'The Originals' Interview: Leah Pipes on Cami & Klaus' 'Messed-Up Friendship'

'The Originals' Interview: Leah Pipes on Cami & Klaus' 'Messed-Up Friendship'

Leah Pipes opens up about The Originals in this brand new JJJ interview!

The 25-year-old actress stars as Cami, the only human in the Quarter who seems to be caught up with the vampire/witch drama. She has a major reveal in tonight’s episode!

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We caught up with Leah on set in Atlanta where she dished on Cami’s new friendship with Klaus, her relationship with Marcel, and more.

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The Originals airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Leah Pipes

JustJaredJr: Cami is a bartender and they tend to know the town gossip. How does she come to know things?

Leah Pipes: Cami gets out of the bar a lot. I think in the pilot you saw Elijah share with Cami, but she has bigger fish to fry than other people’s problems.

JJJ: We hear Klaus and Cami strike up an interesting friendship. How would you describe it?

LP: It’s a messed up friendship. The relationships on The Originals are very messed up (laughs). There’s not one healthy, normal, just coming together as good people [one]. Everyone has their own motivations and they’re trying to use each other for their best interest. Don’t use our advice for other relationships in your life!

JJJ: What about Marcel and Cami’s relationship. Is it real?

LP: Have you seen Marcel? (laughs). He doesn’t need any more power than that. I think Cami admits that he’s a very good-looking and charming young man. She’s human and all of us girls, that makes us weak at the knees unfortunately.

JJJ: Being that Cami is a human on a supernatural show, are you anxious to get scripts to see if you’re still alive?

LP: Before the very first table read, before we even read any of the lines, Julie [Plec] said, “I have to let you guys all know. People die on this show.” And all of us we’re like, “Thanks! We’re really excited about this new job…(laughs).” So I showed up on set on time every call time, I know my lines, I try to be polite to everybody. I’m just being a complete fake, just to stay alive here. [Editor's note: She's kidding.] No, it’s fun though. I have to say I really enjoy reading everyone else’s scenes just as much as I enjoy reading mine. There’s a lot of really good stuff. Every time I get a script, within 20 minutes, I read just to figure out if I’m alive and to find out what happens next (laughs).

JJJ: What do you remember from your first day on set?

LP: The first day on set…that was the scene at the painting with Klaus. So we’re in New Orleans and we’re in that little square. Working with Joseph is such a treat. I was really excited to be a part of this. It made sense that we were making something really special in that moment. And I routinely have those thoughts still. It’s a special little show.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite scene partner?

LP: I can’t pick a favorite scene partner and that’s such a good thing. There are some shows where you have one and you picked it (laughs), but everyone I have done a scene with, I really enjoy. And everyone has their own talent. It’s wonderful.

JJJ: And were you aware of the fandom before signing on?

LP: Everyone did say…it was almost kind of a warning because fans are very passionate about the show. You don’t really know how they are going to react to you. And there have been some negative reactions to me, but for the most part, it’s been wonderful and supportive. I love that there’s Twitter because I wish I could go up and meet every single fan and shake their hand in person, and give them a hug. But yeah, at least I have Twitter where I can respond and say thank you. It’s been really wonderful and I really appreciate it.

A lot of fans are really supportive of sweet little Cami. Some fans are definitely not (laughs). But I hope I win them over. But just their visceral reaction to me, that’s something! That counts for something.

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