'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 Interview: Katie Findlay & RJ Brown on Maggie's Betrayal

'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 Interview: Katie Findlay & RJ Brown on Maggie's Betrayal

We’re well into our week of interviews leading up to the second season premiere of The Carrie Diaries!

Today we feature our chats with Katie Findlay and RJ Brown who open up about their respective characters, Maggie and West.

Maggie isn’t on the best of terms with her friends right now after kissing Sebastian (Austin Butler) behind Carrie’s (AnnaSophia Robb) back.

Meanwhile, West and Mouse (Ellen Wong) seem to be enjoying their new-found relationship.

Click inside to read our interviews with Katie and RJ…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Katie Findlay

JustJaredJr: Obviously, Carrie and Maggie aren’t on the best of terms right now. How long will that last?

Katie Findlay: It was a big deal. It was World War 3. At the beginning of the season, we find Maggie sort of keeping her head down. No one is particularly happy with her. It is the end of the summer, so it’s been a while and they haven’t spoken in a long time. And then they all get thrown together at school. So that’s fun and horrible.

JJJ: Should Carrie be more mad at Maggie or Sebastian?

KF: It takes two people. I think that if there wasn’t a norm of being mad at the girl and not the guy at all, I would say, “Yeah, it’s your friend.” But at the same time, you’re dating this person. So obviously they care about you, they should care about your feelings. So why does he get to get away with smooching her best friend. And I’m in trouble. And in case no one was paying attention, I was having a tough day that day. He got broken up with and I got broken up with twice.

JJJ: Speaking of Walt, does Maggie feel bad about outing him? Where terms are they on?

KF: Maggie and Walt also haven’t spoken. Maggie’s been an island. I think at this point, she’s more embarrassed for herself for reacting the way she did because it was a knee-jerk. They have a couple awkward encounters, and you eventually see them possibly climbing toward normal. She’s not a horrible, judgmental person, but she’s got an ego and a temper. Those two things together…when the boy you want to kiss doesn’t want to kiss you…

JJJ: Will we see her get a new guy?

KF: I don’t know. Maybe. We’ll see. If she throws on a good pair of jeans and flaunces around a little.

JustJaredJr.com Interview – RJ Brown

JustJaredJr: Where are Mouse and West when the show returns?

RJ Brown: We pick together at a country club watching fireworks. So we’re still going strong. The country club is where everything is hanging out.

JJJ: Does that competition between them still exist?

RB: The competition is still there, more so on Mouse’s behalf than West. West doesn’t humor competition really. He sort of just knows that he’s good enough for it. But yes.

JJJ: What’s is like working with Ellen?

RB: It’s awesome. We actually decided we’re really good scene partners. So we may do something in the future together.

JJJ: Do you branch out and hang with any other characters this season? Maybe a double date?

RB: I don’t think there are any double dates. But West does hang out with some other people. I have a scene with Donna. You have to watch for that one.

JJJ: Mouse is in the middle of a friend battle between Maggie and Carrie. Does West help her through it?

RB: She is involved in it. She finds a way to remedy it and West is there to talk her through some of it. Mouse is a loyal person.

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