Zendaya Books 'Super Awesome Katy'

Zendaya Books 'Super Awesome Katy'

Zendaya is sticking with Disney Channel, according to THR.

The 17-year-old actress will star in Disney Channel’s Super Awesome Katy.

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Super Awesome Katy centers on 16-year-old Katy Cooper (Zendaya), an outspoken and confident technology wiz and skilled black belt, who discovers that both her parents are spies with aspirations that she will follow in their footsteps.

Production on the pilot begins in early 2014.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of this new role for Zendaya?

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  • Lisa

    Zendaya is so AWESOME

  • Sammy

    yes zendaya please come back to disney, we’re not ready to let go of you. if the disney producers have any sense they will green light this show. although i’m sad that it was be a singing/dancing show at least we still have zendaya.

  • dinah

    I’m so confused on why someone comes back to Disney so late in age? Miley, Selena, nor Demi did it…they carried on in their lives. Confused.

  • Maria

    @dinah: Cus she wants to. Debby Ryan did it. If she wants to then why not? I can’t wait to see Zendaya in this new show! Go Z!

  • Alex

    I think this is awesome and i’m so excited for Zendaya, she finally has a chance to shine, i’m very proud of her and i don’t care that she’s 17 and she’s still in Disney, she’ll find her way but first she’ll amaze all of the people with her talent! I’m looking forward watching ” Super awesome Katy ” <33

  • Jay

    Garbage! Horrible casting by Disney Channel.

    Zendaya is a fugly nig!

  • Shanica

    @Jay: You are very rude! If you dont like her then comment matter of fact why are you on a page about Zendaya. I know its because you have no life except to bring other people down. Get Help!

  • Maria

    @Jay: You’re garbage.

  • Lisa

    @Jay: You PILLOCK

  • Jessie

    People are so used to the Bella Thorne and Zendaya, and no offense to Zendaya, she’s nothing without Bella Thorne, Bella Thorne WAS Shake it Up, she brought back teen IT girl status back to Disney that we saw with Selena, Miley, Hilary etc. Zendaya was kind of in Thorne’s shadow; and everything she does without Bella is a flop like her album for example, Zendaya’s debut album did terrible! And maybe the reason is because Bella Thorne wasn’t on it

  • Elliemariee

    @Jessie: Bella was not ”Shake it up” without Zendaya. and also stop with the part about Zendaya being in Bella’s shadow, because she wasn’t. and about her album that can happen to the best. and everyone already knew before that Zendaya is a super talented singer with or without Bella. so just stop comment if you have no nice to say about her :)

  • Italia

    I don’t why people would say bad things about Zendaya because she is coming back to Disney Channel that awesome! I also wish Bella Thorne came with her they were great together. I hope her show is a big hit because I really look up to.GO ZENDAYA!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    @Jessie: Um Bella’s shadow? PUH leaze all Bella can do is show up to fashion events! She can hardly sing OR dance! GO Zenny!

  • lolla r

    @jessie,Zendaya was neva in bella’s shadow.She was a beta singer nd dancer.I don’t knw if u’ve noticed bt bella thorne’s voice was always modified while zenny’s voice is naturally lovely.So pls watch wat u write.

  • Angel.D

    I’m used to “Rocky”. It would be different but I am excited to see Zendaya on Disney Channel.

  • http://Kenyaseyes.com nya imani

    Heyyyy my name is Nya Jones also known as Nya Imani. I know this is not a site to say why you should be picked in the show but might as well give it a try.
    About me:
    . Age 15
    . Now a Sophomore in HighSchool
    . I am 5’2
    . I am amazingly in love with Zendaya, I have been told we act alike and dress the same style. It would not also be an honor to work with her, but it would be a dream come true. I have dreamt for the day to be actually working with the Zendaya Maree Coleman.
    . I have experience in dancing, singing, and acting. ( I still do it )
    . I am very silly and funny, but can serious when I need to. I am friendly, great energy to be around, and I am great to wok with. ( I am a great listener)
    . No, i am not the brightest in school, but somehow, on set, I feel as if i become this genius, like Albert Einstein. Lol, anyways, everyone doubts me and does not believe in me, but when I am acting, dancing, or singing, I don’t need anyone to believe in me, but myself.
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    Thank you for your time, have a great night. PLEASE GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH ME, I will wait, no matter how long it takes.

    Sincerely, Nya Imani

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