'The Vampire Diaries' Interview: Kendrick Sampson on Jesse & Caroline's Budding Romance

'The Vampire Diaries' Interview: Kendrick Sampson on Jesse & Caroline's Budding Romance

Check out our brand new interview with the gorgeous and talented Kendrick Sampson!

The Vampire Diaries actor plays Jesse, a college upperclassman who befriends Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola), and who’s definitely interested in dating the latter.

We caught up with Kendrick to get the scoop on Jesse and Caroline – and he hinted at some pretty big moments in tonight’s episode! Kendrick also let us in on what it’s like behind-the-scenes, and the fun of working on a supernatural drama.

The Vampire Diaries airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Kendrick Sampson

JJJ: First things first, how aware were you of the TVD fandom before signing on?

Kendrick Sampson: I wasn’t aware how intense it could be until I got to set and people were warning me. And even then, I was kind of like, “Oh yeah, that’s fine.” Then I got a little taste of it (laughs). They can be pretty intense. Initially, everyone was pretty much…fire – “Caroline doesn’t need a new love interest.” Now, everyone is pretty positive. Since the two episodes have aired, introducing our budding friendship-romance-ish deal, everybody’s been really positive about it. I was really surprised. I got some really nice compliments and some #Jeroline hashtags.

JJJ: We still don’t know too much about him. Will we find out more soon?

KS: You are going to find out more about him. There’s some interesting, fun, crazy things coming up. I think he’s always a nice guy though. You know, deep down inside he’s a nice guy.

JJJ: At first, Caroline wasn’t into him because of the whole Tyler thing. Is Jesse going to continue to be persistent?

KS: He is very persistent. As a matter of fact, in this episode, she lets her guard down a little bit. She might let him in a little bit. He might make a little progress.

JJJ: Why do you think Elena is so Team Jesse?

KS: It seems like the best friend can always figure out that a relationship isn’t going anywhere before the person in the relationship can figure it out, and that’s kind of where Caroline is. She’s still holding on, and she’s faithful, and she’s good. Elena’s like, “Look, we’re in college.” And I think she should listen. Elena’s trying to help her out, have some fun, get her out of this funk.

JJJ: Jesse told them that this professor was part of some secret society. I’m guessing he knows more than he’s letting on…

KS: Absolutely. Dr. Maxfield puts some things into play in this coming episode. You’ll find out some interesting things about him.

JJJ: Up until now, the college world and the Mystic Falls world have been pretty separate. Will we see them collide at some point? Does Jesse have scenes with other characters?

KS: Possibly, yes. Probably (laughs). Even if it’s like something like getting punched out by Damon (laughs). He might not have a whole lot of dialogue, but yeah, he definitely interacts with other characters.

JJJ: We got so much history last week that this week’s episode must be pretty big. Is the college stuff on the backburner at all or does it come in to play?

KS: No, that was to drive us into this next episode. It’s pretty much a connector. This next one is a little bit more heavy on Whitmore College.

JJJ: Interesting! As I’m sure you know, a lot of people die on this show or turn into something else. Did Julie Plec or anyone give you a talk beforehand about that?

KS: Yeah, I didn’t get it from Julie. She’s given her share of information, but I didn’t get that though (laughs). From everybody else I got, “Well, you know, I think you’ll be around for a while. You know, if you see anything that may look like you might die, it’s nothing big. People come back on the show. People turn into other things. People are dead and still on the show.” So the supernatural world is pretty awesome. Literally anything can happen, so it’s an exciting thing.

JJJ: Personally, if you could have Jesse turn into something, which would it be?

KS: I would definitely want to do a vampire. The whole hybrid thing is pretty cool. At the end of the day, it has to be a hybrid or a vampire because vampires are pretty awesome. I remember watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I think everybody at some point was like, “Oh, it would be cool to be Dracula.”

JJJ: The guys on this show are shirtless pretty often. Are you prepared? We haven’t see Jesse shirtless yet, right?

KS: No, you haven’t seen me shirtless yet (laughs). There’s a strong possibility you might see me shirtless. Knowing that you’re coming on this show, you better be prepared. I do my best to get in the gym six days a week.

JJJ: What are some of your favorite moments on set?

KS: I would say that there’s some really funny moments on set. All the laughs are pretty much my favorite part. Some of the stuff can be a little heavy, so the light-hearted moments are really fun. All the jokey-joke. There’s a lot of pranks that go on set and there are a lot of serious things that turn into pranks and laughs.

JJJ: Anything in particular?

KS: Can’t say too much about it, but one of the funniest for me was…I had to…you’ll see…I had a twerking moment on set that just looked like I was doing a dance (laughs). It was named the “TVD Twerk” between me and Rick [Cosnett], and then Kat [Graham] came in and it was just really funny.

JJJ: Your scenes are primarily with the lovely Candice Accola. What’s it like working with her?

KS: She makes it really easy. I don’t think I could look at her if she were any more beautiful (laughs). She’s definitely easy on the eyes and just a really good actress. She’s fun to work with. She jokes around, which is cool.

JJJ: And how would you describe this week’s episode? What can you tease?

KS: Expect a lot of surprises. Expect some intense material.

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