Selena Gomez To Lorde: 'That's Not Feminism'

Selena Gomez To Lorde: 'That's Not Feminism'

Selena Gomez goes short and blunt with her hair in this stunning new feature for Flaunt magazine.

The 21-year-old actress/singer took a break in between tour stops for the feature which brushes on the future, and what ifs.

“That’s not feminism,” she shared about Lorde‘s comments on her song, “Come & Get It”.

Selena continued, “[Lorde is] not supporting other women. That’s my honest opinion, that’s what I would say to her if I saw her. I actually covered her song in all of my shows that I’ve done so far. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue that.”

Selena is also pictured below, receiving a 16x Platinum Plaque to Commemorate digital sales & streams of more then 16,000,000 units of her singles, “Naturally,” “Round & Round,” “A Year Without Rain,” “Who Says,” “Love You Like A Love Song,” “Hit The Lights,” and “Come & Get It.”

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Simon, Amanda de Cadenet; Photos: Flaunt, Startraksphoto
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    thank you Selena,you `ve replied back that disgusting girl very well

  • MarissaB

    I support Lourde 100%, I’m glad someone is finally calling out these girls for what they really are.

  • David

    Selena is the only reason i heard of this lorde girl

  • Ann

    Oh shut up Selena……..Come and get it is really anti feminist or at least its implying that a female should just be a doormat and wait for the guy to come to her. She was talking about your song and not you as a person and yet you’re attacking her as a person. And I love Lorde. Its good that she’s finally saying things that should’ve been said years ago…its good that someone finally has the courage to speak up.

  • Aol

    She looks good

  • Kayla

    Lorde’s comments towards other artists were just unnecessary, even if you do agree with her. She’s a 16 year old that just entered the music industry and even though she’s super talented and successful already, throwing jabs at other artists here and there is no way to go about it. Famous people dissing other famous people never ends well.

  • Sam

    Lorde is just a 16/17 year old brat, that things now that she has fame, she can point fingers at everybody. Its not feminism, Selena is totally right. Women who attack other women are not feminists. Weak women always attack other women, never men.

  • Jenny

    I’m sorry, maybe Lorde is 15, but Selena Gomez is only 21 so that doesn’t make that much of a difference. And singers are free to comment anything just as much as all of you are free to comment them or their actions. If you really think speaking your mind about something that doesn’t concern you is wrong, then you shouldn’t be leaving those kids of comments. or any kind, for that matter.

  • MAria

    I love Selena but Lorde has a point. She isn’t attacking who Selena is but the message her music is sending along with other artists.

  • Annie Vo

    SELENA you go girl,
    I just only think women should defend each others
    and LORDE is just a 16[look like 61] kid who just famous [and full of herself], in a short time, so please keep herself more better and stop being an attention seeker for saying bad thing about other artist [not only SELENA, there are taylor, justin,,,]


    I think Selena Gomez is missing the point and doesn’t actually know what feminism is/means. Feminism isn’t about “female solidarity.” It is about holding people–women included–accountable for their actions. Selena Gomez’s song “Come and Get it” perpetuates rape culture. If you don’t get why, go look up what rape culture is. What Lorde is doing is trying to shift the conversation in pop music from being centered around male pleasure and female pleasing.

    I think she makes valid points, especially when she talks about how she should be allowed to have an opinion and/or critique. We shouldn’t shame Lorde for expressing an opinion about a song, and Selena Gomez should realize that feminism does not mean 100% supporting all women all the time. Women–not just men–fuck up. All the time.

    Although I also think that if Selena Gomez wants to make a song about waiting on a lover/partner, she should be able to. Because while feminism doesn’t mean always supporting women, it also doesn’t mean blaming women for portraying other women in a negative light. It’s not Selena Gomez’s fault the culture is telling her that sex sells. And not just sex, but male pleasing. It’s the world we live in.

    I honestly don’t think either women really know that much about feminism. And neither do many of the people who are commenting on the issue.

    So I say to Lorde: stop slut shaming. And I say to Selena: go read some feminist theory and stop being butt-hurt.

  • claudia

    @ALYSSA: i like your analysis very much and selena did completely miss the point the same way lorde needs to just be quiet since she is so early in the music industry. selenas response reminded me of taylor swifts to tina fey saying all women should support eachother – even though it was just a joke.

    and can i just comment on selenas photoshoot? the timing could not be so confusing! when she said class is the sexiest thing – i was all for it, then the comment about you would take her home to your parents – a little conceited but nevertheless honest. however this photoshoot just threw me off completely. what message are you trying to send selena? im honestly so confused.

  • claudia

    @Annie Vo: age has nothing to do with wisdom. its just how you communicate that thought process to others.

  • Irene

    That’s ridiculous! It’s ver so clear that the song “come and get it” is feminist. I just can’t stand Selena any more… she’s becoming quite a spoiled brat, blinded by the fame.

  • taketwo

    With so many real bad problems in this world today you “girls” are so centered on female issues that have been around for as long as I remember. Let Lorde have her opinion on whatever she wants it’s her right. Same for Selena. Remember you women should stick together not fight among yourselves as to who’s right or wrong. Lorde started all this and look what’s happened. As long as I’ve know Selena I have never seen her offend anyone.Yet some of you righteous females want to blame her and insult her. Lorde should drop out of the entertainment business and start her own feminine movement cause she sure as hell is not making any friends with fellow artists.

  • taketwo

    For God’s sake this the entertainment business. Maybe she already had a commitment to do those shoots. But you and I know she is nothing like she seems to be in those pictures.

  • mike

    love you Selena, support what ever you say.

  • taketwo

    @ALYSSA: Feminism is the theory of the polititcal,economic,and social equality of the sexes. It is an organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests which I have support for sometime. But what has taken place here is Lorde believes that the lyrics to the song “come and get it” is what Selena believes. I’ve heard the song and my personal opinion is that the song is saying ” if want my love and get it” not a sexual suggestion but both male and female have their own opinion about the message. Lorde has it to mean a demeaning song of women. That’s her opinion. But no one has the right to force their thinking on to someone else. So I say to get respect you have to respect others even though you don’t agree with them. Some of you have even added on to what Lorde said and accuse Selena of things she has never said or that she’s a spoiled brat because of her fame. Does that mean all the famous artists are spoiled brats? That is not “feminism”.

  • javi

    hot damn!!!! she looks incredibly hot in those pics.

  • Blah

    I thought Selena is a so called ‘mature’ lady lol….Dear Selena, why bother her (Lorde) if she’s saying the wrong things? I believe Lorde is not the 1st person who has ever critisized you Gomez…You can simply ignore her comment since she’s just a little girl .
    Selena has been in this industry for years and her attacking back will not do her any good.I don’t mean to be offensive but it’s not like Selena is the songwriter, so what’s the big deal?People still buy her songs,that’s it!
    Also Selena should really stop singing Lorde’s song since her cover is rather horrible….She really need to learn how to choose songs which suit her…

    If my comment is too abusive or you find it really offensive,

    Peace and Love

  • may


  • Victoria Kay

    I’m 100% Lorde on this one. And like “Alyssa” said above, Selena is kinda missing the point. Lorde was criticizing the song’s meaning, not Selena and then Selena made it personal. Like “Blah” said above, Lorde is obviously not the only person to critic Gomez’s songs, so I don’t understand why Selena took it to a different level with Lorde. You can’t expect everyone to give you positive feedback (in whatever career you have). “I actually covered her song in all of my shows that Ive done so far. Im not sure if Im going to continue that. C’mon really? You just said that feminism is about supporting other women, but you won’t practice what you preach just because of a little comment? Ever hear of the Golden Rule “Do unto as you would want done to yourself even when you won’t receive the same”? And as “Blah” said above I don’t think Selena wrote the song, it was probably one of her producers, so what is the big deal? I feel like people (everyone, not just celebrities) now a days take abstract or constructive criticism, and take it as a personal insult when in fact at first it wasn’t that to being with. Whenever people get insulted by something/one, people need to step back, take a breather, think about it in the other person’s POV, then respond. People would have a lot less arguments when doing so.

  • mxxm

    taketwo and alyssa are the only ones grasping the idea of feminism.

  • Katie

    @ALYSSA: Okay, so I disagree with you, and I feel like you are a tad hateful in some of your phrasing, such as assuming that if someone, Selena included, disagrees with you, it is because they are stupid. I feel that what feminism means is to not treat women differently than men or that they are lesser than men. Part of this is saying that it is distasteful for women to have a sexual appetite. I feel like that song is a girl telling the guy she’s with that she loves having sex with him. There’s nothing wrong with that, and women shouldn’t feel ashamed to have sex. Selena is shamed for falling into the “sex sells” thing and “doing what society tells her” but maybe she enjoys being sexy, and it makes her feel powerful. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. If women are taught to be open and comfortable about sex, they are more likely to enjoy it, and more likely to be comfortable making it clear when they don’t want or like something in the bed. You speak of rape culture, part of rape culture is men not understanding or being able to claim that they don’t understand whether a girl wanted it or not. If women didn’t ever get taught that it is shameful to want or enjoy sex, there would never be any confusion, because a girl would never say “no” to be coy, cute or play hard to get. No would only mean no.So, in conclusion, I find it empowering to hear a girl singing about how she loves sex. Get it, Selena.

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