'The Originals' Interview: Danielle Campbell Opens Up About a 'Betrayal of Trust'

'The Originals' Interview: Danielle Campbell Opens Up About a 'Betrayal of Trust'

Check out our brand new interview with The Originals star Danielle Campbell!

The 18-year-old recent high school grad stars as Davina, a young and powerful witch who is now seemingly working with Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

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In tonight’s episode, we learn even more about Davina and why she was at the hand of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) for so long. We caught up with Danielle to get the scoop on what we can expect!

The Originals airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Danielle Campbell

JustJaredJr: So what was it like coming into this whole world? Had you watched The Vampire Diaries before?

Danielle Campbell: It’s been so cool. I watched The Vampire Diaries when the first season aired, so I was so excited to get the call that I got it. Coming into this, the cast is amazing and they’ve all taken me under their wing. I’m like the little sister to everyone, which is really cool. Atlanta’s been amazing. I love the town. I couldn’t be happier. I just got out of high school, so this is my college experience in a way. And to be working and doing what I love is awesome. I love playing Davina because she’s a badass but sweet at the same time.

JJJ: What do your family and friends think about all of it?

DC: They’re really excited. My family’s always been so supportive of me and so have my friends. And a lot of my friends go to the University of Alabama, so I actually have a couple of them coming down to visit me. It’s been really cool. I’ve had the best experience I can imagine so far.

JJJ: There’s still a lot we don’t know about Davina. What can you say about what we’ll learn?

DC: She has a view of everyone kind of installed in her head just from what she’s heard and what she already experienced. She has these views for a reason and a betrayal of trust that happened along the way with certain characters. She’s kind of growing as a normal teenager and also as this girl who has this immense power, which she’s starting to understand and figure out how it works. So she’s kind of getting tossed in this war of whose side she should be on and just kind of growing up in general.

JJJ: So she’s not just there due to Marcel’s manipulation?

DC: She’s there because she wants to be. The reason she’s there has to do with why she feels a certain way toward everyone else. And that’s discovered in the next couple of episodes.

JJJ: Where are her parents. Will we find out what happened there?

DC: You’ll figure it out. It comes up very soon.

JJJ: Klaus obviously wants Davina, but do you think he should fear her at all?

DC: I think the thing about Klaus is the thing that people fear, that’s what he wants for himself. And I think that’s the big thing. I think he should fear her for his own good, but just because he’s Klaus, he just wants her.

JJJ: As for the witches, will we start to see the resentment there?

DC: Yes.

JJJ: How much did you know about your character’s history going into the role?

DC: The cool thing I think for me is that I’m still figuring it out too, so it helps keep that mystery and that lost girl type thing. Because she is. She’s still young and trying to figure out who she is. And I can relate because I’m still young and figuring out who I am. And then she also has to balance that with being this powerful girl who’s still figuring out how to control herself.

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