Zac Efron: 'Happy, Healthy' After Rehab

Zac Efron: 'Happy, Healthy' After Rehab

Zac Efron has successfully completed a stint in rehab, People reports.

The 25-year-old actor spent about five months in a program, getting treated for addiction to alcohol According to TMZ, it was a cocaine addiction.

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“He’s healthy, happy and not drinking,” one source shared. “He’s taking time to focus on working.”

Zac just recently premiered his new film, Parkland, at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and the first official still from That Awkward Moment was just released.

Glad to see Zac healthy!

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  • IMO

    This only makes me prouder of him for taking care of himself and recognizing that he needed help. It would never change the way I feel about him as person since it takes a big man to admit they have a problem and an even bigger man to do something about it. Now he can focus on his career and personal life. Always wishing him the best of everything and he has even better things to look for ahead.
    Love you Zac !

  • Xo

    Good for him. I always applaud people who address their issues

  • Kim

    NOT true Jared. He went to rehab 5 months ago, not spend 5 months in rehab. Get your facts straight.

    But good for him. I’m glad to see he realized something was wrong and got help for it. He’s a bright young man with a great career ahead of him. Wishing him all the best.

  • OK

    Happy to see it is just about drinking unlike what some haters are saying.

  • OK

    Is this a true story or one making the rounds from one E source?
    I want to hear from his people.

  • OK

    @IMO I agree with you 100% if this is true that he saw a problem and took care of it. This only makes me respect him more.

  • IMO

    @OK: Same I only respect him more. All I can say is he has been looking fantastic and I have noticed some great changes for the better this last year or so . If this was a conscious decision then I feel confident that he has better influences and of coarse his family around to support him and encourage him always to be the best he can be. BTW I meant to tell you that I am just as proud of you for what you do on Sundays with the children and so happy for you that your going to have a special date for Parkland on the 4th. I knew that it would all work out for you and look it has. See I only fangirl for good men. LOL

  • OK

    @IMO Thank you so much for what you said about Zac and then about the children. I love these innocent angels dearly.
    As for Zac I know he has better influences around him now and I knew this ever since he made the decision to get rid of the YOLO Tattoo. Lately he has looked so much better and happy.
    You were very instrumental in that “Parkland” date. So now I will tell you this here before I say anything on the other site.
    My Dad just called me a few minutes ago and said ,”You have a wonderful man as your idol and I hope all this news is not getting you down. Just remember Tommy it takes a very big man to do what Zac did and I hope you see that. I bet his father is as proud of him as I am of you.”
    Then he added he can’t wait till Oct. 4th.
    Thank you again for all the kind things you said.

  • good-one


  • IMO

    @OK: Father knows Best. Seriously what a lovely thing to say . I agree with you about him trying to change things first by getting rid of the YOLO. With filming and time constraints he may have started to get help around then but couldn’t maybe check in until filming was completed. He did go missing for awhile after Neighbors was done .If Zac had a problem it didn’t just start it he had it for awhile and the people in his life now I feel are the good influences to have made him see he needed help. Since I have noticed him staying away from certain fast living friends and keeping away from the Clubs and such I saw a effort to change. So as I said before I commend him tfor taking care of himself and the situation on his own, and without drama . He did it quietly ,privately, honorably, and classy IMO.

  • OK

    @IMO Thank you again.
    If it was a five month treatment maybe he was just getting consoling or something like that and it wasn’t in house stay?
    I’m still not believing the drugs. At least someone reached him in time.

  • http://@yessyefron Yessy Bouquet

    yay! he is strong and brave, the important thing is that he get help

  • Rosalie

    Good for him! Very proud of him for getting his act together and taking care of himself. It makes me even more attracted to him. <3

  • kelly martineau

    Did know he had a drunking promblem. Good for him to get treatment. And know he can make more movies.

  • steph h

    You know what else I like is he didn’t have to take it to the media just for attention like a lot do even if they have serious issue..he kept it from the media and yes haters will prob. say why now but we won’t listen but so happy and proud to be a fan of his!! :)) so happy he chose to get help

  • OK

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his ex friends sold this to the media.


    AND when did he fit rehab in between his back to back movies? Zac is one of the hardest workers actors in Hollywood and only seems to get a few weeks between movies to have a bit of fun and relax before starting on the next. Sounds fake to me as there always seems to be someone putting out negatives about him – don’t know who or why!

  • claudia

    @OK: i just heard on the news this morning it was cocaine use on tv and not alcohol hence why his face looked bloated for a while because coke does that. but good on him for getting help. seems like a lot of hollywood stars somehow end up in rehab no matter how much they stay away from the limelight.

  • claudia

    @SHANGHAI: because we dont see him on a regular basis it is quite easy to fit it into his schedule since..nobody personally knows him. I’m not going to lie there was a time where he looked, not his best, so this isnt necessarily a surprise to me and neither is the fact that it was kept a secret all this time. Its good that he is moving forward, I hope it continues this way.

  • OK

    @Claudia I saw that also but will add this, it is no secret I work at a studio. (In fact my job takes me to several studios and locations to help solve “production” problems”)
    This problem pops up more than I dare mention. I find that with drugs the sure sigh is losing weight. when alcohol is the “Problem” we need to watch for bloat (The camera really picks it up).
    If anything I see an alcohol problem. Just hope I’m right on this.
    Regardless the problem I admire Zac for taking steps to correct the situation.

  • claudia

    @OK: in all honesty something like this was bound to happen. no celebrity goes scandal free. even jolie was a weird one back in her days.

  • Liberty

    Lets check the facts shall we:
    1) E broke this story with drinking as the reason which we all know IS plausible as he was seen partying a lot last year.
    2) TMZ comes out with there own version of the story now citing drug use (cocaine) as the reason. They offer little information to back this up.
    3)When Zac was filming Neighbours he took time off due to hurting his hand and having to have a metal plate inserted he was off a few days to have the surgery . Dave Franco and Zac himself have since confirmed this in interviews and there is picture evidence to back it up.
    4) He filmed that,Parkland and the dating movie pretty much back to back. IF he had a coke addiction as bad as TMZ are claiming he would have been in a program for a significant amount of days.
    5) I personally am inclined to believe the drinking one if I have to believe any. But I do think this is a VERY interesting PR stunt.

  • lauren901

    uh u cant be serious, i highly doubt zac or his team wanted this out there
    but go ahead and think what u want.

  • Liberty

    @lauren901: Did I say it came from Zac or a his team anywhere in my post ? NO. Learn to read. There are PR teams on movie sets too you know…

  • OK

    @Liberty I believe Zac was back on set the next day after injuring his hand.

  • OK

    Zac took two days off to do promo for “AAP” and did some T.V. shows in NYC.

  • Lawrence

    This comes as a surprise to me but I’m proud of him and happy he was strong enough to over come it, good for you Zac.

  • OK

    I believe the accident was on a Friday he was still there part of the day then went to have it checked.. He was a City Walk with friends the next day to see a friend from SLO in concert.

  • Mia

    Wait what was happened? :O Stay Strong Zac :) <3

  • claudia

    Wait! What?.. What children??? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I loove Zac, can you explain me, please?! :D

    And well, this really surprised me, i never thought he’d suffer for that. I admire that he accepted he had a problem, but it’s a little.. mmm i don’t know, don’t like this kind of thing really. I hope he gets better!

    I don’t believe in anything TMZ says, actually. I’ll wait until he says something or maybe he doesn’t say anything at all (not even on his facebook or twitter, he doesn’t use them). He likes being out of the spotlight and i’d actually prefer that, although if it helps other people, then good :)
    He’s still in my country (Peru). He’ll leave the country tomorow, so i guess the paparrazis at the airport will ask A LOT!

    Love you Zac, take care! :D

  • claudia1

    @claudia: ^^^ this person is not me by the way. I dont speak with that much enthusiasm. plus it completely contradicts what i was just saying on the previous page.

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