Ashley Tisdale & Monique Coleman: HSM 5-Year Reunion Happening?

Ashley Tisdale & Monique Coleman: HSM 5-Year Reunion Happening?

Where are all the Wildcats?!

It’s been almost 5 years since the premiere of High School Musical 3, the last film in the popular Disney franchise and star Monique Coleman is thinking about a reunion.

“How cool would it be if the cast of #HSM came together for a reunion? Like real HS. It’s almost been 5 years! Tell me it thoughts,” the 32-year-old actress and philanthropist tweeted and gave a nudge to Ashley Tisdale.

Ashley’s response? “I’m SO in @gimmemotalk! #reunion.”

TELL JJJ: Do you want to see a reunion or should they wait for a 10-year?

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  • Tiffany

    That would be AWESOME!

  • OK

    My, My, My , wouldn’t it be nice if they met an everyone said there are no hard feelings? Just wondering out loud. Not sure if this is the time.

  • claudia

    @OK: same here. all of them seem to be busy at the moment. corbin is on DWTS, zac is promoting movies as is vanessa and ashley is filming a show. only time will tell.

  • Jason

    It might take them another five years to coordinate their schedules to do a reunion. Plus Disney would have to sign off on anything official… they still own the characters.

  • Rafaela

    OMG!!! seria perfeitooo!!!
    pagava pra ver Zanessa juntos de novo!!!

  • Uh

    On top of the fact that Vanessa and Zac refuse to be in the same room with each other… good luck with that one.

  • claudia

    @Uh: we dont know if thats entirely true. maybe they did it to avoid publicity because that way no one would be like “oh are they back together?!” when they just want to hang out/talk.

  • Haters Suck!

    If they actually think they can get vanessa and zac in a room together then more power to them I guess. I don’t see it happening especially while Vanessa’s with Austin.

  • lola

    how comes that everyone is so sure vanessa and zac definitely dont want to be in one room, was there a statement of one of them? i just think its so sad they cant talk after loving each other. cmon, zac has only nice things to say about nessa at least in public, why would they avoid a officiall hsm reunion if their schedule allowed?

  • Haters Suck!

    Look the two still wont show to the same award show event movie premiere etc if the other will be there so I don’t see this working. Best wait ten years maybe then.

  • andrea

    Actually Zac and Vanessa have already been in the same party, house, etc (Shelley Buckner’s graduation) before, so maybe the issue (excuse) in this “reunion” is going to be Stella’s birthday haha that is the same day.

  • agnesa


  • IMO

    All six there or forget it. Not interested if either Zac and/or Vanessa would be missing.

  • OK

    Austin was at Shelly Buckner’s party also there was no problem.

  • OK

    @IMO As much As I would like to see a “HSM” reunion, I really only care that two of them are there. showing that there is no hard feelings.

  • OK

    @Claudia I don’t doubt there will be a reunion, I just wonder when.
    I would love for it be soon

  • Beth

    A High School Musical reunion would be amazing but first somebody needs to break up Austin and Vanessa, so then Zac and Vanessa can get back together!!!!
    Since everyone knows that they both want to be with each other. Especially after his reps said the reason he went to rehab was because he didn’t the one person he needed most in his life(Vanessa). And that is why he is now hanging out with Brittany Snow and Lily Collins again. He is trying to fill the empty hole in his heart.
    Plus Austin and Vanessa is never going to last. He only started dating her to get more famous and didn’t even care about here; now that he is on the carrie diaries they don’t spend and time together, but if they do, he looks board out of his mind and she is only pretending to be happy.
    Zac and Vanessa belong together, when they were together there were always pictures of them looking at each other while at a premiere or while walking down the street.
    If they don’t get back together soon they are going to end up like Romeo and Juliet: dead because they couldn’t be together.
    The High School Musical reunion would be the perfect place to reunite them since filming for the first movie is where they met, Austin needs to get out of the picture though.

  • IMO

    @OK: I agree I was just trying to be nice. LOL

    @ Beth Your joking right?

  • OK

    Please let’s not have any hate for anyone on here or anyone they love or care about. That would just take away from the thought of a reunion.

  • OK

    @Imo And you were very successful at being nice.

  • Jason

    @OK: It sounds like you want a Zac and Vanessa reunion, but that’s NOT what the article asked about. If you don’t care about an HSM reunion, then just say so.

  • kbear

    Uhm okay. Just remembering the red carpet pics and promos. These two NEVER spoke or interacted with each other. Yeah right. So phony. Let it go and enjoy that HSM moolah.

  • Haters Suck!

    But there’s no question the rest of the hsm cast would do it. The only question is would vanessa and zac do it? Wouldn’t be a reunion without the two main characters weren’t there. For me I don’t see how you’ll get either of them to agree to it.

  • Kldaniels

    That would be awesome ….everyone together ..

  • lala

    Frankly I don’t want Vanessa around Zac. He deserves better. Zanessa is so over. Let him move on and find a girl that really suits him and cares for him.

  • OK

    @Jason I would love to see a “HSM” reunion. It was one of the few things that made me happy during my teen years. I just meant that I would love to see Zac and Vanessa meet to show there are no hard feelings between them. If it be at a “HSM” reunion all the better.

  • IMO

    @OK: I agree with you and @ lala geez are you over reacting much? Just to see the cast of this film together with nothing but friendship, being cordial, and letting all bygones be bygones is what most fans want. Enough time has passed where each has moved on with their lives and friendship can maybe be in the future. Not hanging out as besties,(that is not likely) but to be able to see one another and it not be awkward . It happens all the time.

  • leilani

    Zac still talks about his relationship Vanessa and that they were truly in love. So I think there aren’t any hard feelings from both. Right now they’re doing different things. For all we know, Vanessa called Zac during his so called drug rehab. So just chill out!!!.

  • hahaha

    yes yes yes zanessa <3

  • joan

    It would be a DREAM come true <3

  • gee

    YES! now please haha

  • Chris


  • OOhLala

    Obviously there would be no reunion without Zac and Vanessa. That said, probably won’t happen right now. I’d be shocked if it did. More time needs to pass. Maybe a ten-year would be more doable.

  • NBTT

    @Beth: I want to see this statement from his reps. Because they didn’t say a single word in case of the rehab stints or the substance abuse. Zac would fire them in the blink of an eye if they did.

    The ones who say it wouldn’t be possible to get them in the same room together are right. They don’t talk to each other anymore for a very long time.

    Zac also bought the new house to finally close his former period of life forever. For someone like Vanessa is no place in his life anymore. They are over for good. He want nothing have to do with her anymore and I’m pretty sure it’s also the other way around.

    One day he’ll find the right one for him. Someone who loves him for him and not for his money, property, looks and is also not using him for the own career. He doesn’t need such people in his life and I’m sure he doesn’t want them there.

  • ~dah!

    Too boring you guys, Zac and Vanessa split.
    So shut up, really please.. STOP it!
    This isn’t about zanessa or zashley this is a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL REUNION.

  • someone

    If Ashley can get Zac and Vanessa at the same event for “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures”, then why can’t she get them together for this? haha
    Plus come on it’s been years since their break up. I’m pretty sure they got over most of their feelings, faster than the fans.

  • biker mike

    and troy and Gabriela can be married and have a daughter played by stella hudgens :)

  • Phoenix

    Yes yes yes!!!!

  • fan

    Mr. Grabeel is also in. But I don’t think you can combine Zac and Vanessa in one movie together again. If that happens, miracle it is! Still hoping for the best results. Update us! ;)

  • Haters Suck!

    They’re not talking a movie just a cast get together. Besides vanessa and zac the only one left is Corbin I don’t see him saying no. That just leaves vanessa and zac and I agree with you I just don’t see them agreeing to do this together.

  • OK

    Corbin said ,” Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat” he’s in.

  • august

    I think everyone is over hsm now, i dont think they should make a 5th one even though i loved the movies back in the day lol

  • david

    I really want them to make High School Musical 4. I think Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman to return in the 4th movie. I think that Zac and Vanessa (Troy and Gabriella) would have a hard time with their relationship now that their in college. But I think they will figure out how to stay together as boyfriend and girlfriend. If they don’t make High School Musical 4 then that’s ok. They made 3 films.

  • mykamicks

    It says Reunion or Cast get Together.

    My opinion, at the moment it is very far out to happen. Maybe in the next few years, no problems with the other casts for sure.

    But Zac & Vanessa, in time… If both has able to overcome all the pains they’ve been through. I hope that someday both will be matured enough if they will be given a chance to see each other face to face and talk each other in a mature ways. And that they could get back the laughs, camaraderie, time and the love they have for each other even just as friends. That is the most valuable treasure they could leave for especially the HSM’s fanatics.

  • yets

    im so waiting for that Day…hope Zanessa at least be friends.

  • xx

    @claudia: you’re in your delusional mind babe

  • Carmi

    can’t wait for that to watch!!!! i hope it will come true :)

  • NBTT

    @someone: Yes, they were both there, that’s right. I’m sure it would be an amazing party when you have 2 people who you have to put as far away from each other as possible. 2 people who don’t talk to each other anymore. 2 people who want nothing have to do with each other anymore. To avoid arguing it’s better to do such a reunion without them or just with one of them and the other has no time or whatever reason it may be.

    To try to force them to something like that, won’t help anyone.
    When you have such a situation in your circle of friends it’s always tightrope walk.
    I personally don’t want to be in Ash’s shoes in case of her wedding when it will happen. I can imagine she would want both of them there but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It will be either Zac or Vanessa.

  • LEI

    3YEARS and the pain is still there?
    they really loved each other that much.

  • kelly martineau

    Vanessa is out there in life playing around to much. Flollowing big lips every where. don’t think Zac and V want to see each other. She’s not doing anything with her life.

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