Vanessa Hudgens: YouTube Music Awards 2013

Vanessa Hudgens: YouTube Music Awards 2013

Vanessa Hudgens dons a fresco inspired dress for the 2013 YouTube Music Awards held at Pier 36 on Sunday night (November 3) in New York City.

“YouTube Music Awards. Streaming tonight, 6pm EST. Cc: @lenadunham,” the 24-year-old actress tweeted before the event began.

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Vanessa joined Michael Shannon on stage while a live music video was shot. They starred as a DJ and a girl who’s ditching her ex-boyfriend for the booth, and a high-strung concert-goer puts her in a headlock as “Wake Me Up” revs up in the background.

Hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts, the inaugural awards featured live performances by Lady Gaga, Eminem and other pop and rock greats.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Jeff Kravitz; Photos: Getty, FilmMagic
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  • George

    My Queen is so goreous! the skit was hilarious.

  • Dana

    She killed it , she’s so fine

  • Keith

    Hot woman!!!!

  • Bel ami

    Je T’aime Vanessa

  • Candice

    I hate the forst dress and love the second one. She is gorgeous and her hair looks so much better dark.

  • Aly

    I agree the Fresco dress doesn’t do her justice and it’s too big on her.
    Hair and make up is flawless.

  • IMO

    Vanessa looks gorgeous and she did a great job. The skit was interesting (not my cup of tea ) and according to the writer Lena Dunham she was extremely pleased and praised the actors. So Awesome job. It’s good for Vanessa to network doing these types of things and work with people that have a great reputation.

  • mags

    video please, love her always!!!!!

  • muse

    First dress is very out there and a lot going on, but it’s also very Vanessa’s style. She likes fashion pieces out there and are different and adventurous. She looks amazing and even as the ombre was a good look on her, her natural dark locks are what make her ‘Vanessa’.

    Cant wait to see the skit, anyone got a link?


  • Lawrence

    Van looks amazing!, knock’em dead girl!.

  • NW

    Is she an A or B cup? Looks like A

  • NW

    That skit was absolutely lame and disorganized. If she werent so desperate for exposure, she would have done the right thing and avoided it pumpers!

  • NW

    Stop acting like you guys dont hang out on the adult side, soooo stoopid LMAO

  • claudia

    sometimes i dont get her… there are times where i think yeah shes making the right decisions i mean she is very talented..then there are times like this when im like “this is why u are taking so long to be respected in the industry”. i personally think that she has been very disorganized for a woman who is a fantastic actress that could end up very well respected. you dont get people who want oscars doing stuff like this. so disappointing girl. And because im a fan of her work doesnt mean im going to like all her decisions.


    YouTube FAIL!! Promote your own stars, YouTube!! NOT HOLLYWOODS!!

  • kelly martineau

    Like the red on her. Her boobs are going to fall out. Who intvied her to be on stage with michael. And her intvied her to that event.
    Big lips should marry her and get her pregant. She doesn’t have anything better to do.

  • Erika

    She is so fabulous :)

  • tina

    @claudia: Maybe she should consort you before she takes a breath. You obviously know more about how to be her than she does. If every movie you make is focussed only on your career you end up with no life at all.Sorry she doesn’t meet YOUR expectations. She helped a friend and had fun, shame on her.

  • claudia

    @tina: yes shame on her! *rolls eyes* gosh you fans are so quick to step in when someone has constructive criticism. you finally understand that im not a hater, something you have told me before even though i exclaimed i find her a great actress that is versatile when necessary. I have spoken online to some other Vanessa fans who dont hack at anyone who has a different opinion that doesnt always praise vanessa. its funny because they are much more realistic than you guys. some said they didnt get it and were unsure as to whether it was suppose to be funny…two of them said they hated the skit and found it in some areas offensive, but nonetheless vanessa did great as per usual. are they fans? of course they still are! and there is nothing wrong with having fun and helping a friend, but i remember a while back in an interview or something either zac or ashley said sometimes vanessa was too friendly which can always bring its disadvantages whether you accept it or not. if me, as an outsider and not a fan that loves everything my “favorite” does, then maybe you should use this as a basis of how well vanessa is transitioning not shoot down my opinion. for example, a poll was gathered as to whether people wanted selena gomez to perform at the halftime again or if her performance was good i cant really remember and only 28% said yes.the rest were presumably the adult audience proving that selena is still viewed as that teen bopper and not much more. for vanessa, GS will be a turning point of her career. In the meantime, i hope she uses her time for fun, productively and wisely.

  • claudia

    this is a good example of someone, although im not an ashley tisdale fan, who loves ashley but not everything she does. doesnt mean shes saying that ashley should look to her for advice its just a personal preference. nothing to really take to heart.

  • claudia

    “Just because I prefer not to watch anything animation that Ashley does, doesnít mean that Iím not a fan. Iím just at that age where animations donít appeal to me anymore. Iíve out grown a lot of them. Phineas and Ferb, Sabrina, Saving Santa, they just donít do anything for me. I have no problem with Ashley doing animations, I understand that she still has young fans who enjoy it. Itís just that part of her career isnít something that Iím a fan of, I donít enjoy it as much as others do. Being a fan doesnít mean being a fan of everything that they do, but understanding why they do it and being able to accept that. We all have a right to our own opinions and to be able to express them however we may choose to.”
    this is in regards to ashley tisdale taking on another animated movie. this person is also a fan but a lot of them have got hate for not supporting everything Ashley does.

  • tina

    @claudia: Ok you said, “this is why u are taking so long to be respected in the industry” not I don’t like or understand this. Also you said “you don’t get people who want oscars doing things like this” and she was very ‘disorganized’ ( is that even a word) What part of that was contructive? Not liking everything is fine. Wanting someone to fit into what you feel is the one true path is not. So what she did the live video, she had fun with her craft. Big deal. As I said before if you get up every morning and say I’ve got to do something so I can win an oscar, when do you have time to enjoy your life. It was not supposed to be taken seriously. What got me was the audience chose death for the couple, that’s an indictment of our society.

  • tina

    @claudia: I’m sure you’re right and in some big office somewhere some one is saying “An actresses actually acting, how dare she do that. Where’s that list for protential Oscar nominations, let’s cross her name off.”

  • claudia

    @tina: For starters, I’m actually still studying at school not some big office so I am always open to learning and making mistakes. Maybe you are in the same position? I can’t imagine an adult on a teen website…no offence if you are. Perhaps I am harsher with my criticisms than you would personally be (And for the record disorganized is a word which is why it doesn’t have the red line under it…weird thing to point out) but that doesn’t necessarily make me wrong for saying so. If you found my criticisms about Vanessa too harsh, then I apologize because I have clearly struck an emotional cord in you. There is nothing wrong with helping a friend, but when you are in the position of being scrutinized, it can be difficult to say yes and difficult to say no. Of course its easier for people outside of Hollywood to judge them because we thrive on the pop culture as it feeds us on a daily basis. You getting so upset about this shows how plugged into this you might be. Or might not, you just really adore Vanessa. No problem with that but I don’t take back anything I said. But, once again, I apologize for upsetting you by the context it was said in. Next time, I will be careful how I word things.

  • tina

    @claudia: I can see how words can be misunderstood. I said somewhere SOMEONE in big office, not you. My point is why do you feel you are in the position to critize anyone harsh or otherwise? The fact is you constantly do it. How does it feel to be perfect? You wrote three long rants that prove nothing. It ok to not like something someone does but to think you knowbetter than they do what they should do with their lives is insane. I’m not upset just amazed with your arrogance.

  • claudia

    @tina: please explain how me trying to help you understand my point of view is arrogant? i am pretty sure i said that i admit i am clearly being harsher in my criticisms than you would be of nessa, but how does that prove i am full of myself? i even apologized if i upset you, if i was arrogant i would probably have too much pride to admit i was wrong. i never said i was perfect, but i explained how hollywood is often scrutinized in a certain way which i am sometimes guilty of. how do i constantly criticize? i do have the odd rants and post my opinion on certain things but dont others? ur the one on just jared vanessa posts still battling with Nightwish why dont you carry that on instead of targeting me…

  • IMO

    this skit was listed as the number one best thing of the night.

  • tina

    @claudia: You are so full of it you don’t see it. Didn’t you just said she wasn’t behaving in the way you thinks she should she won’t get an Oscar nomination? Btw I served my time in the military to ensure YOUR freedom of speech, conversely you can’t deny me mine.

  • tina

    @claudia: You are so full of it you don’t see it. Didn’t you just said she wasn’t behaving in the way you think she should she won’t get an Oscar nomination? Btw I served my time in the military to ensure YOUR freedom of speech, conversely you can’t deny me mine.