'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Who Died in 'Death & the Maiden'?

'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Who Died in 'Death & the Maiden'?

Tonight’s episode (November 14) of The Vampire Diaries changed everything, literally. And it was a doppelganger party!

All three – Elena, Katherine, and Amara (Nina Dobrev) – came together as Tessa (Janina Gavankar) performed a game-changing spell as a favor to Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

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Meanwhile, Stefan (Paul Wesley) was determined to kill his own doppelganger Silas and end his suffering for good.

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Stefan’s memories are back and he is determined to kill Silas, even threatening to turn off his humanity. Silas wants to die with Amara, since she is the anchor to the other side and they can spend eternity together. But, Damon has a plan. He asks Tessa to make Bonnie the anchor, that way Bonnie can interact with the living again, and Amara and Silas will be forced apart forever while he rots in supernatural limbo.

Tessa gets all three Nina doppelgangers together to perform the spell, but of course, they are interupted by Silas. He takes Tessa, so Stefan takes Amara as collateral. Silas shows up to say his goodbyes to his love and she tells him she is ready to die. Just as he starts to slash her neck, Stefan stops him and kills him. Amara tries to kill herself to be with him, but Damon shows up and feeds her his blood, begging her to stay awake just long enough for Tessa to finish the spell.

Luckily, she does. Jeremy is also in the middle of telling Bonnie he loves her when he realizes he can feel her again. She’s back – and she’s officially the anchor to the other side now. She reunites with Elena and Caroline in a very teary scene.

Meanwhile, Katherine is dying now that she’s mortal and the cure no longer runs in her veins. Her daughter Nadia still wants a relationship with her, but she’s not interested. She asks Tessa to help her stop from dying, and she agrees. But after she makes Bonnie the anchor, she is no longer interested in helping people prolong their lives. She slices her own wrists, killing herself. She also has bad news for Bonnie once she’s dead – every supernatural death will pass through her, and it won’t be fun.

Stefan and Elena have an intense conversation now that Silas is dead, and he admits, he was expecting her and Damon to save him from the quarry. But they didn’t, and he’s still hurting because of it. As he buries Silas, he drops to the ground. It’s not over. (What is happening?!?)

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