'The Carrie Diaries' Interviews: Jake Robinson & Chris Wood on Second Season Love

'The Carrie Diaries' Interviews: Jake Robinson & Chris Wood on Second Season Love

Check out these brand new interviews with Jake Robinson and Chris Wood about the upcoming second season of The Carrie Diaries!

While Benett (Robinson) is dealing with his and Walt’s (Brendan Dooling) current friendship status, we soon get introduced to Carrie’s (AnnaSophia Robb) new love interest Weaver (Wood) in the aftermath of her breakup with Sebastian (Austin Butler).

Don’t forget – The Carrie Diaries premieres on Friday, Oct. 25 @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Jake Robinson

JustJaredJr: We love Benett and Walt together. Are they really waiting until he’s 18 to date?

Jake Robinson: Yes, he is. Bennet is a very by-the-book person. He’s a tightly-wound dude. He’s put-together. So I think that’s very important that he do it the right way. And also, he’s living a New York City lifestyle. He goes to parties. He likes to have a good time. I think the idea of a relationship to him at first is like, “I don’t really do that.” But as human beings, we learn and we go. And I think he realizes Walt is needing love and compassion, and he’s this gentle, good guy. So that’s good for him and that shines through in the second season so much. For us to be in a relationship, it’s really exciting for the show. It’s an exciting acting opportunity. Especially being in the 1980′s. I think fans will be satisfied by what goes on in the show. The relationship is very tender and meaningful. There’s nothing frivolous or material about it.

JJJ: We also love that the writers are taking their time with their story…

JR: I think that’s important that they take their time with this relationship instead of just rushing into it. Brendan and I, we’re all on the same page. These things take time, especially in the 80s. It’s definitely not OK to be gay, for the most of the world. And it’s hard for him. He’s in high school. Can you imagine now? We have Twitter and Instagram now. So far him to have the courage to go out and be seen with me at parties and say that we’re in a relationship, that’s exciting.

JJJ: What’s it like shooting in New York City?

JR: This season is very much in New York. Most of my filming has been on location around the city. It’s awesome. It can be distracting, but it’s fun. I like because I can go to Starbucks and get my coffee, hang out and walk around. I can have friends come visit me. But for timing and actual shooting purposes, it’s a little bit more difficult because you have to worry about light and noise. But we’re in freaking New York City. It’s amazing. That’s a dream come true.

JJJ: Tell us about your character in The Leftovers! We can’t wait for that either!

JR: I play a love interest of Emily Meade. It’s kind of a love triangle. It shoots in New York too.

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Chris Wood

JustJaredJr: What was it like coming into the show in the second season as the newbie?

Chris Wood: It’s sort of nice because it’s a polished machine when you step onto a show that’s already been running. But it’s still early on, the excitement is still there and everyone is revved up and ready for the second season. There’s pressure. It’s related to Sex and the City. But there’s such a great cast and crew, it really makes it a good opportunity to flourish creatively.

JJJ: What can you tell us about how Weaver and Carrie meet?

CW: I can say that Weaver is a playwright, and Carrie being the socialite she is, runs into Weaver in similar circles. And that’s sort of how they overlap.

JJJ: Will fans like him?

CW: I think that the fans will appreciate the relationship. It’s interesting because they are both writers and there’s a connection that’s happening between them that I hope and trust that fans will appreciate, and they will be able to enjoy their relationship instead of wanting to throw their TV.

JJJ: Is he a likeable guy?

CW: He is a likeable guy. Nobody’s perfect. He’s an interesting guy and he has dome history to him, so it makes the relationship…they both come from some sort of troubled past. They connect and see each other in a way that’s deeper than maybe either of them have ever experienced.

JJJ: Will Chris and Sebastian meet?

CW: I can’t say anything about that. I’m sure those questions will be answered.

JJJ: How is second season different than the first?

CW: The second season, as I’m sure people have mentioned, is spent a lot more in New York. And part of that is that is the characters they introduce, there are more centralized characters in their life that are in the city. So the story gravitates that way. It’s a little edgier. It’s a little sexier. There are some exciting New York experiences that everyone gets into. It’s a season of firsts, so to speak. A lot of characters will be experiencing a lot of new things in the second season.

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