'Awkward' Interview: Molly Tarlov on Sadie's New Guy, Jenna's Makeover, & More

'Awkward' Interview: Molly Tarlov on Sadie's New Guy, Jenna's Makeover, & More

Check out our brand new interview with Awkward star Molly Tarlov!

The 21-year-old actress stars as our favorite sassy “mean girl” Sadie, who’s really just honest and maybe a tiny bit insecure.

In tonight’s fall premiere, Sadie seems to know a lot about Jenna’s (Ashley Rickards) indiscretions with Colin (Nolan Gerard Funk), and she is of course on hand to stick up for her friend Matty (Beau Mirchoff).

JJJ caught up with Molly to talk about Jenna and Matty, Sadie’s new guy, and more!

Awkward returns TONIGHT @ 10PM on MTV!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Molly Tarlov

JustJaredJr: Hi Molly! OK, so we know Matty wasn’t exactly perfect at the beginning of his relationship with Jenna, but should we feel anything other than really mad at her right now?

Molly Tarlov: I think Matt’s pretty perfect. I mean, he wasn’t unlike any other man in the beginning of a relationship, right? I mean I guess, yes. I do have some sympathy for Jenna because she’s young. But from an outside perspective, you can see how amazing Matty is. Also, she is a cheater. She’s not just breaking up with him. She’s cheating on him.

JJJ: Sadie tries talk some sense into her a little bit in the premiere. Is she looking out for Matty?

MT: Sadie is definitely looking out for Matty. They are the cutest in the world. She definitely just wants what’s best for him. On one hand, it’s real with her how awful Jenna is because she is like, “Ah, I knew you were rotten from the start.” But on the other hand, she totally wants to look out for Matt’s well-being.

JJJ: Do you think Jenna and Matty should end up together?

MT: I love Jenna and Matty together. I do think they could be really great together, but I think that she needs to kind of get what she deserves a little bit, and take some time to be away from him. I want him to be happy. Obviously, she needs to recognize how amazing he is.

JJJ: Agreed! We’re kind of pulling for Sadie and Matty to hook up again! But she has someone new, right?

MT: She has a new boy in her life. You never know what could happen when people have such a good friendship.

JJJ: What can you tell us about this new guy in her life?

MT: That was so much fun for me because I love seeing Sadie being treated as a regular girl. I was totally smitten reading it. It’s just sweet and it’s funny. He really tries to court her and it’s adorable.

JJJ: What’s Sadie like in a relationship? We’re not so sure her relationship with Ricky counted…

MT: I don’t think it really counts. I don’t know though. It’s hard to say. She was definitely the dominant one with Ricky, but I don’t think that was a real relationship. It was like them having a relationship with themselves. I think all Sadie truly wants is to be treated like a lady. So I think she will kind of submit to someone a little bit.

JJJ: In the promo for the season, we see some random scenes, one of which Sadie is running up to a fence or something. What’s going on there? What can we expect?

MT: I don’t know how much I can really say, but it’s one of the more fun episodes we’ve shot. Sadie comes up with this brilliant idea and gets everyone involved, even though they don’t realize what’s going on. There’s a little video made. Sadie may be dressed a little like Jenna, so it’s fun.

JJJ: We also got a glimpse at Jenna’s new look. It seems she hit up the Sephora counter and goes on some kind of mean girl rampage. When will we start to see that play out?

MT: I think we start to see it probably like the third or fourth episode in. We see Jenna’s evil inclinations take over her body and she’s really trying to figure out who she is. And I think when we were younger, we all went to extremes to sort of figure out which identity fit us best. Even though, at some point you realize you have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But Jenna just goes full-force into this bad girl regime.

JJJ: Now that the show got picked up for a fourth season, what would you like to explore more with your character?

MT: I really like where Sadie’s going with Austin, so I’d love to see more of that. And I guess I’d like to see Sadie and Jenna together a little bit more. I mean, we had that a lot in the beginning and we’ve kind of spread it out a little bit more. I would like to see Sadie and Jenna being forced to live in the same room or something for a little while. And maybe even be friends a little bit. Not friends, but they’re kind of like sisters because they don’t have to deal with each other all that much, but they choose to in a weird way.

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