also working with ABC family for a new comedy series AND SHE HAS AN UPCOMING MOVIE that she can’t release details on yet!

kelly martineau @ 8:22 pm on 09/10/2013

A needs to stop working on kids movies. And start working on grown ups movies. That’s good she has album and movies coming out.

Mll @ 9:05 pm on 09/10/2013

If it’s got Tisdale, it’s garbage

Avril @ 12:06 am on 09/11/2013

The voice of an animated movie character? Really Ashley? COME ON!
3rd album? well, that’d be a good choice if it wasn’t for all the potential slayer artists there are right now in the music industry… They’re gonna knock you dead… Ok maybe I’m wrong.

Someone @ 1:02 am on 09/11/2013

I don’t know why people still don’t accept the fact the Ashley is a pretty successful voice actress. This is part of her resume, she has done plenty of it and is still doing it, a lot, and she’s good at it. Apart from P&F, there’s this new series, and two upcoming animated movies.

And JJJ- she wasn’t running errands in those pics, she was leaving a studio (according to fansites).

claudia @ 3:36 am on 09/11/2013

@Someone: all it is is that her fans think that she can do so much more than just voice acting. if you truly believe that voice acting is her highest ability then fine, but a lot of her fans were expecting more. i speak as more of an outsider than a dedicated fan.

mxxm @ 8:29 am on 09/11/2013

for crying out loud it is Ashley’s career let her do what she wants. She doesn’t come to your place of work to tell you what you can or can’t do. She chose to be an actress because she knew the roles she wanted to do, You don’t like it stop following her projects and find other people to like.

claudia @ 10:43 am on 09/11/2013

@mxxm: i agree with what you said. i was just saying what some of her fan are saying about this in response to @Someone. I think she is a great comedian but she is happy where she is now and thats all that matters. the success of hollywood is always a bonus.

someone @ 3:16 pm on 09/11/2013

@claudia: I don’t think she stopped being an actress and a comedian. Right now, she’s working on a TV sitcom that she hasn’t announced yet, and apparently a movie as well. She’s obviously trying to find her place in the industry. She’s doing well producing, but as an actress she still needs the right roles. She just said in an interview that she hasn’t yet read the script where she’s like “That’s the role I want to play”. So she’s taking her time, I guess.

Avril @ 10:41 pm on 09/11/2013

@someone trying to find her place in the industry? she’s almost 30 years old. She started when she was under 20… she’s been in the industry like 10 years (or maybe more) and she’s still trying to find her place???
She needs the right roles? I mean she’s NOT Angelina Jolie, she can’t sit there and wait till someone offer her a great role. She should look for it by herself.
Ok maybe I’m overeacting, I know she’s just not sitting there, she’s doing something… the problem is she’s doing little, almost nothing and it seems she’s not putting so much effort.

kelly @ 10:43 pm on 09/11/2013

@Avril: she’s not the kind of person that is going to do a movie just because it’s presented to her. that may be her downfall but she does things that she is interested in and she still has a fanbase of teens/tweens + she has a little niece and enjoys making programs that she can watch

Jereme @ 12:06 am on 09/12/2013

@Avril She’s been in the business a lot longer than just 10 years.

Jereme @ 12:39 am on 09/12/2013

@Avril I don’t think you’re overreacting at all. You’re being honest like I am and I agree with everything that you said. She did guest star roles on 7th Heaven and Smart Guy when she was 12. So she has been in the business at least since than and yeah she should have found her place in the industry by now.

@someone People do accept the fact that she is a successful voice actress. The problem that people are having is the fact that voice over roles are all she seems to be doing lately and they’re having that problem because they would rather see her in front of the camera. She’s just taking her time? She’s been taking her own selfish time for a while now. Only doing 3 movies over the last 5 years, not doing a CD in 4 years, and only 1 TV show since The Suite Life? I mean come on I have heard of taking your time but the way that Ashley is doing it is ridiculous.

Avril @ 1:09 pm on 09/12/2013

@Jereme True! You’re completely right! She’s been in the show bussines for a loooong time now.

@Kelly… Are you her sister or smth? well, idc. “She does things that she’s interested in” what about her fans? the people who actually get her where she is now. But that’s ok, it’s ok to do what you want, in fact that’s how life should be: do what makes you happy. It’s just that her choice is to work for just three months (or less) and go on holiday, drink coffee, go to the gym, etc for the rest of the year and, I repeat, it’s ok if she wants to do that but I’m not gonna keep supporting her so she can live that life.

amy @ 3:17 pm on 09/12/2013

i think i would rather she just stop altogether if she really wants to because her slowing down makes me think that she wants to start a family and everything especially cuz shes getting married. i dont want her to feel obliged to work and if she wants to just do voice acting let her as well as producing.

claudia @ 3:18 pm on 09/12/2013

shes had her time in the sun. maybe its time to let that sun set.

Jereme @ 4:05 pm on 09/12/2013

@Amy I think that is exactly what she is going to do. I even said that before in 1 of the Ashley posts on here.

This is what I said: Now that she is engaged she is going to use this as another crutch/excuse for not doing anything with her career because she’s going to say things like “now that I’m engaged I have to start planning a wedding and that’s going to take up a lot of my time and I won’t have time to do anything else.” I can see it now. Than after the wedding she’s going to say something like “Chris and I want to start a family and have kids. Since I’m around my niece Mikayla all the time, we want to have kids of our own” just to give herself another excuse/crutch after the wedding as she slips farther and farther into irrelevance.

The people who are losing out and who are being treated unfairly are her fans. They deserve more and they deserve so much better than her and what she is giving them. I mean come on, I know that you guys are fans, I know that you love her, and call her your idol but how can you sit there and support her and support this selfish behavior that she has had as of late? Do you guys like being treated unfairly? Do you guys like it seems like Ashley doesn’t really and truly care about you guys as much as she used to? I know I didn’t when I was a fan of hers and that’s 1 of the reasons why I am no longer a fan of hers and don’t like her at all anymore. I’m not going to sit there and support somebody who is selfish, who lives on a relaxed vacation life style and somebody who only works hard when she has to when she has millions of fans out there to think about. If you guys can’t see that than I don’t know what to tell you.

jill @ 8:49 pm on 09/12/2013

@Jereme Seriously Jereme we get your point you’ve only said on every single one of her posts. Leave it alone, we get you’re upset but if you’re upset rather then annoy most fans on here go somewhere and complain. Honestly, you’ve repeated the same god damn thing even if she’s working or not. She’s been working on a bunch new stuff just because you have not seen her from the one candid a day does not mean she is just sitting there doing nothing. I am a fan that’s not 12 years old and I realize things don’t happen overnight, nothing does, and for you to expect it to. Just stop.

jill @ 8:52 pm on 09/12/2013

@Jereme Also, marriage and having a family is not an excuse or crutch it just means she’s going to take time working on herself and family rather then be away and working. She’s also said that she’s got a lot more stuff to work on first before even planning the wedding so if you’re going to sit here and complain, do so with the right facts and not your own version of the truth.

Jereme @ 9:51 pm on 09/12/2013

@jill Yes I do realize that most of the things I say are the same things over and over again but the reason I do that is because I am talking to different people or at least I think I am talking to different people. If I was talking to the same person I wouldn’t repeat myself like I have. I know I am not the only person on here who thinks that she is working at a very slow pace. You say she’s working on a bunch of stuff? Working on what kind of stuff exactly? Just producing stuff? more voice over roles? stuff where she isn’t in front of the camera? You say that you’re a fan. I want your honest answer to this question. Wouldn’t you want see her in front of the camera more rather than just sticking to producing and voice over roles?

Plus I like everybody else on here go off of what I see. Since 95% of the pictures of Ashley that we see posted here or somewhere else are pictures of her doing her daily routine things like going shopping, going to the gym, going to the hair salon, going to get coffee, going to premieres, going on vacations, and doing things with Chris how can I and anybody else not think that she doesn’t work very hard and that she doesn’t take her job seriously? I don’t expect things to change overnight, actually I don’t expect them to change at all. I think that Ashley is going to continue living this relaxed vacation life style that she is living and continue to work at the slower than a snail pace that she seems to be working at.

Jereme @ 9:59 pm on 09/12/2013

@Jill Actually I agree 100% with what Amy said and think that Ashley should just stop altogether. If she’s going to continue to work at this slow of a pace than why is she even in the business? So she can make money so she can do whatever she wants and not worry about it because she has the money to do it? Even with her music. Yeah I have heard that she has confirmed she is doing a 3rd album and it’s about time. It’s been 4 years since Guilty Pleasure came out and it was 2 years between Guilty Pleasure and Headstrong coming out. I heard somebody else told me that the reason why she hasn’t done an album in the last 4 years is because she wasn’t ready. If that’s true than she should really leave the music business because when you’re in the music business you should always be ready to do another album no matter what.

Avril @ 10:34 pm on 09/12/2013

She clearly doesn’t care about her fans!!! She doesn’t!!!! Don’t let her use you, she wants you because she needs you but she doesn’t care.
If you watch that Inner Circle thing she did with Vanessa you can see that they say something about their fans at the last minute and it’s pretty clear that they just did it to call their fans attention but she doesn’t really care. I mean we can see that, we’re not stupid… It’s easy to notice the difference between someone who really care and love their fans and someone who just pretend to love them and act as if they care about them so she doesn’t lose them.

jill @ 8:38 am on 09/13/2013

First of all you guys care too much and honestly I wouldn’t care if all she did was voice overs and producing. She’s not using me, I chose to be a fan because I love the stuff she does. If you’re upset fine, your choice to be upset and care about every little thing she does. The way you comment on every single photo of the same things makes you come off as whiny and annoying and disrespectful. Chose to keep things to yourself sometimes Jereme, we learn that at a very young age. Yes you all have the right to your opinions just chose when to voice them and when to say nothing at all. Honestly she probably stopped with the music because Guilty Pleasure didn’t do as well. From a business standpoint it was the right choice. She took a break from the music business just like a lot of people that do more than one thing.

Avril @ 10:23 am on 09/13/2013

@jill I respect your opinion so please respect mine cause I’m not bashing her or saying “disrespectful” things, I’m just speaking my mind and as far as I know that’s not forbidden by law ;)

jill @ 11:15 am on 09/13/2013

@Avril my comment was more towards Jereme then you

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