Mateus Ward Teases What's to Come on 'Hostages' (JJJ Interview!)

Mateus Ward Teases What's to Come on 'Hostages' (JJJ Interview!)

Check out this brand new interview with Hostages star Mateus Ward!

The 14-year-old actor plays Jake, a troubled teen whose problems become worse when his entire family is taken hostage by a rogue FBI agent!

In tonight’s episode, his parents Ellen (Toni Collette) and Brian (Tate Donovan) devise a plan with their kids to escape from Duncan (Dylan McDermott).

Meanwhile, Duncan’s wife tells him that she wants to discontinue her treatment and spend her time with her husband and daughter.

JJJ caught up with Mateus to chat about how he landed the role, his favorite on-set moments, and what we can expect coming up!

Be sure to tune in to Hostages every Monday @ 10/9c on CBS!

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JustJaredJr: What was your audition process like for the show?

Mateus Ward: I almost didn’t get to audition for Hostages. What’s funny is that my family was going out of town for the holiday, so we told the agent we weren’t available for any auditions, but plans changed and we cancelled the trip. The next day I got the audition. Had we gone away for Christmas, I would have missed out on this role!

When I read the script, I couldn’t put it down. It was incredible. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I wanted to be involved with this project so bad! I auditioned for Ronna Kress, and when I left I was very confident, but a month went by and we didn’t hear anything. I kept asking my dad and agent if we had heard anything and then I finally got the callback, and got to meet the director Jeffrey Nachmanoff. We got along so well and he’s so brilliant. He made me want the part even more. When my agent told me I booked it, I was literally bouncing off the walls! This was exactly what I wanted, the role I had been waiting for.

JJJ: What made you interested in the role of Jake in particular?

MW: Usually the kid roles in great dramas just move the story along, but not in this script. Jake is such a complex character. He has all these secrets and complicated relationships with his family. He wants so badly to be his own man, and that drive has gotten him into a bad situation with Nico, the drug dealer. I was also drawn to the relationship between Jake and his captor, Kramer.

JJJ: We know you from Lab Rats, and obviously this is a much more intense, darker role. Was that part of its appeal?

MW: What appeals to me is great writing. Even though these two shows are very different, these two characters are both fun to play. I do feel drama and these darker and more intense roles are more my style of acting. I love roles where the characters discover something about themselves they didn’t know, or are put in situations that changes their lives forever. It’s what they do in these situations that appeal to me.

JJJ: What’s it like having such veteran actors as on-screen parents? Do they give you any career advice?

MW: I am very fortunate to work with such a talent and an experienced group of actors. I really look up to Tate. Whenever he is on set, I know it is going to be a great day. He has such a wealth of knowledge, and so many great stories from his career. You can’t help but learn from him. With Toni, I feel like I won the lottery! I don’t think there is a better school of drama than being on set with Toni Collette. I learn something new from Toni, Tate, and Dylan every day.

JJJ: Jake took quite a beating in the last episode. What’s it like prepping and actually filming those kind of scenes?

MW: What’s surprising about these types of scenes is how many people it takes to get it right. It’s very intense and you have to go to a very scary place as an actor. So you are working on all this internal stuff, but then there are all these technical, external things to keep in mind. It’s almost like choreography, and there is a whole team there helping you with every move.

JJJ: Kramer obviously has a soft spot for Jake. Why do you think that is?

MW: I can’t speak for the choices Rhys [Coiro] has made for his character, but I think Kramer sees himself in Jake. I really admire Rhys, and love what he is doing with his character. We joke all the time on set that this is the “Hostages bromance.”

JJJ: Haha! As for Jake’s dad Brian, he’s not exactly understanding when it comes to his problems. Will we see their relationship change and evolve in future episodes?

MW: The best thing about this show is that every episode is a surprise – we never know where it is going to go next. So far, Jake and his dad are growing further apart through this experience, and that is why Jake is drawn to Kramer. He is more understanding and sympathetic to Jake’s problems.

JJJ: What’s been your favorite memory from filming (on or off set) so far?

MW: The best moments are when we are in the house together and the entire cast is there. We have so much fun! Tate and I talk in random foreign accents, my set sister Quinn Shephard and I make up rap songs about Hostages. Sandrine [Holt] and I have our inside jokes. Dylan cuts carrots in the kitchen like a bad-ass.

JJJ: Fun! So what’s been the toughest challenge for you so far?

MW: Being the youngest on set and not having kids my age to hang out with. The other thing is not being able to work as many hours as the other cast members.

JJJ: That makes sense. And can you give us a little teaser about what’s to come?

MW: Someone in the family is shot in tonight’s episode!

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