New 'Vampire Academy' Trailer - Watch Now!

New 'Vampire Academy' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out the new trailer for Vampire Academy, out on February 14th, 2014!

“The fans were really upset that I don’t have big boobs. That was a huge issue for them,” star Zoey Deutch, 19, recently shared about the fans reaction to her casting as Rose Hathaway. “Hopefully they can get over it, but it was a genuine problem.”

She added, “It is a little intrusive, certainly, that they all of a sudden feel like they have permission to pick apart my physical being. I see all these things and it kinda just doesn’t affect me that much, honestly. That’s maybe even more worrisome than being affected by it. I just expect certain things. I know this is going to happen. I understand why it happens.”

Watch the new trailer below!

“Vampire Academy” Trailer
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  • Lena

    Awesome! Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day!
    Also, as the trailer shows, Zoey does have a great body, she should give herself more credit!

  • Fan Girl

    Amazing!!! Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  • Lauren

    She is perfect as Rose! <3

  • karen

    this looks so awful, did they have any bidget at all?? and the cast is ugly. this will obviously flop

  • emily

    anyone would be better as rose than zoey. she’s not that talented or that pretty. idk what happened with this production, i was kinda excited at first but then they announced the cast and i was disappointed, and the trailers just confirmed what i feared. this looks like just another cheesy high school movie, the only difference being that theyre vampires. i’ll just stick to the books, i wont be seeing this. maybe someday theyll do this right, with different cast and crew

  • diana

    zoey is the worst

  • Bertha

    I think that the trailer is awesome and so are the cast. I used to think that Zoey was wrong for Rose and that Jennifer Lawrence and her should’ve swapped parts and movies but now i think Zoey makes a great Rose and Jennifer makes a great Katniss. The cast for VA is amazing and i totally can’t wait for the movie. This trailer is WAY better than the first one and i think that everyone should stop sulking over the cast and just enjoy the movie. It’s better than not having a movie at all so just stop sulking and watch it when it comes out. Zoey you’re a great girl and you look perfect in the movie, just by looking at the trailer i can already see that you will make an amazing Rose and you deserve the part.

  • stupid Diana

    zoey is the best!!!

  • i love this

    Zoey will be an amazing Rose.

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