Zac Efron: Sorry I Can't Make HSM Reunion!

Zac Efron: Sorry I Can't Make HSM Reunion!

Zac Efron was the big name left out of the HSM Reunion plans which were just announced this week.

The 26-year-old actor sent his apologies to fans who wanted him to be part of it.

“Thanks for organizing the #HSMreunion @gimmemotalk! Sorry I can’t be there, but I support your cause. Proud of you Mo!” Zac wrote on WhoSay.

Monique Coleman, who organized the reunion to raise funds for the Gimme Mo Foundation, replied via Twitter, “I’ll always love u @ZacEfron Thx for ur support!! I’m beyond proud of U #wildcat U know there’s an open seat if u can make it #HSMreunion.”

ARE YOU SAD that Zac aka Troy Bolton won’t be at the reunion?

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  • OK

    Zac I hope you get to go.

  • http://@vhworshiper Kylie moretz-cruz

    awh, so much for a zanessa reunion?

  • Jess

    i’m pissed off,very sad,very disappointed that he won’t join the Reunion,but i don’t blame him

  • fan

    Of course we are all disappointed and sad because we thought he is really willing to make an HSM4 before based on his interviews and now, he can’t give us just a little reunion.

  • Kim

    He’s a class act.

  • Kim

    @fan: Maybe he’s busy? He doesn’t have to GIVE YOU anything. Its his right if he either doesn’t want to go, or can’t make it.

  • http://ECLAIREBOO.TWITTER.COM claire

    It’s no HSM without him )=

  • jing

    Maybe its for a cause,imagine what the kids will say how Troy Bolton turned out,a druggie just out of rehab.

  • my hand

    @jing: HSM fans generation are not kids anymore.. so shut up..

  • Mia

    he wouldnt show his face where vanessa is

  • What!

    He is no A lister. Why do you think he’s depressed? If anything, he turned out the worst out of the bunch. At least everyone else is clean and doesn’t have a drug problem.

  • joan

    YEs, but he will make a video, that’s great.

  • xx

    Things will never be back as what they have before.. Haha..

  • k

    @What!: How do you know that the rest don’t do drugs? Just because it not on the media????

  • jane ryan

    @What!: True say

  • Jen

    so disappointed in him for not going to this reunion. It’s for a good cause and for the thing that basically gave him a career. I’m sure he could have spared a few hours for it.

  • yets

    i thought it will start a friendship again and it will heal the pain.
    im so disappointed of Zac for so many reason now.

  • NBTT

    @What!: He is an A-lister if you want or not. Be in denial as much as you want, nobody cares. You’re a hater nothing else. You don’t know anything about his life, just the idiotic stuff that the tabloids make up, but that’s it. You don’t know one single thing about his private life and what it like. Bashing him is the only thing that haters like you can and do.
    He doesn’t have to justify himself or explain anything for turning it down. He has his reasons why he stays away from it.
    Potential reasons:
    - His ex of course, I highly doubt that he wants to see her and be in the same room with her. I also avoid places where I will have to see and meet people that I dislike. He is also just a normal human and can not get out of his skin. And to force someone like him to do something he doesn’t want, is the worst idea one can have.

    - His work is another reason. He has way more to do than the rest of them. The preparations for the shooting of his next movie are starting or have already started and he won’t be in the US for a while. “Autobahn” will be shot in Germany.

    And there are plenty of other reasons for the cancellation.
    He just bought a new house. I’m pretty sure with this purchase he wants to start a new life and close the chapters of his old one and some people will also have no place in this life anymore.

    To judge him for the things he’s doing is completely wrong. It’s his life and he can do with it, whatever he wants. It’s his decision who he wants in his life and who he kicks out of it. To start a new life means to get rid of stuff and people and also to find new things and new people.

    I’m not disappointed him. I understand him too well. He is so easy to read and to understand but most people seem to have big problems with that.

  • YES

    @NBTT: I fucking love for this comment. Finally someone who thinks the same like me. Bless you.

  • cm

    What would have happened if another member of HSM had said no?, He would have tried a lot, is the most likely, but as is Zac Efron everyone should understand and find all the possible reasons for his absence. I think there’s always time for good times, there’s always time to do a good deed for someone you admire, especially if children are involved. I think Zac has simply changed a lot, and has taken wrong paths in life so far, I think that makes him feel ashamed of his old friends, who told how he always kept his feet on the ground and kept in the right path, I sincerely hope you change your mind and make a space in your very busy schedule for this beautiful cause.

  • Beth

    More than likely, it would be to munch for him to handle, seeing Vanessa and knowing that see is with Austin, especially just getting out of rehab and he is going back to his other single Exs to make try and get his life back in order along with his Career.

    Or maybe he just doesn’t want to be known as Troy Bolton anymore; even through he will always be Troy.

  • Truth

    Zac didn’t Tweet that his team did it’s called damage control when the celeb gets negative response. Which he did. He’d better be working or he will be called out as too big headed

  • OK

    Two months away Still think he might show up.

  • so so

    Frankly, I hope he takes the high road and shows up. It’s a few hours and it’s for charity. Whenever a person goes into recovery for addiction there are two things that are helpful: having gratitude and giving back. Honor what was positive about the past and leave the what was negative behind. Right now he needs all the support he can get.

  • rebecca

    He could be busy? Ya know he is a famous actor and he could be busy filming or on a promotional tour and even if it is for charity he can’t cancel other events maybe? Or maybe since he is in recovery he could feel its best not to be there around what was some of the reasons why he started taking drugs..HSM and Girl problems (Probably Ness). Off course we’d all love it if he could be there but may not be possible and if its for his recovery i’d much rather him miss this reunion than relapse..

  • so so

    @NBTT: I highly doubt he “dislikes” Vanessa. When he was in the Philippines he spoke very fondly about Vanessa when asked about her last year. I doubt he would endorse a filipino made clothing line if he hated his ex-girlfriend who happens to be half filipino. Whatever issues they had are in the past I’m sure. This isn’t about them anyway. This is about getting together for a worthwhile charity.

  • NBTT

    @so so: I don’t think that I’m very wrong here.
    In case of the event in the Philippines don’t you think his entire team and he made their homework? They knew exactly what they want to hear and then he gave it to them. I’ve seen the videos from the event. The reactions of the audience was 100 % clear, whenever he started to talk about his actual movies the reactions went down. They didn’t want to hear anything about The Lucky One or The Paperboy or At Any Price.

    They only talked about HSM and stuff and they started to cheer. Of course he had to say nice stuff about her. He’s not in the position to talk in a bad way about her in the public. But what he really thinks and what he says are 2 different things.

    Zac is a great actor and on this stage was only the actor and not the private person Zac Efron.

    Let’s take a retrospect.
    In January 2011 it was the very last time he went to her house to pick up all his belongings and that was it.
    When she went to a Lakers game he stayed away from it, every time even though he was in the city. The last 2 years he stayed away from Ash’s birthdays, but Vanessa was there.
    From the event where Ash’s movie Sharpays Fabulous Adventure has it’s premiere exists one single pic where als Zac and Vanessa on it, and his expression tells everything. To call it expressionless would describe it the best. I’m 100 % sure there a couple of reasons why they haven broken up every single thinkable contact, avoid each other and don’t want to have anything to do with each other anymore.

    Zac is someone who’s hiding what he’s feeling. He could be one step from exploding and you wouldn’t recognize it.

    If everything would be so perfect he wouldn’t stay away from every place she appears.

    As for the fashion line, he’s also done it for John John Denim. That’s nothing special but I think they needed a famous faces and Zac wasn’t the only one for Penshoppe. Ian Somerhalder, Leighton Meester, etc. are their faces. Being the face for a fashion line, perfume, cars, … or whatever it is, means also money, often the main reason why they do it. He’s an actor/director but he’s also a business man.

    He has bought a new house now. Farther away from all of them and in a gated community, so not everyone will be able to enter it.
    He’s starting a new life and with that people change a lot in their life, they get rid of stuff and people and find new things and new people.

    Vanessa is the past and won’t have a place in his life anymore. He’d never say a bad word about her in public because he knows that especially her fans already hate him as far as it will go and wish the most painful deaths and other stuff. The hate towards him is unbelievable.

    I’m pretty sure that her appearance has a lot with it to do, that he turned it down. Of course his work is also a reason and pretty much some other things too. People have to accept that he won’t be there and that’s it. Period. There are enough things in disorder between them. He’s made the right decision. And as I said in my other comment he can’t get out of his skin.

  • nic

    @NBTT: “He’s an actor/director but he’s also a business man.” director???

  • STX

    @NBTT: ”Vanessa is the past and won’t have a place in his life anymore. He’d never say a bad word about her in public because he knows that especially her fans already hate him as far as it will go and wish the most painful deaths and other stuff. The hate towards him is unbelievable.”

    Sad yet , very, very true. Her fans are fu*ked up a lot.

  • http://facebook zeth

    but why??? how about their love team with Vanessa Hudgens ?? so Sad for that news…ugh!

  • vivien


    I live and work in Hollywood Zac Efron is NOT an A-lister though I do admire you Zac fans constantly saying he is but that doesn’t make it so.

    His movies are flopping in rapid succession one after the other and he is making far to many in a row which makes it look like you are failing constantly and in this town that is serious especially when your personal reviews are mediocre.

    Leo, Johnny. Jake. Chris H . Daniel Day, Juaquin, Robert Downey, Franco etc these are A-Listers in this town and he is not even close.

  • vivien


    Oh will everyone GET OVER IT!!!!!!!! I think they like each other fine and may even have spoken but keep it on the down low who the heck knows NO ONE.

    He doesn’t hate her nor she him. They broke up ONLY they know what it was about and how long it took. So mindless speculation based on second and third hand reports is just that MINDLESS!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    @vivien: For someone who lives and works in Hollywood you sure don’t have all your facts together. Zac’s last few projects have been indie films that haven’t been expected to turn out as blockbusters or even make back their budgets. His personal reviews have gone up greatly from his last few films, and he’s actually found a great balance in keeping himself relevant without overexposure and a great amount of bad pres. I’ll admit he’s not on the A-List level of Leo and some others (have no idea why you included Joaquin and Daniel who are more respected than A-List) but he surely has star power and appeal and is in fact A-List, just not towards the top of the bunch which is alright for a 20 something actor who isn’t attached to some superhero franchise.

  • morena0421

    that is sad why not go to the reunion because of Vanessa you zac need to be the better person if vanessa is there its ok you guys always said that your guys where best friends before anything well best friends dont avoid each other come Zac and Vanessa you both know you are with the wrong people

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