Jay Ryan: Vincent Has a New Purpose on 'BATB'

Jay Ryan: Vincent Has a New Purpose on 'BATB'

Jay Ryan dons a golf cap as he pulls his luggage through Pearson International Airport on Sunday (November 3) in Toronto, Canada.

The 32-year-old actor is back in town to film more episode of his hit show Beauty & the Beast.

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“It’s given me a lot of stuff to rework the character and free him a little bit from the constraints of where he was,” Jay recently told TVFanatic about the new season. “So, this whole reworking, Vincent being rewired by his new makers, it kind of gives him a new purpose. Then his new makers have essentially given him this goal to clean up Muirfield’s mess. With that, we introduce a whole lot of new characters, new creatures, and reveal that there are many new beasts in New York City, and at large elsewhere.”

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  • florece2

    Apparently Jay is now a married man she’s one lucky woman.

    Part of me loves the new Vincent but part of me doesn’t and the latest episode ‘ Reunion’ I could have slaped him they once again showed that when a pretty face crosses his path he forgts all about Cat, even though it was a flah back the grin on his face made Vine look like a real douche bag.

  • Mic

    It’s just speculation that he is married. No one really knows. Last he said he had a gf. On the show Vincent didn’t forget about Cat! He didn’t even approach any other woman! It was a flashback! He had an off and on relationship with Alex and when they were off had a fling with some woman and remembered it. That’s all. I didn’t love the smile, but it didn’t really bother me. He adores Cat. I hate that people act like Alex was just some random pretty girl. He had known her his whole life! I didn’t like that arc, but in real life that would mess with someone’s head as it did V’s!! Maybe Cat needs to have another love interest do people can move on.

  • Claudia

    Im loving they are covering Jay her and Eonline, this man is gorgeous and he is gonna go so far he got the looks and the talent..mark my words!!!! I watch Beatuty and the Beast for the chemistry him and Kristn Kreuk have…Amzing!!!!

  • http://@AngelaParabosch angela paraboschi

    Great chemistry between Cat and Vincent, I love this season and writers’ job, the script is amazing. Beauty and the beast deserves many other seasons.

  • Debbie Camelo

    Jay’s marital status is really no concern of mine and he has a lovely daughter, Eve, so my congratulations to him! I love #BATB for the new direction and yes, I loved the old Vincent as well, as mentioned their chemistry on-screen is the best out there. The path he takes in this Season is not really his doing and I think he is making a huge effort, with Catherine’s help, to decide who he really is! I can’t imagine the #BatBWriters are going to spoil the reason of Vin/Cat’s destiny in the long run, but we will just have to hang on and find out! Anyone who doesn’t watch this show needs to watch Season 1 and you’ll get addicted to watch Season 2. Romance, drama, angst, good guys, bad guys and again, Romance! The awww moments are well worth it when they happen. It also doesn’t hurt that @JayRyan and @MsKristinKruek are two of the most gorgeous human beings on the planet.

  • http://fayzworld.topcities.com Fay

    I’m not concerned with Jay’s personal life, as long as he’s healthy and happy. So far, I like what’s happening with Vincent in Season 2. The “new” Vincent still feels drawn to Catherine and I think he will remember everything eventually but it’s not going to happen overnight. The chemistry is still there, just beneath the surface. But Vincent has a new lease on life, not having to hide from Muirfield anymore and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Thankfully, he’s still a “good guy” and is not killing innocent people.

  • http://website elsie stacey

    I totally agree with Fay,,his personal life is his alone ,,I like the actor and have fun with the characters,,they are amazing! The show is going in the right direction,,we just have to be patient and it will all unfold,,hopefully for the best.Jay and Kristin are has great acting abilities,,Congrats to Jay on the birth of his lovely daughter!! Great work guys

  • eloi milani

    i love Jay Rayan because he is a great actor and i love Beuty and the beast, because it is a epic show.

  • http://twitter roberta riem (@RiemRoberta)

    Sono meravigliosi sia come VinCat che come Jaystn … sarei felicissima vederli insieme …sono fantastici con una chimica BESTIALE …BATB è una serie che merita molto molto di piu’ ….Io li amo

  • Monica malaguti

    Beautiful show

  • Mallory

    I love the show BATB! :-)
    They are all very talented actors and actresses.
    But also a bonus is Jay Ryan is hott!!!
    I hope this man gets other big roles in other tv shows or movies. I also thought Kristin Kruek and Jay Ryan were together in real life. I was really shocked to see who he was dating b/c his g/f is UGLY!!! But congrats on the kid though.

  • http://twitter Vicki

    Love this show and love the chemistry between the two. Adorable couple and both chosen actors are perfect for the part. He’s handsome and sexy and she’s cute and beautiful at the same time. I like the humorous one-liners thrown in there too this season. Also I like where they’re going with Tess and J T. I’d like to see a little more of their relationship develop. They’re cute together. Anyways, I hope there are many more seasons of BATB. Great show!

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