'Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes' Back On?

'Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes' Back On?

Good news, Mortal Instruments fans — looks like the sequel, City of Ashes, is back on.

According to THR, Constantin, the company behind the film, is pushing ahead with the sequel plans after calling the film off earlier this year.

“The fan response, from the blogosphere and the thousands of mails we have received, has encouraged us to keep going,” Martin Moszkowicz, head of Constantin’s film and TV shared. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive, in contrast to some other YA titles.”

He added, “We are analyzing what we did wrong with the first film — particularly with the positioning and marketing — and what changes we have to make. We are working with a great group of people to reposition the franchise [for City of Ashes].”

Starring Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, the film grossed around $31 million domestically.

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  • Anon

    They never called the film off. They only delayed the start of production. But exciting news!

  • OK

    What a shock , I had no idea!

  • Maryann

    TMI movie grossed 100 million worldwide glad the sequel is back on .
    Jamie Bower. Lily Collins and the rest of the actors did a great job .

  • Jennay

    I just had a heartattack reading the headline, I absolutely loved the books and the first movie…. But its true, they should have marketed the release better and more efficiently.

  • Delena

    What they did wrong with the first film was JAMIE!!! Get a better Jace!!!

  • pop culture

    Maybe they need to take a look at the leads. Lily seems like a nice girl and is very attractive but has she ever had a lead in a movie that didn’t tank? And in all honesty, they should have done some testing in regards to Jamie Bower. I don’t think he would test very high when it comes to women. This is similar to what is happening to the leads in Divergent. People just aren’t excited by the leads in that movie either. Either the talent resonates with people or doesn’t

  • Lara

    In this case it was not the marketing that failed, it was the movie. I’m a fan of the books, but the second half of the movie was terrible even for a fan. I almost walked out the theater, it was super boring. Some lines were ridiculos and the acting was completely unnatural. If the movie is good, the mouth to mouth talking will prove to be the best marketing, which is was is happening with Gravity. But if the movie is bad…

  • Maddie


    Omg totally agree, I’ve read all the books (that have been released so far) and i loved them but when i saw the film i was disappointed with the second half it went downhill from there for me i mean if they could keep to the book for the first half might as well stick to it in the second half, it doesn’t have to be in great detail but at try to stick to it as closely as possible!

    Martin is an idiot the positioning and marketing wasn’t what was wrong with the film it was the film itself! They clearly know their are diehard book fans out there so the least they could do is make it appeal to audience instead of killing the second half of the film!

  • Virgil

    I thought the movie was amazing!…I’m excited and can’t wait to see City of Ashes. I loved everything about the movie and the characters. I thought the actors did an amazing job and I loved the chemistry between Jace and Clary.

  • shdnns

    Yessssss … can’t wait!

  • jen

    its the acting, sorry. They seem like fine people but so stiff and awkward. The casting was off all around. Some of them looked way to old. again, not a hater just what I felt. Jamie’s voice was strange too. My friends called it frogie. It’s like someone trying to had to be cool/sexy.

  • nono

    I think the cast is very talented but not for this movie, they were funny and cool in photocall and press conference but they didn’t really know how to sell the movie . So I think this saga can succes like the book, plus in 2014 fifty shades of grey Will be out in the same period and will be drew all attention

    sorry for my English I’m French

  • Joelli

    OMG yes i agree with you!!!!! Even if it isnt Alex Pettyfer, they could have chosen a better jace

  • lizzy

    im soo freakin happy its back on!!! yay