Win a FREE Copy of 'Beauty & The Beast: The First Season' on DVD!

Win a FREE Copy of 'Beauty & The Beast: The First Season' on DVD!

Did you see our exclusive clip from Beauty and The Beast: The First Season‘s DVD Box set?

The series, which centers on homicide detective Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) who teams with the mysterious Dr. Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), the man who saved her life years earlier and who has a terrible secret – when he is enraged, he becomes a terrifying beast, unable to control his super-strength and heightened senses, is out on DVD next week.

JJJ was lucky enough to get our hands on a copy — and we want you to win it!

The box set includes six discs packed with numerous deleted scenes and never-before-seen featurettes.

UPDATE: Winner has been notified. Thanks for entering!

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  • Addictedtoseries

    Noooooooooon, only US Residents Only :(

  • Adam P

    I love Beauty and the Beast, was in love with Kristen from Smallville, but Beauty & the Beast is a great show that I watch every week with my whole family, its a fun bonding night over tv!

  • aPRIL

    I love Beauty and the Beast. Season one was awesome, and I am really looking forward to Season 2!

  • http://lovatic4demil alyssa reid

    please pick me I am obessed with this show


    YAY! this was my new favorite show last year. I would love have the 1st season!

  • http://@Padynlecki Padyn

    These series was amazing, and still has potential and I can’t wait to see its 2nd season..

  • http://elp91 elana

    I hope I win! Just Jared Jr always does the best giveaways!!


    OMG! That’s so awesome!!!!!!!!! =DD <3 #BATB IS THE BEST!!! #beastie #beasties

  • http://@allyvane allison

    I have been wanting to catch up on this show! I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to finish season one so it would be fabulous to get an opportunity to do so!

  • Danisa Selvarajah

    I really hope I win! I love re-watching this show and its also one of my faves!

  • Matthew Duong

    Yes! This would be perfect birthday gift for my sister! We watch Beauty and The Beast every Thursdays, and now to receive the Season 1 dvd? that would be amazing! Just Jared Jr is the best at Contests!

  • Astrid

    I really enjoy the show so thanks for giving us a chance to win the DVD. :)

  • Nelly

    I will ‘BEAST-OUT’ if I don’t win this!!! ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is the show that flies under the radar, but those lucky viewers who watched , well, they become ‘Beastified’!! The show has captivated my heart, body, and soul to the point that all I do is eat, sleep, and breathe ‘BATB’! So for the sake of my own sanity, I hope I win this!!!

  • veronica

    i loved this show would love to own it :)

  • http://@bellelcollins Lindsey

    I love Kristen Kreuk and after one season I can’t wait for more Jay Ryan and BATB!!!! I want this on DVD so much!!

  • Yusuf Nasrullah

    Come to me, my beautiful prized DVD!

  • Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames)

    We would love to be able to go back and watch the whole season in HD. Our station here is still not there.

  • abbyc8923

    Love this show and love vincat !!

  • Janeth

    I LOVE BatB!!!! Best show ever…. excited when it returns in Oct. ^_^

  • batb love!

    This show is AWESOME! Great cast, wonderful crew, & AMAZING fans! I hope more people tune in and watch on October 7th! :)

  • Julius

    I love BatB!! Excited for the Season 2 premiere next week!!

  • Amanda Baghal

    THis is the most amazing show ever!!! i would love to win this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beth

    THIS IS NOT FAiR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy

    I love this show and can’t wait for season 2! I would love to win this!!

  • sARAH

    Yay! DVD is coming out!!!

  • kATHYdang

    Best show ever

  • kATHYdang

    Lana langgggggggggggg

  • kATHYdang

    i want this dvd :)

  • BATB4mE

    Love this show! It just keeps getting better and better! Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk are AWESOME! <3


    ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is so addicting! Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan have AMAZING chemistry!!!!

  • stefanie

    Would be awesome to get the DVDs! I got hooked on the show a couple of episodes in and then begged my sister to watch it with me which caused HER to get hooked! After that we made a habit of watching the new episodes together.

  • stefanie

    Since we can comment as often as we want, I’m gonna go for it!

  • stefanie

    Dagnabbit, I just realized that in my last two comments I spelled my email address wrong. smh.
    P.S. Really, really want the BATB DVD!

  • stefanie

    Last comment from me! *deep breath* I’d like to win the BATB DVDs!! ;)

  • http://@colorfulunique lauren hanks

    This is an awesome show :D

  • http://twitter doris cole

    I would like to win this dvd. I have not seen the series

  • http://trmptman brian

    Haven’t seen the entire first season. Liked what I saw but got lost when I started working 2 jobs. Would love to see the rest. Give me a chance!!!

  • Rebecca Thompson

    I am a big fan of BatB. I really want to get the first season. I am looking forward to season two.

  • batb#1

    Thanks ‘justjaredjr’ for the contest! LOVE ‘Beauty and the Beast’!!! Looking forward to season 2!

  • stefanie

    BATB DVD ftw!

  • stefanie

    I’m excited to watch the special features!

  • Nelly

    Season 1 of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was AWESOME! Season 2 of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ promises to be AMAZING! Love this show! Know what I would love better? To win the ‘BATB’ DVD :D

  • http://lindsbabyy11 lindsey v

    BATB is my absolute favorite show! I would love NOTHING more than to have the complete first season in my hands! I would also be able to share the DVD with my mom who is also a huge fan of the show! (:

  • lindsey v

    I would love nothing more than to win this DVD! It would be a great gift not only for myself but for my mom as well (:

  • lindsey v

    With season 2 starting on Monday I would love nothing more than this dvd set!
    My mom got me started on this show and we text back and forth about the show since I’m away at college, but we still are able to watch it together, thanks to technology! So winning this prize would be awesome because then whenever I pop these DVDs in to re-watch the first season I can think of my mom too! (:

  • lindsey v

    I’m tried of having to re-watch this season on my computer through the CW video links. Having this DVD set would make things so much easier (:

  • lindsey v

    Clearly I’m so tired I spelt tired wrong in my last comment….haha well any who, I would really love this DVD set (:

  • Stefanie

    Beauty and the Beast comes back in 4 days!!!

  • Stefanie

    The long wait is almost over! Still excited that it got a second season!

  • lindsey v

    So excited that BATB returns on Monday! Although, I’m super excited about that, nothing would make me happier than winning this DVD set (:

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