'The Originals' Interview: Michael Trevino on Tyler's Revenge-Fueled Plan to Take Down Klaus

'The Originals' Interview: Michael Trevino on Tyler's Revenge-Fueled Plan to Take Down Klaus

After months of being MIA in Mystic Falls, only to turn up and break it off with Caroline (Candice Accola) for good, Tyler (Michael Trevino) is headed to the French Quarter in tonight’s episode of The Originals to finally exact his revenge on Klaus (Joseph Morgan)!

During the last season of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus personally drowned Tyler’s mayor mother because he helped un-sire all his hybrid minions.

JJJ caught up with Michael to get the scoop on what we can expect from the sure-to-be gruesome face-off tonight.

The Originals airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Michael Trevino

JustJaredJr: Hi Michael! So being the first person to cross over to the new series, was that exciting for you?

Michael Trevino: I found out and I was super excited about it. All of us were excited to see The Originals get picked up for a full series.

JJJ: Was it hard to keep it a secret?

MT: A little bit. I only did two episodes of The Vampire Diaries this season, so going back to Atlanta, I didn’t want to be tweeting that I was in town. So yeah, it was kind of hard to keep it a secret.

JJJ: Tyler and Caroline have had hard goodbyes before, but the last one was especially brutal. What was it like filming that?

MT: With that one, I’d say because they were both emotional, it was tough. Usually Tyler breaks it off because he is forced out of town and he doesn’t want to, so usually it’s just Candice crying. But this time, Tyler makes the decision to leave and end the relationship. So for him, it’s hard. You know, I’ve worked with Candice for five years now….it gets emotional and it’s tough. It’s a little bit exhausting.

JJJ: Do you think he really hates Klaus more than he loves Caroline though? Poor Caroline thinks so.

MT: I think it’s the revenge factor. Tyler is an alpha male and an alpha dog. He’s not going to go on just living life knowing that Klaus got away with murdering his mother, and that’s why we see him.

JJJ: What’s Tyler been doing lately? We’ve seen some werewolves around New Orleans seemingly trying to protect Hayley…

MT: Since the breakup, Tyler has been in and out with different werewolf packs, and gathering a lot of information on Klaus. Klaus always has a plan and Hayley’s a big part of it. The baby is a big part of it. That’s where Tyler comes in and the fun begins. He knows how important she is. And also, you have to remember, Hayley kind of backstabbed Tyler. The night his mother died, she had this big plan with all these hybrids and Klaus.

JJJ: But don’t werewolves tend to stick together?

MT: Well, Hayley is a little lost and doesn’t know much about her family, and Tyler knows about that, and that’s information he’s going to bring in the episode.

JJJ: So Tyler is well aware that Hayley is carrying Klaus’ child, right? Or do we see him learn that?

MT: Tyler is aware of everything. When he shows up, he’s going full speed. He’s got a plan and he knows what he’s doing. It’s almost like Tyler’s turned dark, you know what I mean? But we understand why and we know what he’s been through, so we don’t hate Tyler, but we know his intentions and he makes it very clear.

JJJ: Is it fun playing that darker side of him?

MT: I enjoy it, yeah. It’s always fun because, like with this episode, Michael Narducci wrote the episode, and Tyler for once is the A-storyline. There’s a lot of Tyler in this episode and it’s going to be a sight to see.

JJJ: We know that Klaus is immortal and also Tyler’s sire, so what’s his plan of attack? Does he have one?

MT: We know the consequences if Klaus dies. But it’s kind of like Tyler’s just going for broke.

JJJ: Klaus has plenty of enemies in the French Quarter. Will Tyler use that to his advantage?

MT: Yep, absolutely.

JJJ: At this point, it’s public knowledge that Klaus has feelings for Caroline. Does that factor into any of this?

MT: It’s not a big part of the episode really because that’s not part of the agenda. Tyler is aware of what Klaus’ master plan is and he’s trying to ruin that plan.

JJJ: Did it feel any different being on The Originals set compared to the TVD one?

MT: It’s fun because they are both in Atlanta. It’s definitely it’s own show. It has a different tone to it and it’s very mature. That’s why I was super psyched to hop over there and act with those guys.

JJJ: Will we see Tyler stick around for a while?

MT: I would say that he’s going to stick around New Orleans for more than one episode, yeah. But I will also say I don’t think that’s the last time you’ll see Tyler in Mystic Falls.

JJJ: Good to know! So who would you say is your favorite scene partner?

MT: I always work with Candice and we work well together. But I think because we’re best friends, when I have scenes with Zach Roerig, it’s a good day. But it’s also a longer day because we just goof off.

JJJ: Matt still has the deed to Tyler’s house, so I’m sure we’ll see them reunite at some point…

MT: When and if Tyler’s ever done with his plan and what he wants to do, you would think Tyler would go back to his home. So yeah, I think we’ll see those two kind of…bonding again. Maybe they will have a future (laughs).

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