Cher Lloyd: Lorde Is 'Going To Eat Her Words' About Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Cher Lloyd: Lorde Is 'Going To Eat Her Words' About Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Cher Lloyd stops by the Empire State Building in New York City on Thursday afternoon (October 17).

The 20-year-old singer stopped by J-14 earlier in the day to chat about her hot new single, “I Wish” and opened up about the recent comments Lorde made about Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

“Why does she have to go do that? She’s doing so well – what a knob,” Cher said. “I think she’s going to eat her words, which she obviously already has, and I think for someone who’s gaining so much success so early, she should be considering herself lucky, it takes a lot of work. If she said something about me, it’d be a different story. I wouldn’t stand for any of that, I’d be straight back on it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Cher’s response to Lorde? 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: PNP; Photos: WENN, Empire State Building
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  • sarahjones

    Cher Lloyd should have kept her mouth shut when she was asked about this. She’s doing the exact same thing she’s slamming Lorde for only Lorde actually makes a valid, intelligent point. .Lorde was talking about feminism and a song written for Selena. She wasn’t dissing her. And she only used Taylor Swift as an example of perfection. Who’s Cher Lloyd anyway?

  • melannie


  • Talonflame

    @sarahjones: Someone with more money than you’ll ever have.

  • Lisa

    Cher is so AWESOME, LOVE from the U.S.

  • Justsaying

    @sarahjones: agreed! Personally, I love that Lorde is calling everyone out and telling them they need to raise the bar bc they do. If a 16 yr can command this much attention with one hit, obviously there isn’t a high standard. No disrespect to Lorde to btw. Her stuff is amazing, and I agree with her views on music.

  • Diego

    Cher isn’t slamming Lorde, she is just giving her opinion and defending other artist. Lorde should have known her answer would have media attention, especially from Selena who all she did was cover her song and promote her everywhere she went on her recent tour. Just cause shes alternative doesn’t give her the right to slam pop artist.

  • Amy

    First of all why are people calling Lorde a one hit wonder. Have you heard Pure Heroine? Her album is amazing and Cher’s wording basically made is seem like she thinks Lorde didn’t work hard to get to where she’s at “I think for someone whos gaining so much success so early, she should be considering herself lucky, it takes a lot of work.” Lorde wrote/co-wrote every song on her album…how many artists can say they’ve done that? Definitely not Cher Lloyd.

  • Tony

    Awkward Cher.
    Suggest quietly join and start covering Lorde.
    Otherwise you are highlighting how olde you are

  • David

    I didn’t Even know who the hell Lorde was until Selena covered her song on Tour

  • laila

    Lorde has more talent on her finger than Cher and Selena have combine, she is number 1 because her music is great , is not some overproduced generic pop song like the ones from the other two.

    And who is Cher to say anything about anyone , after the X factor she went public trashing Cheryl Cole all the time

  • skyscraper

    Lorde is one entertaining chimpanzee who needs to learn her place. But what can you expect from a girl who was brought up by a trashy family. I love Cher so much haha :)

  • viole

    lorde needs to stop talkin about other aritsts, she’s really smart, I just think she’s doing it to get more attention. I don’t really like her, she’s a femminist but she’s stil talking trash about other women. shut up Lorde, you’re too young to believe that you already owned it

  • someguy

    @Amy: well theres Taylor Swift she wrotes or co writes all her songs has been for years so shes another artist As for either cher or lorde I think there both great & should focus more on there own music instead of other artist its a chance to work on there careers not talk about 2 of the biggest pop stars

  • …Christie

    @sarahjones: Agreed 10000%

  • lex

    Lorde is right though, why are you so pressed Miss Lloyd?
    You mad Lorde’s two songs had more impact than your own career? lol

  • Alexa

    It’s a shame some people do not read and research anymore. Lorde did not “diss” Selena, Lorde criticized the lyrics of her song, which is true. As for Taylor, go to Lorde’s Tumblr, she explained everything there. Just because someone gives a critique it doesn’t mean she’s automatically a hater. Critiques are important because they help artists improve their work. Why else would musicians turn to critics when they release an album? Seriously people, use your brains before launching into a tirade.

  • alexis

    @laila: I used to think of cher then she said this “comment” about Selena so upsetting

  • alexis

    @Alexa: kida does

  • http://_kendallsgirl_ Tiesha

    @Justsaying: Cher is 20 she can do what she want and say what she want. I believe she is right about Lorde saying that. i know she is young but come on saying that stuff about Selena. The way she is saying is like she is a hoe and whore. Selena makes great music and thats her style i dont think Come and Get it was a video of showing guys when they are ready come and get it. I am glad Selena stood up for herself

  • ciofy

    @sarahjones: well,lorde makes some mistakes but i kinda agree.she’s more sympathetic to me than others

  • ciofy

    @Tiesha: and if she wants a more sexy video,,it’s her own business

  • ciofy

    and if she wants a more sexy video,,its her own business as long as she keeps it decent.

  • ciofy

    @laila: i agree about her music but this makes lorde’s life harder.also have respect,people.i,as a lorde fan i try to ignore these girls or at least bring arguments and have a intelligent debate

  • ciofy

    @lex: you know i’m know saying she’s not saying 100% cher isn’t jealous but maybe she is not.just becauseshe says that doesn’t mean it’s because of that reason.some persons really have their own reasons or jump blindly to defeat their friends

  • ciofy

    @lex: you know im not saying shes not 100%jealous but maybe cher isnt jealous .
    just because she says that doesnt mean its because of that jealousy.some persons really have their own reasons or jump blindly to defend their friends

  • ciofy

    @Justsaying: anyone can get that attention even more,at 14-15 y.o. it depends on what you do.lorde is amazing but doesn’t get the attention of others,especially these girls she’s fighting with

  • ciofy

    @ciofy: plus she deserves,she has quality music.and it’s not a shame if a 16 year old does that,it can happen,no matter the standard of the today’s music

  • sarahjones link for the article in a newspaper. It says “CHER LLOYD has put her foot in her gob so many times it’s a miracle she can carry a tune. So she has some nerve to call rising star LORDE a “knob” for taking a pop at SELENA GOMEZ’s new single Come & Get It. LORDE said ‘The theme of her song is When you’re ready, come and get it from me. I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.’ Then CHER, who has previously criticised CHER COLE’s live singing and said LOUIS WALSH was’bored’ on X Factor, waded in. She said ‘Why does she have to go and do that? She’s doing so well – what a knob. I think she’s going to eat her words.’ Far from it. Lorde said she was sticking to her guns. She said ‘ There’s a funny culture in music over the last 15 years. If you have an opinion about something that isn’t 100 per cent good, you’re a ‘hater’ – even if you have perfectly reasonable grounds for that critique.’ “

  • sarahjones

    It says k n o b ^

  • Andrea

    I agree with her, what is up with Lorde talking trash about everyone. She has said stuff about Lana Del Rey too. What a fucker.

>>>>>>> staging1