Amber Riley & Derek Hough: Rumba on 'DWTS' - Watch Now!

Amber Riley & Derek Hough: Rumba on 'DWTS' - Watch Now!

Amber Riley rips off her partner Derek Hough‘s shirt during Monday night’s (November 4) episode of Dancing With The Stars in Los Angeles.

The duo danced the Rumba and scored a total of 28 points from the judges, the highest score of the night!

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“For our individual dance, we’ll be doing the rumba,” Amber wrote in her Parade blog. “It’s going to be really interesting because you have to be so sexy and intimate…and Derek‘s like my brother. So it should be an interesting week!”

Amber added, “I am mortified to be dancing in front of Cher next week. I am such a fan of Cher and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to contain myself! I’m going to have to tell her how much I love her.”

Watch Amber dance below and be sure to vote – 1-800-868-3407!

Amber Riley & Derek Hough – Rumba on DWTS (Week 8)
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  • JRDN

    So tired of this young lady getting all these high praises. Honestly she is
    just getting by but I got too give it to Derek, he makes his partner look good. As for the high marks, these judges are just big A** Kissers.

  • EndOfTime

    She’s getting all the high praises because she’s the best and she deserve it ! Don’t be mad because she’s killing it every week AND stay humble about it

  • oitlogetse ponatshego

    @JRDN: You are sick you S.O.B. Go do it better than her you filthy double crossing rotten b……d. Why hate her? She dances better than most of the gals there despite her body size.Go hang hater.

  • MC

    Not a fan of the show. But I do like this kid. She has something special in today’s celebrity world. She is respectful, not a druggie or a clown on TMZ getting filmed doing ridiculous nonsense. Glad to see she is successful.

  • Cachcaco

    Really JRDN!! You have got to be kidding. Amber Riley is holding her own along side Dereck. The judges know it and that’s why the high marks. Why are the judges “big A** Kissers”, what do they have to gain??? Please, please enlighten us. You need to be talking about WHY Bill Engvall has not been booted off yet. This guy gets an A for effort but he is so stiff and has no natural rhythm. His performances are sometimes painful to watch.

  • JRDN

    @Cachcaco: This show has not been about the best celeb. dancer anymore, it’s about the popularity and any fool can see this. Apparently “Glee” has made her a name for herself and that’s what’s getting her the votes. Besides the fact that Derek has always made his partner’s look great, the only one worthy for praise is Kelly Pickler she was worthy of winning on her own.
    I get that you all like her that’s fine but I’m entitled to my own opinions and so be it. Don’t need to justify my opinions and quit bullying behind the computer!

  • Jordan

    Your basically entitled to your wrong opinion. She has come a long way and she is in the top 3 of best dancers this season. She gets high marks because she is a great performer and does a great job technically. Its obvious your mad because your favorite isnt being broadcasted like her but that is no reason to be a hater. And stop telling people to not bully when that is basically what you are doing. Derek brings out the best in his partners. However the rest is up to the dancers. Amber deserves to and will win. #Sorrynotsorry
    You’re Welcome :)

  • blazn

    I agree with JRDN, she is being over scored as of late and if you truley take off your rose tinted glasses you will see she is average at best…If I was her I would be ashame to be accepting the scores they are giving her knowing she is not putting in half the work as the other celebrities are and by that I mean she doesn’t even show up for rehearsal half the time…She is being paid to rehears not sit on her ass and film the dance routine and then go home…I’m a huge Amber Riley fan but even I know she is not the best and they are pushing her and to be honest, I’m losing respect for her for participating in this sham. If I was the rest of the contestants I would just go out to the ball room and just stand there. If Amber can get 10s for showing up then why can’t they get 10s for just standing there…

>>>>>>> staging1