'X Factor' Interview: Sweet Suspense on Competition, Simon Cowell, & More!

'X Factor' Interview: Sweet Suspense on Competition, Simon Cowell, & More!

Check out this brand new interview with X Factor finalists Sweet Suspense!

The girls – Summer Reign, 17, Celine Polenghi, 16, and Millie Thrasher, 14 – each auditioned as solo artists and were put together into a group by judge Simon Cowell, the man also responsible for forming One Direction, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony!

JJJ caught up with Sweet Suspense to chat about what it’s like being on the show, how they bonded over the weeks, what they like to do for fun, and more!

The X Factor airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on Fox! To vote for the girls, visit TheXFactorUSA.com!

Click inside to read our interview with Sweet Suspense…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Sweet Suspense

JustJaredJr: Hi Girls! So how did you adjust once you were put into a group together? Any fun outings or bonding moments?

Sweet Suspense: We adjusted pretty quickly actually! We spend every single moment we can with each other! We actually lived together for a month right after becoming a group and we were able to learn so much about each other. We learned we have a lot in common, like loving old TV shows and music and reading and of course BOYS, and our differences compliment each other. Our relationship was sturdy from the start, very sister-hood like. We have lots of fun outings and bonding moments, but one of our favorites was attending the We Can Survive benefit concert and seeing Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles, and Ellie Goulding perform. This concert was so fun and completely inspired us!

JJJ: So far your song choices have been from all different genres. What goes into deciding which song to take on?

SS: A lot of thought and compromise goes into picking song choices. We make lists of songs we would love to perform and then narrow it down to a few that we want to try out. We collaborate with Simon and he always has great song ideas for us. Ultimately, Simon makes the final choice for which song we will perform each week.

JJJ: Which artists/groups do you look up to in the industry? Do you have the same musical tastes?

SS: Each of us has different favorite artists which is really cool because we introduce each other to new music, but we also like much of the same music and many of the same artists. Summer’s favorites are Tori Kelly and Justin Timberlake, Millie’s favorites are Katy Perry and Beyonce, and Celine’s favorite artists are Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.

JJJ: You’ve met some pretty big names already (including the judges!). Have you been starstruck yet?

SS: It is such an honor to have met and worked with the judges! We have all looked up to them and respect each of them so much. We all love Simon and are so grateful for his guidance and direction. Kelly Rowland is an icon and part of one of the biggest girl groups of all time. She always takes the time to give us constructive criticism and advice. We are all HUGE Demi [Lovato] fans, so meeting her was crazy! We fan-girled inside but kept our composure. Paulina [Rubio] is a sweetheart. She is always so kind and funny.

JJJ: What’s been the biggest surprise about being on the show so far?

SS: The biggest surprise has been the mentality of it all. We have to have strong minds to get through each week because we take on a lot. Also, it is incredible how close the contestants become. It’s easy to assume that the contestants would be enemies because this is a competition, but in fact, we are all great friends and we motivate and encourage each other!

JJJ: What do your friends and family back home think about this whirlwind?

SS: We are blessed with the most amazing families, friends, and fans! They understand how much each of us want to succeed as a group in this industry and they are completely supportive! We are so grateful for them!

JJJ: What’s it like practicing, performing, and going to school all at the same time? How do you stay focused?

SS: It’s very hard to stay focused but each of us value our education so we assure we maintain our grades while working hard to keep up with the demands of the show. Continuing to remind ourselves that singing and performing as a group is what we want to do as a career is great reinforcement to stay focused. As a group, we also continue to remind ourselves that we’re three teenage girls in the Top 12 of The X Factor USA…we’re supposed to have fun!!!

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time (other than music, of course)?

SS: We all love to read, go to movies, watch funny videos online, and hang out with each other and other friends and our families. Also, Millie loves going to dance classes, Celine loves to draw, and Summer enjoys movie marathons with her brothers!

JJJ: Who would you consider you biggest competition right now and why?

SS: Everyone in the competition is our biggest competition. Everyone at this point is so incredible, so now it’s up to America!

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