Zac Efron Reportedly Went to Rehab Twice

Zac Efron Reportedly Went to Rehab Twice

It looks like Zac Efron‘s struggles ran deeper than initially reported.

According to TMZ, the 25-year-old actor received intensive outpatient care twice this year. He apparently tried to get better in March after struggling with cocaine addiction for more than two years. But sadly, he relapsed in April in the midst of filming Neighbors (formerly Townies).

Sources tell the site that Zac was dealing with a number of tough personal issues when it came to his parents, career, girls, and friends.

We are glad Zac is getting help and we wish the best for him!

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  • lara

    good luck, baby!

  • OK

    Love you Zac, all my prayers are with you.

  • OK

    Thank God they hey worded things different here than on the other post.

  • OK

    Zac you really look good hope you enjoyed your family trip to Peru.

  • xx

    duh! he began taking drugs because he can’t get over with his ex. he was actually reportedly so many times drinking in a club last 2 years and also touching and asking so many girls to have sex with him. but i think that he’s getting better now but not like the zac before the break up with his ex..

  • OK

    @xx To bad you don’t know what you are talking about.
    They grew apart and that was it.

  • Lawrence

    All I can add is I hope he overcomes his addiction, I’d hate to see all that talent go down the toilet. Not to mention his gorgeous bod!, I know its hard but stick with it babe. You can do it, you have this fans 100% support. :)

  • Maddie

    Damn i’m so shocked i never in a million years would think Zac Efron would get like this!
    I hope he recovers, looking at Cory’s life i hope he realizes what could happen. Don’t want to lose another amazing actor!

  • OK

    @Lawrence it is nice to see you are such a fan of zac.
    My guess is thing are not as bad as they seem and he is looking really incredible so I think he has beaten any problems he had.
    I wish him the best too.

  • Ashleigh

    I am happy tat all of Zac’s fans are supporting him. I was shocked when this came out but at least he has gotten professional help. xxx

  • Pammiej85

    He seems like an awesome guy. If these reports are indeed true, I’m happy he’s gotten himself some help.

  • Kayla

    Either way, he’s still extremely attractive.

  • Celeste

    I don’t know if I believe TMZ, but I do want Zac to get better! <3

  • IMO

    Nice to respect this man’s privacy TMZ and JJJ. but since you didn’t I’d like to say that there are some very misleading information here.
    First Zac himself sought help it doesn’t matter when or how many times. He sought help on his own as an outpatient and I would bet money he will continue to do so if he feels he needs to. Next his parents are wonderful people who by no means are controlling. My goodness he has been living here on his own since he was 17 years old. He is very close to them but he is a man that makes his own choices good or bad. Then I’m sure this man has no trouble with women. oh he is so ugly he can’t fnd love? PLEEZE!!!! I’m sorry when you have a problem and at the same time your overbooked working there is just no time for a relationship, believe me women throw themselves at him and he is not lonely. the career? What actor doesn’t worry about his career that is a given but here is the truth it was the friends , the fast crowd he hung out with. That is the tragedy that happened to Zac and millions of other young people. Bottom line is Zac sought help is he getting it , he is in recovery and as long as he has loving good people aound him , his family Zac will be fine. .It takes a big man to know he has a problem ,to admit it , and get help.

  • IMO

    UPDATE: Despite a report claiming that Efron had undergone two stints in rehab, a source insists that the actor in fact only underwent treatment one time, as E! News originally reported.

  • Amanda

    @IMO: THANK YOU FOR THIS. I hate that all of this had to come out, only because of all the BS that people are going (and are already trying) to start.

  • OK

    @IMO I too would like to add my thanks to both of your posts here.
    Zac is very lucky to have a fan like you.

  • leilani

    I know a lot of you are fans of Zac and are really shocked. I kind of saw this coming. The story of him and Vanessa growing a part was I think just a ploy. I think he was influenced by the people he started hanging around and therefore the sudden break up. None of us saw the break up coming because I didn’t see any sign not like Miley and Liam. I remember during the post breakup, Vanessa submerged herself with work, where as Zac partied around being linked with Theresa Palmer, Lily Collins, etc. I think he wanted to experience the single life but the people he was hanging out weren’t great friends. I hope the death of Cory Montheit was a wake up call for him. He needs to get his old friends back again.

  • xx

    @OK: do you think you know too? :-/

  • IMO

    @Amanda: Exactly what’s done is done . So what good is it to bring up the man’s private life which this heresay may or may not have occurred. It’s all rumors or past associations that want a payday for the gossip. Let Zac move forward he has enough to deal with recovery and trying to stay positive. I know he is so private and this is hurtful that he has to come home to this. We have to wait it out hopefully the media will get over this story soon.

  • OK

    @ XX I know a whole lot more than you do. Especially if you believe your own words.

  • xx

    @OK: I don’t care if you know everything about him. I just want to wake up you from your dream.

  • Amy

    I’m so proud of Zac for getting help that he needs instead of hiding his problems from the world. I wish him all the luck :)

  • lauren

    quit hating and get over it.

  • xx

    @lauren: who are you to command me?

  • Lawrence


    Yeah I hope so, he seems like such a sweet boy.

  • Lawrence


    More unsubstantiated drivel.

  • Laura

    Good luck zac hope you don’t end up like cory i think it is about vanesa he hasn’t got over her yet and seeing her with Austin make him upset

  • _

    sources close to him said that it is completely false that he went twice… saw it on ET

  • xx

    @Lawrence: who are you? an extra? the one who likes to but.t in on others.

  • Rebeca

    I wish there was a way to reach out to him. :( But…
    I wish you lots of happiness and peace Zac. Life isn’t easy, much less in Hollywood but know you have support. I think no one expected you to struggle with this, but I’m praying for ya. You can overcome any obstacle you set your mind to. I hope you’re surrounding yourself with the right people. Please get better 100%, and never look back.

    Much love,

  • Truth

    Oh my god this is… this is halarious. Zac fans spent YEARS getting on Vanessa’s case for being the bad seed, for “holding him back” and “being a bad influence” because of some stupid pictures that never hurt anyone. And yet this guy has apparently drunk and drugged himself right into a rehab center not once, but twice. And after they broke up too. This is just so, so ironic.

    The really funny thing is, if this were Vanessa, ya’ll would be tearing her apart. You’d be calling her a trashy whore who got was coming to her. In fact if this were any female celebrity, she’d be getting the crap kicked out of her. Somehow drug addiction is ok when it’s men. Hypocrites.

    But whatever. Guess that explained why he fell off the radar. Good luck to him and his issues. He’s gonna be battling that shiz for the rest of his life. But kudos to Van for being smart enough to get out of there and not get dragged down along with him. Too many girls throw their lives away helping men deal with their demons and it’s just not fair.

  • IMO

    @Truth: I am a Vanessa fan as well. It breaks my heart to hear this news as I hope this never happens to Vanessa or anyone else for that matter. It was classless of you to even post here with such hatred. I hope you never have to be put in the position as Zac fans are now . But as a human being how you could gloat shows your true character. We are helpless as fans because we have no idea the severity of his addiction . Because he recognized his problem and sought help on his own I will be very optomistic about how well he is doing. To wish him anything but well is evil . I hope you take your hatred elsewhere and be careful what you say because Karma is a very real thing. I am a huge fan of Zac and I only wish him strength and wisdom in the future .

  • OK

    @Lawrence Pay no attention to XX she is a hater and makes up stories from way back.
    I’m sure Zac will be fine , he is surrounded by those who love him and care about him.

  • OK

    @IMO As usual your post are informative and touching.

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