Monique Coleman Reunites HSM's Wildcats For Good Cause

Monique Coleman Reunites HSM's Wildcats For Good Cause

Yes, people, this is happening — The Wildcats are back!

Monique Coleman, who played Taylor McKessie in the popular HSM franchise, roped in the Class of 2008 to reunite for a good cause.

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, KayCee Stroh, Olesya Rulin, Lucas Grabeel and director Kenny Ortega will get together again in December to help support the GimmeMo’ Foundation, which helps to invest in and create programs to improve the lives of youth globally.

A private reunion party will happen in Los Angeles and fans can enter for a chance to attend. Start by donating to the fundraiser and you’ll be entered for the grand prize — a trip to Los Angeles and all access to the VIP reunion party. Plus, you can also receive other prizes like campaign t-shirts, hoodies and personalized thank-you’s from the cast.

Check out the video below!

HSM Reunion Party!
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  • lauren

    it no reunion without zac oh well.

  • Kim

    If there’s no Zef we don’t care.

    It can’t be a “cast” reunion if the whole cast isn’t there. He’s the main star of those films.

  • OK

    I have high hopes he will attend.

  • Erica

    “Zac won’t be attending, but will be providing the special winner a surprise video.” – US Weekly

  • e

    As a Zac fan, I’m glad that he won’t be there. I’m sick to death of people always relating him back to that trilogy of terror and a certain other cast member. It’s time for everyone to MOVE ON.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac prombley doesn’t want to be there with Vanessa. Unless he has something going on. V out playing arounds with big lips?

  • lauren901

    he prolly has somthing work related to go, also this event is 2 months away so who know.

  • Haters Suck!

    Maybe zacs got a coke head annomous metting to go to.

  • My hand

    @lauren901: exactly.. we can’t forget about his upcoming film ¨that awkward moment¨.. which release date is on Jan 31.. so maybe it has something to do with promo things.. or also he is going to Germany to film Autobahn, because Autobahn was expected to film in this fall.. so maybe we will hear something around november if that’s the case. RELAX PEOPLE RELAX

  • lauren

    @ my hand
    but autobran is all over the place so it could be start filming in december, i read that this event is some time in early december but not sure on that.

  • Jason

    I highly doubt Zac just sits around thinking, “Gosh, I can’t wait until they call me for a High School Musical reunion!” The guy moved on with his career, and if he’s busy, he’s busy. Good for him.

  • claudia

    @Jason: theres a different between moving on with ur career, and a reunion of where you came from. dont bite the hand that once fed you hun

  • claudia


  • e

    @Jason: Totally agree.

  • Lauren901

    Or he’s busy and has some work related thing, also he’s doing a video for the winner so it’s not like he’s avoiding the whole thing?

  • OK

    I’m positive if Zac is not busy he will be there. He is a very big when it comes to Charity.

  • Jason

    @claudia: “Don’t bite the hand that once fed you”? Why not? It’s not feeding him anymore… he’s feeding himself now!

    Miley, on the other hand, not only takes a bite of the hand that fed her, she also spits it back out, stomps on it, and kicks dirt all over the remains. While twerking with her tongue out. Trust me, compared to that, Zac has been very respectful to his Disney roots, and he owes them NOTHING at this point.

  • Donna

    Unless Zac is filming or out of the country. It will look bad if he doesn’t show. up. This has nothing to do with his ex since she said yes it’s obvious she holds no hard feelings. Besides he showed up to that horrible Sharpay movie right after the break up so that showed they can put the past behind for an hour. I uderstand him waiting to never visit Troy again especially with his next raunch comedies coming out but because he always says he won’t forgot where he came from it looks bad to just send a token video to a winner of a prize. That makes him seem like he is too big a star to mix with his castmates who are D listers now. That isn’t the point ,it’s more who does he think he is? Oh yeah and for the ones who say it’s because he was on drugs oh please his fans make excuses for him about everything

  • Kira

    Zac man Kenny is even there what happened to the We’re all in this together? It’s for charity dude and you were at Diseyland two days ago and you have a free pass there for the rest of you life because of HSM.
    Ungrateful big headed coward.

  • NOzac

    no Zac no thanks

  • Phoebe

    @e: If it wasn’t for HSM Zac Efron would be nothing. His fans from that pile of rubbish (your words , not mine) still go see him, support him and pay for his movies. He thinks he’s better than them that is the bottom line.

  • Karma is a Bit**

    Sorry but Zac Efron is a little too big for his britches now. He only hangs with A listers and these people are all not. It’s like he only went to school with him and he never wants to associate with them ever again. Well all I can say is Karma baby!

  • mykamicks

    No matter how busy their respective lives still I love and appreciate that majority of them will extend their time for a one day humanitarian cause. It just a payback on their part. Nothing to lose,

    It is a once in a lifetime reunion with purpose. We’ll be happy to see all of them.

  • xx

    They are not friendzzz anymore Haha

  • http://justjaredjr zacfan

    Thats harsh not inviting the star of the movie interesting. ? Makes me think there not friends with zac anymore…. or hopefully maybe he is just too busy to go

  • claudia

    I kind of like Zac not being there, i was never excited about this reunion, but if Zac shows up, then great.. but you know what i don’t like?. MONIQUE ASKED THE OTHER 4 BY TWITTER IF THEY WANTED A REUNION, BUT DIDN’T ASK ZAC! SHE DIDN’T ASK HIM! I hated that really.. But if it’s a good cause, then great..

    And the end, i don’t think is all about the reunion, if they’re all there or not, at the end what really matters is the help.. that’s it :D

    Peace <3

  • Crazy People

    Are you people nuts? Monique asked Zac First The Twitter thing was to get people excited about it. If he was not a friend he would not be sending a token video in place of himself.

  • Aly

    It’s charity and they put any resentments aside Even Kenny is there Zac was the star Monique know what will raise the most money and that is Zac. Believe me they wanted Zac there. He doesn’t want to go period. or he’s busy I hope he’s busy because otherwise he looks bad.

  • dchankun

    I hope “BUSY” is the real reason. I hate to think that he is not attending the reunion because the HSM cast are about D listers and he only hangs with A listers. I hope the people saying this are wrong. It’s just me.

    We all know it’s just a day. I mean, can’t Zac be there or in just an hour? Many of the HSM fans would’ve DONATED MORE if Zac would be there. I think it’s the truth. I didn’t say they didn’t donate. But again, DONATED MORE if Zac would be there. We all know he is a big impact in the reunion.

    Yes, he will have a surprise video for the winner but it’s different when he is there.

  • fan

    @claudia: Twitter is not the only form of communication. Of course most probably she asked her personally or through text. And they’ve exchanged tweets on Twitter. Haven’t you seen it?

  • fan

    @Kim: Well, Zac is not the only cast of HSM.

  • vivien


    One of the primary reasons Zac had the isuues he has had is because his career wasn’t going well – so lets stop throwing around the term “D-lister” shall we and you don’t really want me to do a comparison of his reviews with Vanessa’s of late because it would not be pretty for him.

    Secondly its a reunion of the ACTORS not the characters – its a party not a movie – and its to benefit a charity.

    Maybe if he joined them he’d get some perspective, regrounded and then he could start again.with more confidence.

  • fan

    @dchankun: Lily isn’t A lister though. lol

  • dchankun


    That’s the other case. But nah, just quoted those A-listers and D-listers from the previous posts. I just wanted to know that it isn’t true.

    Just me or what? Can’t zac hang out for just an hour?

    @Aly: you are right. Zac would be a great money maker if he will be there. lol.

  • Aly

    Zac did some damage control and here is proof that he was asked by Mo BTW Lily is Royalty just because of her Dad so she is given every opportunity and invites. Right now she is Box Office poison but it’s not from lack of trying . they are even making anoth TMI even though it lost tons of money.

    What Zac’s team Tweeted.

    Thanks for organizing the #HSMreunion @gimmemotalk! Sorry I can’t be there, but I support your cause. Proud of you Mo

  • Crazy People

    All I know is Zac better make himself busy elsewhere that day or he will look like a chump

  • j

    Troy Bolton can’t make it because he turned out to be a druggie and just got out of rehab, What will the kids say !?

  • What!

    He is no A lister. Why do you think he’s depressed? If anything, he turned out the worst out of the bunch. At least everyone else is clean and doesn’t have a drug problem.

  • Katie

    Honestly? It doesn’t even bother me that Zac isn’t going. I’m just glad the majority of the cast are.

  • tina

    Do you notice the picture was from HSM promotions? We have seen Vanessa and Mo together this year. He got the general invite that’s all. The only ones who think he got a ‘special private invite’ are dellusional fans.

  • so so

    Let’s face it. When he finished filming HSM3 he was is a better place. His career path was moving upward and he was in a solid relationship. In five years, things did not turn out as he expected so it’s hard to go back to a time when things were so different and when he was probably genuinely happy. You would think you would want to go back and revisit that time. This is a charity event which will last a couple hours max? If I were him I would just put on my big boy boxers and go and support Mo and this cause. I doubt Autobahn will be filming yet…it is probably on hold for the moment. The promo work for TAM and Neighbors will probably be light…both don’t have major budgets.

  • tina

    @so so: I agree, if he were where he imagined he’d be in life, he be the first one there.

  • Liberty

    Unless you have seen his schedule then you cannot comment on and make horrid remarks for his no show…he’s sending a video,not ignoring the whole pointless thing. Also remember the HSM Live tour? That was still successful WITHOUT his appearance. HSM is a group thing,it is not just one person.

  • lauren901

    as you coudlt tell some like to act like they know zac’s life

  • joan

    ¡¡¡Best news ever!!!

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