'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 Interview: AnnaSophia Robb on 'New Love & New Firsts'

'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 Interview: AnnaSophia Robb on 'New Love & New Firsts'

The second season of The Carrie Diaries premieres TONIGHT and to finish off our week-long look at what to expect, check out our new interview with star AnnaSophia Robb!

In the premiere “Win Some, Lose Some,” Carrie (Robb) is busy living it up in New York City with her BFF Walt (Brendan Dooling), and trying to forget that her boyfriend Sebastian (Austin Butler) and best friend Maggie (Katie Findlay) hooked up behind her back.

And after a night that goes awry, Carrie meets Donna’s (Chloe Bridges) cousin Samantha (Lindsey Gort) for the first time.

Don’t forget – The Carrie Diaries premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM on The CW!

Click inside to read our interview with AnnaSophia Robb…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – AnnaSophia Robb

JustJaredJr: What can you tell us about how season two compares to season one?

AnnaSophia Robb: There will be new loves and new firsts. And I think you know what I’m talking about. The second season is really fun. We filmed a lot more in the city, so we get more of that Manhattan vibe. And obviously we’re introducing the Samantha character, so it’s a bit sexier. I would definitely say this season has more humor, you know? There’s more joking around. It’s a little bit lighter. But they’re also dealing with more real issues and less high school. It’s more relationships, career-involved, like what Carrie wants to do and where she stands as a journalist. And making real-life decisions. It’s going to be a fun season. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

JJJ: What kind of love advice would you give Carrie?

AR: I’d say honesty is her biggest struggle. She’s definitely a people-pleaser and she can’t make up her mind. She’ll think about something for a long time and then try to make a decision, instead of just going with her heart.

JJJ: Where do we pick up in terms of Carrie and Maggie’s broken friendship?

AR: They’re not really talking, but they will be working on their relationship. Like any friendship, there’s always ups and downs – some major downs too. But I think it’s a great way for girls to learn how to forget and how to make the stakes and get back up on your feet.

JJJ: We love Carrie and Walt’s friendship! What’s going on with them this season?

AR: That’s actually one of my favorite storylines. It might actually be more favorite, with Walt’s character and all the struggles he goes through. I think it’s very applicable to young men and women that age when they’re sort of trying to figure out your sexuality. And if your parents aren’t necessarily the people you want to talk about it with, you really need your friends to be there for you. Carrie and Walt spend the summer together and Walt has a new relationship as well. We’ll see how he struggles with that and what he’s trying to figure out about himself.

JJJ: What’s it like shooting romantic scenes?

AR: You kind of have to know where the camera is. It’s not as sexy as it looks. It’s kind of your job to make it look hot. But mainly it’s like, “Where’s the camera?” It’s sort of choreographed.

JJJ: Speaking of love, Carrie has a new one this season. What can you tell us about Weaver?

AR: They are more alike than Sebastian and Carrie, and I think that’s what excites her because it doesn’t feel as complicated. But in every relationship, there are complications.

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