Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes Confirm Relationship on Twitter

Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes Confirm Relationship on Twitter

It’s official – Ariana Grande is dating The Wanted‘s Nathan Sykes.

The 20-year-old singers confirmed the news on Twitter after they were spotted out together in Toronto last month.

“we hesitated saying anything as people can be a bit insensitive but thank u we value all of your happiness, thank you for valuing ours <3 :)" Ari tweeted.

Nathan followed that up with, “So, I guess it’s obvious now…thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. I’m so happy <3 #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana"

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ariana and Nate as a couple?

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Queen @ 1:19 pm on 09/24/2013

looks wise she can do way better. her ex-bf Jai Brooks is way better looking than nathan but if shes happy than thats all that matters i guess. she moved on quite quickly though.. a few days before she started secretly dating nathan, she had just proclaimed her love to jai all over twitter…

Lynette Chen @ 1:20 pm on 09/24/2013

it’s cute! I bet Max is going to be super happy now :D after all, his shipping dreams have just come true haha

Ashleya @ 1:25 pm on 09/24/2013

I absolutely ship it! #nariana ia absolutely the cutest thing, though it also shipped jariana, I personally love Nathan and Ariana together! support it 110% :) <3 <3 <3 love love love :)

Ashleya @ 1:27 pm on 09/24/2013

#nariana #nariana #nariana I think it’s just the perfect fit :) their music video for “Almost Is Never Enough” idk if I’m the only one, but I saw sparks and I felt the connection :)

Whitney @ 1:31 pm on 09/24/2013

Denying it didn’t get her the attention she thought, might as well go ahead and admit it and see what happens. Next up, the public breakup.

Jereomy @ 1:53 pm on 09/24/2013

Another Hollywood relationship that exists solely for the PR. Guess the last boyfriend wasn’t famous enough. In a few months she’ll probably end up dumping him for Bieber. Love her, but this just seems a little trampy. Bouncing from one guy to the next every few months.

carey @ 2:11 pm on 09/24/2013

didn’t they confirmed it already? like 2 months ago?

Raqui @ 6:37 pm on 09/24/2013

He’s too ugly for her:/

Aria @ 8:25 pm on 09/24/2013

Personally, I liked jai and Ariana better, and jai is way better looking, I hope this is a short term thing, but if she is happy that is all that matters and I will support her all the way

Destinie @ 8:35 pm on 09/24/2013

What are you even talking about. Her and Jai were together for 10 months. The longest relationship she’s ever had was with Graham Phillips which lasted 4 years. Not every celebrity couple is for “publicity.” She hardly speaks to Bieber. Her and Nathan became close after having to work together so much. Your making things sound like something it’s not.

lucy @ 12:21 am on 09/25/2013

Looks aren’t everything.

Ella @ 2:28 am on 09/25/2013


Crystal @ 5:26 am on 09/25/2013

Awesome!! I wish them all the best for their future :D

Nikki @ 7:41 am on 09/25/2013

Awwww I think they are cute together

Nikki @ 7:45 am on 09/25/2013

Wow…you guys are mean. She can’t date him because he’s ‘ugly’? If someone told you that you’d be in tears right now.
That’s how you know they truly like each other, when it’s not about the looks but personality. Plus I don’t think he’s ugly, he’s average.

Journey @ 8:39 am on 09/25/2013

Why is everyone saying that Ariana was the one using Jai?! Have you ever thought maybe he was the one using her?!?! Or maybe none of them were using the other?!?! God!!!

Kate @ 9:00 am on 09/25/2013

I love Ariana and I really do. But I don’t like this Nariana thing. I like Jai more than Nathan for her but if she’d happy then I’m cool with that.

WAT @ 9:20 am on 09/25/2013

Lol. Who cares anyway? Both are ugly ad Ariana is a slu*

prudence @ 11:35 am on 09/25/2013

isn’t he gay?

and she is fuuuugly!!!

Mann @ 12:53 pm on 09/25/2013

He has no top lip… and when every you “confirm” a relationship on twitter it’s for PR. lol

laura @ 1:26 pm on 09/25/2013

I love Ari and I’m happy if she’s happy but what’s wrong with his face???

somebody @ 4:12 pm on 09/25/2013

lol why is she dating a sloth

Blieb @ 11:53 am on 12/23/2013

Woooow I think she can do loads better but I guess it’s nice that she’s not superficial :)

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