'Charmed' Getting ReBoot In Works From CBS

'Charmed' Getting ReBoot In Works From CBS

The Power of Three Will Set You Free

Looks like there might be a new Charmed reboot in the works…

Variety has confirmed that CBS Studios are looking at rebooting the successful WB series, which starred Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Shannen Doherty.

It’s in the early stages with a script deal, but Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and Sydney Sidner are co-writing and co-producing the show.

The reboot is described as a “re-imagining of the original series centered around four sisters who discover their destiny – to battle against the forces of evil using their witchcraft.”

Charmed averaged around 4.5 million viewers throughout eight seasons. You can now see Holly Marie on Pretty Little Liars as Ella Montgomery.

TELL JJJ: Who would you cast as Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige?

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  • http://J_James41 Jereomy

    Zendaya as Paige, Miranda Cosgrove as Phoebe, Victoria Justice as Pru, and Selena Gomez as Piper.

  • http://gayamericaninargentina.blogspot.com.ar/ JJ THE EXPAT

    I’m not sure who I’d pick but I would definitely suggest that they lock all the actors and actresses down so the reboot doesn’t have the same scandal that they had with Shannen Doherty when she stormed off the series.

    I miss Charmed and I hope the reboot does it justice. I’m not sure how they would work four sisters in since the whole concept of Charmed was the Power of Three, not Four. They should consider keeping the grandmother around for at least one season.

    If they hire a whitelighter then I’d suggest that they try and avoid having him falling in love with one of the witches. The love story was always the weakest.

  • Kayla

    Personally, I don’t think that a reboot would be a good idea! I was so attached to the original Power of Three (+ one!) and I can’t imagine anyone else as the Halliwell sisters. Maybe change the names and have them be a completely different family in the same kind of world? The Witches of East End just started airing and it’s kind of like Charmed as well, so idk if now would be the best time. The show isn’t even that old!


    They Can’t Touch “Charmed” Without Alyssa, Holly, Shannon, And Rose It Just Won’t Be The Same Hollywood Is Always Finding A Way To Mess Up A Good Thing.

  • http://www.isatoutsimplement.blogspot.fr Isa

    Not sure it’s a good idea , the original serie is mythic !

  • David

    Reboots sometimes fail don’t ruin the name of Charmed just to make a quick buck because your out of ideas.

  • Wheeler

    Unfortunately that seems to be the way Hollywood works any more.

  • Anisha

    The only way the reboot would be good if they had Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty. The original is teh best nothing will ever beat it, and ^ i don’t want teeny bopper actresses ruining an amazing show.


    Isn’t it a little soon for a “reboot”? My God…does Hollywood have any shame at all? Apparently not!

  • Jason

    @ICYNDICEY: I agree… I mean, pretty soon they’ll be rebooting shows that are still on the air!

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    the first show was terrible but people loved it

  • Steven

    I’m happy to see that the world will know about the awesome TV series Charmed again but I don’t think a reboot would be the best…

    Instead of that, I believe they should make a Charmed movie! Starring Piper, Phoebe, Paige and maybe, the ghost of Prue. I would DIE to see the Halliwell sisters all together once again!!!!

    “Charmed, The Movie: The Final Battle”


  • Anisha

    @Steven ^ OMG I WOULD DIE that would be amazing!!!!!

  • shailee

    couldnt agree moe with everyone above!! CANNOT do another charmed – they are the best and no one can else could do the show justice!

  • Sky

    Cast The 3 Stooges, it can’t be any worse than the original.

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