Zac Efron Breaks Jaw After Falling at Home

Zac Efron Breaks Jaw After Falling at Home

Sending all our well wishes to Zac Efron!

First reported by EOnline, can confirm that the 25-year-old actor broke his jaw after slipping on a puddle of water at the entrance of his home over the weekend.

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Zac had to have his jaw wired shut and his fall required some stitcheds but is expected to be just fine.

Upcoming promo plans for his new movie, That Awkward Moment, have also been put on hold. The movie is set to release in the new year.

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  • IMO

    Poor baby. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Much love to you always.

  • lillian

    OMG, I feel terrible for laughing but It is kind of funny. Not for him. It must hurt like hell. Poor him….. But I couldn’t help but laugh. Sorry Zac

  • sharona

    @lillian There is NOTHING funny about a broken jaw. If you can laugh at that, I have a hilarious pic for you, of someone shoving a kitten down the garbage disposal in the sink!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Zac. Get well soon, honey. Love you!

  • OK

    Love you Zac hope you feel better soon.

  • Mll

    I seriously hope that this is actually what happened and that he hasn’t relapsed again.

  • hahaha

    I agree with MII

  • IMO

    @Mll: please don’t speculate it’s bad enough that he was so hurt , rumors are not going to help the situation. Let’s just hope he has a speedy recovery and is a fast healer.

  • Ella

    Awww.. Sad. Please get better soon, Zachary. :*

  • OK

    At least for now let’s just pray for him and accept what his Team says happened.

  • claudia

    @sharona: calm down. i mean i personally didnt laugh “haha” but its a weird/funny thing to happen cuz ive never heard of anyone slipping in a puddle and breaking their jaw especially to this extreme. but i wish him well. my friends brother broke his thumb in a sport and she laughed her head off and so did he. i suppose everyone reacts differently to situations.

  • NBTT

    @claudia: Oh maybe it’s sounds funny for you when I tell you, that not long ago a 9 year old kid drowned in puddle here in the country where I live. I’m sure the parents of the kid found that hilarious. They can go to the cemetery to visit their child now.

    Not much is needed to cause something with very bad consequences.

  • OK

    Zac could of been carrying something and slipped and hit that or a few steps. I’m sure his team will let us know.

  • OK

    I’m sure @Claudia meant no harm in what she said. Everyone reacts different to different situations. I believe I have only seen @claudia speak good of Zac in all the posts I’ve seen.

  • Lawrence

    Get well soon babe, I’ll be your nurse anytime!*heh*.

  • claudia

    @NBTT: you see you are taking what i said out of context. drowning in a puddle is different to slipping on a puddle. i said the background/circumstances of how the event happened was quite weird/funny so why are you taking what i said so seriously? i assume it was a small puddle not a big one like the one you described the child fell in my goodness no need to attack. i said that people react differently to certain circumstances but you have gone way to the extreme my friend – too extreme.

  • Disney17

    Probably slipped doing coke.

  • Phliss

    Jesus People! Not need to exaggerate! He slipped in a puddle and broke his jaw. IT is kind of funny, I bet even he is laughing now. I slipped last year and broke my arm, hurt like hell. Then I was laughing for a month.Because, I broke my arm slipping in a Freaking puddle. Embarrassing.

    The situation IS funny. The injury is NOT. But not need to get so over dramatic with kittens drowning or people dying. Come on!

  • claudia

    @Phliss: Exactly! Thats my point thank you for clarifying. The injury is not funny at all – its the circumstances in which he gained that injury. I’m just glad to hear he is ok. Sorry about your arm by the way, I haven’t broken anything yet but it sounds awfully painful.

  • Haleiwa Holly

    Zac: I hope you feel better. Speedy recovery to you.
    It’s going to bite when you have to get your food through a straw.
    Come back to us soon.

  • E.k.

    All the best of wishes to him.

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