'The Originals' Recap: Tyler & Klaus Face Off!

'The Originals' Recap: Tyler & Klaus Face Off!


Tyler (Michael Trevino) paid a little visit to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) during tonight’s (November 12) episode of The Originals.

The two got into an epic face-off after Tyler kidnapped Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) as part of a bigger plan to exact his revenge.

Meanwhile, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) stayed by her side, and Rebekah (Claire Holt) met up with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

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Marcel hosts a fight night that allows the vampires to compete for a daylight ring, but really, it’s mostly for his own amusement. Of course, it’s not long before Klaus and Elijah crash the party demanding to know what he did with Hayley. Strangely enough, he doesn’t have her. Next thing you know, we see her tied up in a car trunk, being driven by none other than Tyler Lockwood! He literally carries her out like a monster, revenge in his eyes, and it’s glorious.

He brings her to some remote part of Louisiana that just so happens to be where her family used to live. Tyler did his homework and tells her that the birthmark on her shoulder means that she came from a big-shot family. Though, they are all in hiding because of the vampire population.

Tyler’s also been busy gathering information about Klaus and is well aware of the baby hybrid growing inside Hayley. He uses her to test a theory – that her baby’s blood can help create a hybrid army, which is something they are sure Klaus is privy to. He tests it on a random werewolf, and what do you know, it works.

Eventually, the Original brothers find Tyler’s car and figure out he’s in town. (“This vehichle reaks of someone I thought I was rid of.”) Klaus fills Elijah in on the details of what went down in Mystic Falls last year (going after Caroline, killing his mother, etc.).

Elijah soon comes in and saves the day thanks to a locator spell and a willing witch. Klaus calls him out for wanting to impress Hayley, and it’s clear he’s a little jealous. Elijah accuses Klaus of knowing about the baby’s ability to create hybrids and Klaus is clearly hurt by the accusation. So he does what he normally does to solve problems, he bites his own brother! We all know Elijah can’t die, even from a werewolf bite, but it should make for one heck of a painful time.

Klaus eventually confronts Tyler and they go at it in an all-out brawl. “Caroline’s never going to stop hating you,” Tyler tells him. Ouch! Klaus nearly rips his heart out, but realizes that letting him live in fear is a far greater punishment. Little does he know…

Meanwhile, Marcel confronts Josh and figures out that he’s being compelled by Klaus. He enlists Davina to get rid of the compulsion, which she seemingly does. They become friends of some sort, and she doesn’t make him forget her like Marcel told her to, something that will probably come back to haunt her.

Rebekah attacks Marcel for taking Hayley, but she soon realizes it wasn’t him. He brings her to his “garden,” the place where he lets his backstabbing vampires rot. The foundation is from a house he started building for them to live in, way back before she left town with Klaus and was stuffed in a box for a century. He wants her to turn on Klaus, but she’s reluctant, obviously. Later on, Klaus tells Rebekah he bit Elijah and needs her to do his dirty work now. Klaus knows about Rebekah’s “private chats” with Marcel and he’s none too happy about it. This just might be what she needs to join Marcel in his plan to bury her brother.

Before leaving the bayou, Hayley finds a bible that is full of names. She realizes that one of them – “Andrea” – might actually be hers since they share the same birthdate.

In the last scene, we see that Tyler has not fled town like Klaus told him to. In fact, he’s sits in front of Marcel and offers up a vital piece of information – that Hayley is carrying Klaus’ baby, a hybrid who threatens the entire vampire species. Uh oh!

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