Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: 'Carrie Diaries' Premiere Pair!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: 'Carrie Diaries' Premiere Pair!

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a pose at the season two premiere of The Carrie Diaries on Saturday night (September 28) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress accompanied her longtime beau and star of the hit series, Austin Butler!

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JJJ attended the party as well, and we can tell you exclusively that Vanessa took pictures with AnnaSophia Robb in the photo booth before hitting the dance floor together!

Just the day before, Vanessa stepped out with sister Stella Hudgens for a fitness class in Studio City, Calif.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler

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Photos: StarPix/JustJared, SplashNewsOnline
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  • yets

    i love them now.

  • yets

    i think Austin is loyal bf.

  • http://Fanpopgirl Jenna

    Hate both of them i wish they die

  • OK

    How is my cutie and hottie?

  • http://Fanpopgirl Edi

    Now you see the real vanessa. She has no heart we she needed zac he was there and now when he needs support she is nailing her hideous duck face douchebag. I HATE VANESSA

  • http://Fanpopgirl Say


  • Say


  • Andy

    She is ugly and i’m glad zac left her he can do way better she can enjoy that duck face guy who has no career

  • Sarah

    Don’t be mean people but i hope he dumps her

  • Jilian

    Ugly ass couple

  • Victor

    He is really ugly

  • Anne

    @victor and vanessa is uglier

  • JRDN

    What’s with all the hate for this young lady! Why is her ex being brought in, apparently he didn’t want her help when they were together so now it’s her fault that he gone and got himself into the mess he’s in now, come on stop with the hate for this young lady, it’s getting so old that she’s getting blamed for everything and anything, you haters are so full of yourselves.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa doesn’t owe zac a damn thing. He’s not her boyfriend anymore he’s not even her friend anymore. It’s been that way for 3 years. She’s not gonna drop everything to be by an ex’s side when you no longer get along. Vanessa is much better off and happier with Austin. Better with him then her drunken coke addicted ex.

  • Unknown

    @Edi: You’re a moron. Vanessa doesn’t owe Zac a god damn thing. They’re NOT together anymore. Most of Zac’s friends haven’t said anything about his rehab stunt but of course people put all the blame on Vanessa. She has nothing to do with him or his problems. Leave her OUT of it. She’s not going to put her life on hold for someone she hasn’t spoken to in 3 years.

  • Xo

    You guys do realize that everything that happened with Zac happened months ago, right? He’s fine now, and even if he wasn’t, that’s not her problem. What is she supposed to do? Not live her life/support her boyfriend because her ex did drugs?

    Anyway, she looks great and the photobooth pics of her & Austin are the cutest <3

  • No hate

    Minds your words people you know nothing about any of them. Even though i really want her to be with zac cuz they are perfect for each other this is reality deal with it and no hate

  • Skin

    She’s a doll

  • Truth

    Zac still loves her, i know that you can see it but i don’t know what’s wrong with her she is gonna regret it later i’m telling you

  • IMO

    @Jenna: Really death threats? Your a very sick person.

  • John

    She Sucks her career sucks enough said

  • Deziree

    just because you hate them or whatever you should NEVER say that about any one you troll !

  • Deziree


  • Sunny

    People hate her because she’s no longer with Zac Efron?

    That’s funny. Some people here are really pathetic.

    They broke up 3 years ago and became nobody to each other.

    She looks happy with her boyfriend.

    If you don’t like them, why bother to come here to see these postings?

  • IMO

    @Edi: No one can blame anyone else when you fall into a substance abuse problem. Zac had a problem, he recognized it himself and dealt with it himself. You can’t blame an ex that you haven’t seen in three years.
    It’s ridiculous that anyone would point fingers because she is with her current boyfriend of two years and having a nice night out. Zac for what he wants us to know it having fun himself after a great Holiday and is enjoying the weekend up North with friends.. Just wish him well and leave it at that. BTW no one knows who or who has not connected him to wish him well. Stop the hate . Zac took responsiblilty for his own actions some of you should take responsiblity for yours quit playing the Blame game.

  • IMO

    My last comment was not just to the hater Edi but to the ones blaming
    Vanessa for Zac’s problems.

  • lei

    happiness is a choice.
    don’t blame anybody if your not happy.

  • evz

    I’m just happy seeing my girl happy:) love you V! Can’ wait for Gimme Shelter;)

  • kylie

    @Edi: Zac has taken responsibility for his problems and seems to be doing better. I hope he keeps on the right path. Vanessa owes him nothing and she is entitled to live her life. She was good to him for many years. Let’s just let her be happy because you know what… she deserves it. As always, I’m proud of her.

  • lei

    are we gonna start the debate about the Break up of Zanessa 3 years ago..somebody here need to move on.

  • Lo

    @Edi: sweetie, vanessa was there while he needed her, then again he never went to a V’s movies premiere so there you go

  • Lo

    I’m not one to get into drama, but first more than once people reached to him to help, he refused it, his own family, his friends, or do you think people that were his friends long before the lucky one left him alone just because? On the other side you have no idea who has reached zac in this moment. Other than that, let me tell you that is up to each person to take decisions if you are messed up and need drugs then that is your problem not other people problem

  • muse

    Frankly the people who wrote all those immature and petty little threats and comments, would have to be the same small minded d**khead. As they were written one right after the other and all seem to say the same thing. Grow up! Don’t place blame on someone who you don’t even know.
    Zac took responsibility for his actions and went to rehab to ensure his safety and wellbeing. It has nothing to do with Vanessa. This post has nothing to do with Zac. The people who keep bringing him into are delusional and obviously have nothing better to do with their time.
    You can’t act like a child and spread your bulls**t nonsense and hide behind your keyboard pretending to be an adult when you act worse than a child. The person who blatantly wrote she and Austin should die has some serious mental issues and quite frankly should just p**s off!
    Its pathetic that someone has the time and purpose to go on a post for someone they dislike and causes problems for true fans who come here to support, and writes such heinous comments. It’s appalling, and if the person is actually an adult, than you’re sad person who is a wasting their time being a bully.
    We come here to be positive and happy for her, not depict everything about her and write she should die. What is wrong with you?!?
    People need to realise that their words are hurtful and it does nothing to us or the celebrity, just shows the world that you’re a negative and downright horrible person. GROW UP!!!
    Vanessa is happy and with someone she loves and she’s making an amazing career for herself. Zac is healthy and on the right path again and come out with the rehab information to show fans he’s not perfect and that he went the right way about getting help and he’s better. I’m proud of both of them. Their fans should be too!!!

  • Love & War

    @Edi: Are you stupid? I’m not going to deny that I wish that was Zac instead of Austin, but honestly Vanessa does not owe Zac anything. It’s been three years. Three years since they were together and everything that happened isn’t her fault nor is it her problem. But we do not know if she reached out to him or not, but to hate a person for something you do not truly understand is just plain stupid. You really should just stop.

  • Lawrence

    I’m not going to get sucked into the hater drama, I love seeing the kids together. Austin treats Van like a queen, they obviously love each other why that bothers some of you so much is really strange. I say let them be happy and enjoy each other.

  • babyvlover

    I just feel sorry for ya’ll. You haters suck and if nessa would ever read that (and i’m glad she doesn’t) she’d laugh her ass off cuz of so much dumbness and hatred.
    She’s a lovely bubbly girl who always spreads love and joy and does everything that makes her happy. She knows how to live life instead of the poor people around here who just fill their life with hatred.
    She and zac split 3 years ago and she’s happy with Austin since 2 years. She’s happy, she’s working a lot and she’s having a good time without getting in trouble or having scandals. Let her live her live her life and focus on your oh so good crack boy ya’ll fucktards!

  • ella

    she is not ugly, wtf guys? he’s ugly but she’s not!but yea, he looks a bit weird, not handsome at all! and that hair? gaaaaayy

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t look at the pitchures when there kissing. Stick person Austin. Can’t stand looking at that gross guy.. It was nice not seeing stick man around. V doesn’t care about her career flying back and Forth from la to n.y.

  • fan

    @No hate: Thank you. Can’t say it any better.

  • hey

    i can’t stand the sight of him for some reason

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