Is Rachel Berry Getting a New Boyfriend on 'Glee'?

Is Rachel Berry Getting a New Boyfriend on 'Glee'?

If what happened during tonight’s episode of Glee is any indication to the future of the show, it appears that Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) may have a new love interest in sight!


Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) made a trip to New York City to look at some colleges and think about their future.

Of course, while in the Big Apple, they also stopped by to visit Rachel, Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Santana (Naya Rivera). During the visit, it started to look like Rachel may have eyes for Sam! Later in the episode, she coordinated a photo shoot to help his modeling career and even oiled up his shirtless body!

Finally, after convincing him not to give up on his dream, Rachel danced around the apartment with Sam and everyone in the room seemed to notice the chemistry between the pair!

DO YOU THINK that Rachel and Sam make a cute couple?

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  • Bianka

    I’m glad Rachel is getting a new lover. Sam is sweet and kind.

  • Shari

    No, I am in no way okay with Rachel getting a new love interest. Especially Sam of all people. How could the writers think Rachel would just move on so fast? Rachel doesn’t need to find a new love interest. She needs to work on herself.

  • SayQue

    It is way too early for this. Sam was great with Brittany. This just seems stupid

  • Amy

    Can they kill off Sam or send him to Narnia please? what a waste. Rachel is too good.

  • Jen

    I still want Sam with Quinn. I’m not over Fabrevans and Finchel.
    I think Rachel doesn’t need anyone, she is a strong women and she doesn’t need to always have a boyfriend…
    And Quinn needs to get back on the show for at least two episodes and be with Sam, please.
    Now, this is my opinion. If you don’t like it, well, it’s not my fault. :)
    Bye <3

  • ukcat1

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachael does not need anyone as non intellectual as Sam. Besides its too early and the next boyfriend does not need to tie her to Lima.

  • http://Google Kylie

    Omg I can’t believe the writers wrote this I’m happy for Rachel she deserves a nice person like Sam,after all she’s been through losing Finn and everything. In my opinion more moments should happen with Sam and Rachel on Glee. Yay Samchel.

  • gio

    This is dumb. It’s too easy. Seems like they have just given up all hope for the show. When she moves on, it should be with a new person.

  • matt

    Please no! Sam didn’t have any good pairings! He has little or none chemastry with women, Mercedes at the bast. I”m not even a Finchel shipper and I can’t take the fact that Rachel would move on. WITH SAM OF ALL THE PEOPLE! That’s dumb. Srlsy.

  • stark102

    what the hell… when i thought glee just couldn’t get WORSE! Why they don’t just bring Brittany or Mercedes to Sam?? Or ler him be with that girl Penny? LEAVE RACHEL ALONE! She has to focus on her Broadway career. RYAN IS A FUCKING SEXIST.

  • Jen

    Already? what are the writers thinking? rachel and finn were portrayed to have been in love and were supposed to live their lives together. yes, she can move on, everyone has to but his death just happened.
    wrong move glee writers.
    just as well though, the 6th season will be the last one.

  • bart

    they are disgusting together.please nooooo

  • gllek

    This feels really forced.. Honestly, it’s been three episodes since Finn’s death and I think for now, Rachel needs her mourning period. Tis doesn’t mean that she needs to be constantkly upset but she needs to have her space. It’s way too soon and it makes me cringe that Glee decided to put them together so, so soon. And seriously, sam was one of Finn’s closest friends.
    No, this doesn’t owrk. Rachel honestly should not get any particular romantic interests until i reckon at least a season later.. Its so wrong. :(

  • Clara

    LOVE IT! Finn and Sam have a lot of the same qualities. Both played Quarterback, both were not A+ students, both didn’t choose college, both are nice, and more. I like this idea.

  • http://none myra

    Word on the HW street is that Chord and Lea are becoming more than just friends in real life as well.

    Lea had her publicist push to People mag how she’s not ready tot start dating again, just to get the attention away from her and Chord. No big deal Chord was there when Lea had her most important day in life, shooting her videoshoot at the crack of dawn…?

    Not suprised that Lea and Ryan decided to use this in Glee as well. Prepare yourself for a new Hollywood couple…

  • http://none Lynn

    OMG…..Lea and Chord
    I think I need time to deal with this!!!!!

    JustJared can you please tell me if this news about Lea and Chord being a couple is true? We didn’t catch on when Lea and Cory first started dating, so maybe we are missing this as well????

  • LALa

    Sam is not a good fit for Rachel. She should date someone new, smarter, good hearted, loyal, and hotter. Bring back Jessie St. James or Puck, if you must use old connects to spice up Rachel’s love life.