'Catching Fire' Interview: Willow Shields on Jennifer Lawrence, Filming Memories, & More!

'Catching Fire' Interview: Willow Shields on Jennifer Lawrence, Filming Memories, & More!

Check out this new JJJ interview with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Willow Shields!

The 13-year-old actress is back for the sequel as Primrose Everdeen, on-screen sister to Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss.

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During this latest installment, Prim helps her mother tend to patients – including Gale (Liam Hemsworth) – as Katniss tries to please the Capitol, who threatens Prim’s life if Katniss doesn’t prove her love for Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

Don’t forget – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 22!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Willow Shields

JustJaredJr: Hi Willow! So what made you want to be an actor? How did you get your start?

Willow Shields: I was living in New Mexico and the film industry was booming then, and there were a lot of movies filming there. So I decided to try out.

JJJ: Did you move to L.A. after that?

WS: I’m still living in New Mexico actually.

JJJ: Oh, cool! Are you still in school?

WS: I’m home-schooled actually, so it makes it a lot easier. I can read stuff on my own pace, but of course, I still have to do a lot of school stuff.

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time?

WS: I like going to dance classes. That’s my hobby. I take hip-hop, ballet, modern dance, so that’s kind of my thing.

JJJ: So when you first auditioned for The Hunger Games, was “Mockingjay” released yet? Did you know your character’s fate?

WS: I was actually in the middle of reading the first book when I got the audition. So I didn’t finish all of the books until after the audition.

JJJ: Do you think there’s more pressure when you’re doing a movie based on such a beloved book series?

WS: There’s a little bit more to it just because I want to please the fans because they are dedicated to the books and movies. So for me, it is a little bit of pressure, but also, the fans are amazing and so sweet. They love the first movie, which is great. I’m super excited for them to see the second.

JJJ: Have you seen the final cut of the film?

WS: I have, actually. I’m very happy with it. It’s incredible.

JJJ: Are you comfortable seeing yourself on the big screen at this point? Is it easy for you to watch yourself?

WS: I hate it (laughs). I’m still not used to it yet. It’s kind of strange.

JJJ: I think it’s safe to say the whole world is in love with Jennifer Lawrence. What’s it like working with her so closely, and is everything everyone says about her true? Is she really that awesome?

WS: Yeah, she’s totally a jokester. She’s really fun on set. She’s super sweet and down to earth. She’s great to work with and you couldn’t ask for someone better to hang out with and do what you love together. It’s really great.

JJJ: Where are you in filming Mockingay at this point? We’ve seen a few set photos.

WS: We haven’t really started yet, pre-production kind of thing. We’re in Atlanta – at least I’m filming in Atlanta. I’m not really sure everyone else is.

JJJ: Who would you say you bonded with most on the Catching Fire set?

WS: Jen, of course. We’re like best friends on set and that’s really fun. But you know, I got to hang out with Liam more, which is really fun and I got to know him better.

JJJ: Gale is very protective of Prim too. We love that!

WS: Exactly. I love it too!

JJJ: Do you have a favorite memory from filming?

WS: No…I don’t think so. I probably won’t even at the end. I think every day is so much fun on set, so I don’t know. Usually the first day is really fun, but I’m usually kind of a little bit nervous. I don’t know. I can’t say I have a favorite.

JJJ: What are your fan encounters like? Do you get recognized a lot in Albuquerque?

WS: Sometimes it’s a little bit awkward, honestly (laughs). Once they say hi to you, they don’t know what to say, they don’t know what to do. You have to encourage them to say something. It’s interesting. Everyone is really sweet though.

JJJ: Of course, we have to ask – Team Peeta or Team Gale?

WS: I’ve always said, I’m Team Katniss all the way!

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