Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth End Engagement

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth End Engagement

Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth have reportedly gone their separate ways, their reps confirm to

The entertainers got engaged in 2012 after starring in The Last Song together.

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Miley has been promoting her new album, Bangerz, in Europe while Liam was spotted in Vegas over the weekend for the Floyd Mayweather fight.

Over the weekend, Miley made Twitter explode when she unfollowed Liam on the social network.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Liam and Miley splitting up?

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OK @ 3:10 pm on 09/16/2013

Did anybody really think they were going to get married?

pent @ 3:20 pm on 09/16/2013

it was only a matter of time

Jason @ 4:21 pm on 09/16/2013

“Miley made Twitter explode”? Really, Just Jared? I don’t think anyone noticed. And I think even less cared.

Janire @ 4:26 pm on 09/16/2013

No surprise

Maddie @ 4:41 pm on 09/16/2013

Good! Now Liam can finally find someone who is special and normal! Unlike Sl*t Cyrus who became a freaking sl*tty looking stripper/prostitute! She really needs to die away ASAP!!!!!!!

Dee @ 5:08 pm on 09/16/2013

Soo happy for Liam. As an actor who wants to be taken seriously Miley was just baggage.

tia @ 7:40 pm on 09/16/2013

Its fascinating how everyone on this post is blaming miley for the break It takes two to make a relationship Miley always supported Liam and he was never supportive of her instead he cheated . Leave her alone and let her deal with the pain because a broken heart really hurts. Stay strong strong miley haters suck.

Manuela @ 8:12 pm on 09/16/2013

@tia: I totally agree. I hope Miley is alright! Poeple are so full of hate.

Steven @ 9:23 pm on 09/16/2013

This is Miley trying to get people’s attention on her. Once again.

lillian @ 9:38 pm on 09/16/2013

No surprise here. I have been waiting for it, She is so out of control…. but I really hope there is someone left close to her that care for her and doesn’t let her make so much stupid decisions now.
I don’t know how this girl is going to end up, but I can just only imagine bad news.

Sara @ 9:39 pm on 09/16/2013

@tia: What should Liam have supported? Her VMA performance? Her wrecking ball video? Cheating isn’t right but I wouldn’t be proud to support her provocative actions. It’s a two way street.

tia @ 10:02 pm on 09/16/2013

@Sara Yes its a two way street and he was never supportive of her so whats your point. Liam is no saint but it will show in due time.

tia @ 10:05 pm on 09/16/2013

When you truly love someone no matter what you are always there for them I met my hubby when we were 19 and 21 and we are happily married 13 years later. We made mistakes but we never gave up on each. These days people don’t have a clue what Love is.

Phliss @ 10:37 pm on 09/16/2013

@tia: What the heck are you even doing in justjared jr If you are that old? go and lie anywhere else

zay @ 12:18 am on 09/17/2013

thank you god, he doesn’t deserve her

fan @ 12:48 am on 09/17/2013

They don’t deserve each other. lol

Gossip Girl @ 1:14 am on 09/17/2013

The H3LL with these idiots saying Miley is the one out of control! She didn’t get like these until she MET Liam! I mean come on people, Liam is not the angel you think he is, he has a criminal record for starting fights for Christ sakes! Clearly LIAM is the one influencing her to this WILD decisions because for ONE: She was NEVER into Smoking/ Twerking until she met Liam , and TWO: she NEVER and I mean NEVER complained and cussed at paparazzi’s before she met Liam! Miley’s persona changes with all her boyfriends. Remember when she was with Justin Gaston and she was always talking about God and The Bible and all the nonsense? She even used to tweet bible verse randomly on her twitter! That all stopped with Liam came in. After Liam, she started practicing these stereotypes outside her race [and you know what I mean] She got all obsessed with weed and begin dressing more and more like a mini stripper! Clearly LIAM is the one who changed Miley! Don’t believe, Watch Miley six Months from now and see that she doesn’t go back to her old self where every other tweet onher account was related to her dogs and crap! LIAM is the one who damaged Miley! Stop thinking just because he’s the “women type” that he’s one of God’s gifts from heaven cause he ISN’t! Half of yall blaming Miley for the split are only doing it because you HATE her and NOT because you know it for a FACT.

Kim @ 1:23 am on 09/17/2013

lol @ all of you saying thank God that Liam left her, he CHEATED on her. I think Liam is the one to blame here.

Iris @ 6:26 am on 09/17/2013

why I’m not surprised! I would do the same if I was Liam

Maddie @ 7:17 am on 09/17/2013

To all you people saying Liam cheated where’s the proof JJ confirmed it! It was all rumors he never cheated! And Liam does deserve better she became a psychotic lunatic!

Lawrence @ 8:30 am on 09/17/2013

Good for Liam, I hope this turns out to be final.

S'bahle Simamane @ 8:58 am on 09/17/2013

1) No one should be blaming Miley or Liam
2) Don’t judge celebrity relationships because 60% of you probably have messed up relationships
3) Miley did not change because of Liam
4) Yes, she doesn’t look like a role model but it’s her life
5) If you don’t like Miley don’t make rude comments
6) imagine how you would feel like if I made rude comments about you just because you’ve changed
7) celebs also have a life fix your life then once it’s perfect judge another persons relationship
8) The truth is no relationship will ever in you wildest dreams be “PERFECT”
9) Keep the rude comments where they belong.

not here for the crap @ 9:00 am on 09/17/2013

@Gossip Girl:

After Liam, she started practicing these stereotypes outside her race [and you know what I mean] <<<< what exactly do you mean? Are you referring to her smoking weed? And whose stereotype is that, because people of HER race do in fact smoke as much, or probably even more than whatever group you are targeting. Plus I think you confused her cultural appropriation with her doing stereotypical things.

ANNIE @ 10:19 am on 09/17/2013

you can cry now

tia @ 10:22 am on 09/17/2013

@Phliss you poor thing I don’t need to lie I really don’t care if you believe me or not Miley is a beautiful young lady I am tired of seeing people hating on her and they don’t even know her. Most of you are immature teens. There is enough hate in the World I am not interested in adding to it so I don’t hate on any celebrity or people on a whole. Negativty breeds negativity.

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