Miley Cyrus: 40 Million Views for 'Wrecking Ball' Video!

Miley Cyrus: 40 Million Views for 'Wrecking Ball' Video!

Miley Cyrus waves as she exits her hotel on Wednesday (September 11) in London, England.

“39 MILLION VIEWS IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS =]]]] I LOVE YALL SO MUCH,” the 20-year-old actress/singer recently tweeted about her new “Wrecking Ball” music video. Well now, the video has surpassed 40 million!

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Congrats, Miley! In case you missed it, watch the video now!

The day before, Miley was spotted hanging on to her fuzzy blue jacket while leaving a photo studio where she had a photo shoot that day.

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  • http://J_James41 Jereomy

    Yeah, she would be proud of making a video guys jerk off to. Which is the only reason it has so many views.

  • tia

    Beautiful Miley.

  • anonymous

    UGLY. She used to be pretty, now she just looks like a 12 year old boy. She reminds me of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, but a trashy version.
    She is average looking at best, mediocre talent, and horrible trashy style. The chick has no class, which just makes her look tacky and unappealing. Of course her die-hard fans are like worshipping sheep who are blind and make silly excuses for her anyway. Only idiots would find her cool. And she is so far from attractive, but I guess that’s because I like my women classy and naturally beautiful! Nothing sexy about a bimbo try-hard. She needs to get her act together before its too late because all I hear is a lot of people laughing behind her back and Im starting to pity her.

  • whatever

    We all know that those videos only have a lot of views because people are either crazy fans OR most people just want to laugh at her and gossip/criticise her.

  • claudia

    its funny because, me and my mom were just talking about her. and she said that people keep talking about her and its just boosting her popularity. positive or negative, people are still talking about her. it kind of makes you question whos the dumb one in this situation when many have done the same thing miley has in the past. so why give her the attention she is expecting. same with bieber.

  • good-one

    Wow. Such out-spoken art critics here, so zealously defending old order thinking of prevailing “aesthetic” and cultural values and “norms” and conventions. Miley goes seemingly all socially disruptive and radically different, maybe even revolutionary, intrepidly transcending established assumptions on what ostensibly constitutes relevant and appropriate and meaningful art, never mind her having actual and figurative “skin in the game” personal risk and vulnerability and exposure, at the heart of the matter. No props for her avant-garde thinking, just the critic’s mean fall-back to ad hominem vitriol in attempts at persuasion?

  • http://chloewadsworth chloew

    where is this hotel?

  • Chris

    Well done Miley. She deserves it! It is an amazing video that only CLEVER people can see and get. She is beautiful!

  • charity

    let them talk… you’re still beautiful! love you MC

  • AEM

    Miley is using Billboard Hot 100 ranking requirements (VEVO page views, song airplay, digital downloads) to her advantage. Is it her fault that Haters (40% of video viewers) keep clicking on WB to make comments? Haters don’t understand that they should IGNORE Miley if they want to hurt her standing. WB is going to #1 on Hot 100 next week, because it is #1 in VEVO page views and #1 in Digital iTunes downloads.
    Whether you like her or not, BangerZ will receive 2015 Grammy nomination. Oct 8 is passed 2014 Grammy cut-off.
    I don’t like her vulgarness, but I am still a fan of her MUSIC.

  • AEM

    One more thing….
    You don’t need to like a singer to like their music. I love Bad Romance, but I don’t like Lady Gaga as a person. There are a lot of people that like Wrecking Ball, but not Miley as a person.
    Miley does have a LOT of talent, but the problem is her antics over-shadow her talent. Demi is a better singer, but Miley’s songs are more accepted. Miley has 5 songs that reached Top 9 in BB Hot 100, but Demi has 0.

  • biker mike

    yeah 40 million CHILDREN looking at a naked girl,, other than that no talent, that’s why she is naked,, by the way both you and daddy stay away from country music, we don’t want you

  • tin

    i love her music!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1