Vanessa Hudgens: Ashley Tisdale Always Has My Back

Vanessa Hudgens: Ashley Tisdale Always Has My Back

Vanessa Hudgens stuns on the cover of Cosmo on Campus‘ Autumn Term 2013 issue, on newsstands now!

The 24-year-old actress opened up to the mag about her BFF Ashley Tisdale, breakups, and more. Check it:

On her best friend: “Ashley always says she wants me to be more cautious. She thinks I’m too trusting. I think I’m fine the way I am, but she thinks I have a tendency to float around on a cloud, which I kind of do. She’s quite protective – she always has my back. If you’re my best friend, I’ll trust you with my life. There’s an assumption celebs only trust friends who are in the same industry, but it’s not like that for me. If you click, that’s all that matters.”

On helping friends after a break up: “When a girlfriend is going through a break-up, you have to go out and dance. With your best friends, you’ve got to be there for them no matter what. I love taking my girlfriends away from their worries and enjoying life with them. If there’s a problem, a bottle of wine goes a long way. It’s the same after a long week of filming – a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate makes me happy. And I love a theme party! Give me a theme and I will dress up like there’s no tomorrow.”

On not loving partying: “I have never liked ‘partying’; I love dancing, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s tough because a lot of clubs are everything I loathe, especially in LA. They’re always very ego-filled and people get up to mischief. It’s just not a pure environment. I stay away from [drugs] because I know it’s smart to steer clear.”

The full interview appears in the Autumn issue of Cosmo of Campus, out now! The mag is also available as a digital edition on Apple Newsstand.

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Credit: Hilary Walsh; Photos: Cosmo on Campus
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  • OK

    No comment.

  • What a laugh

    You once said that about someone else who you now seem to be using to make yourself look so pure and innocent. What a slap in the face. Someone should air your dirty laundry.

  • Xo

    Good for her.

  • evz

    @What a laugh: lol. Her dirty laundry is already out… Her haters love to bring that up because that’s the only weapon they got against her…
    If there’s anything else as you implied, truth always come out. Anyway, love this girl no matter what:))

  • tina

    FYI, this interview was done before the news on her ex came out. She had no way of knowing it would come out. Why talk about her “dirty laundry” when she hasn’t been with him in almost three years?

  • IMO

    I will admit this article is very bad timing. I highly doubt that when these things were said that it would be known her exes problem would be in the world news. Since these cover stories are done sometimes months in advance, I will give her the benefit of the doubt that they were just comments said in general. Not about anyone specific from her past since it has been three years since she has had a breakup. I think she was talking more about her girlfriend’s break up meaning Ashley’s . The drug scene, she has no doubt been around it , even partaked in it. She didn’t say she’s never done it . She just said she has made a choice to stay away now . She has never said anything bad or commented on her ex and I really don’t think she is doing that now but that is my opinion only I guess.
    If she is caught and shows herself to be a hypocrite then point all the fingers you want too. Until then who knows maybe she was witness to some bad influences that once affected her past relationships . I do think her dirty laundry was aired over and over again. If she has more I’m sure it will be aired as well since they truth does always come out.

  • IMO

    BTW, I forgot she looks gorgeous on this cover and believe me I am a fan of her ex as well. So I am trying to look at this objectively and not take it personally. As I would if it was the other way around.

  • andrea

    I like that she’s not an hypocrite and she said what she hates, and what she loves, and she doesn’t care at all what people can say about it. I don’t think that she has ever consumed drugs before, obviously marihuana is a possiblitiy, but that is not a drug in my opinion.

    And BTW she has never said ANYTHING against Zac, so she won’t start now, 3 years after the breakup. The interview is very old, and this magazine, find out “appropriate” to put it out now,

  • claudia

    @Ok and @What a laugh this interview was in May so chill

  • claudia

    you guys are taking her comments way to close to heart. this was near the start of the year, so her saying that was in no linkage to zacs scandal. she isnt Miss Perfect but both her AND zac used to say they werent into partying at all. and maybe zac still isnt into partying, he just got down and the drugs was an easy escape. no need for attacking on both sides sheesh

  • IMO

    @OK: Kinda surprise this upset you because you know PR, and that when this was done chances are she had no idea the news would break out about her ex. Unless you judge her statement without thinking of her ex I don’t think you can criticize a statement in general that she doens’t think taking drugs is smart. I would say that myself. Even if guilty in the past of partying and even indulging she is saying she prefers not to party like that now. You know what she saw , the ones who hurt her ex , they didn’t like her and I’m sure she doesn’t like them either. Definitely not saying she is a saint , you and I know better but if she has seen the effects of the hard stuff on people she cared about to make that statement was what she felt at the time she gave this interview. Maybe things have changed , maybe not but if she says she is staying away from the hard drugs I hope she is smart and stays that way. You are entitled to your opinion of coarse and this is mine. I would defend her ex if it were the other way around as well and this was his interview you know that too. Bad timing yes, malice I don’t think so.

  • cara

    man she is just dumb as a doorknob.

  • tina

    @cara Exactly which part stuck you as dumb….trusting her friends, not liking to party or not doing drugs? Just curious.

  • ScarJo

    She actually sounds quite sensible as she is beautiful.

  • George

    My quess looks so Hot!

  • George

    @tina: I agree I liked her interview.

  • Bel Ami

    Je T’aime Vanessa

  • Lawrence

    I don’t see anything wrong, they asked her questions and she answered them truthfully *shrugs*.

  • leilani

    I don’t know why the hate here. Have you noticed Vanessa has surrounded herself with great friends since the break up with Zac? I think the interview is very straight forward and honest. As for her not partying, I applaude her for that and I haven’t not heard or seen her around clubs. Zac on the other hand probably felt lost after his break up with Vanessa. He started hanging out with the bad crowd who introduce him to drugs.
    The bottom line is, THEY WERE GREAT TOGETHER. They complimented each other and I was sad when it ended.

  • Sammy

    Hot Woman and I think she is smart to see things she has done wrong and change them. she is growing up.

  • Lucy

    I agree with all of you who say this is an old interview . Chill

  • yets

    old interview w/ beautiful pic.

  • vivien

    This interview was done in late May before any of us knew about zac or his issues. SO CHILL

    The mag scheduled the release for now months ago – they had no way of knowing either

  • ~dah!

    Are you kidding us? Obviously she knew..
    In an interview Ashley said; I talk with Zac but i can’t see her because he’s so busy filming movie after movie.
    So Vanessa knew that.

    Another thing is that the fans didn’t know because this has been extremely private. I’m so happy for Zac, he’s so strong.

  • ?

    @~dah!: Don’t get what your saying . Ashley knew Zac was on Drugs or Vanessa?
    I’d say only his closest friends knew what he was doing, he hid it to alot of people. Even people he saw everyday. That is what druggie’s do, I’m glad he got help and I hope he stays clean and sober.

  • OK

    @IMO You are right she is gorgeous. I have really been over worked the last few weeks and this just hit me wrong. I should of thought more before I said anything. To be honest it was another post (Nothing to do with Vanessa that had me seeing red.)
    I apologize to you and anyone I may of offended.

  • IMO

    @OK: Understand completely how you took it at first, many didn’t realize it was old. You were not the one who came off so angry, cynical and bitter here anyway it was someone else. I think we both wish two people lots of love, good health, and happiness in their lives . I would really be disappointed if either of those people would show hatred , sling mud, or have malice toward the other, I just don’t believe they would. Call me Pollyana but I just really believe they wish one another well. Past is past and you just move on.

  • kelly martineau

    V has some Big boobs. V still in n.y.? Can’t leave big lips behind. She needs to go back with Z

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