Vanessa Hudgens: 'Gimme Shelter' Trailer - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Gimme Shelter' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out Vanessa Hudgens in the brand new trailer for Gimme Shelter!

Based on a true story, the movie centers on pregnant 16-year-old Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Hudgens) through the struggle for survival and the hope of redemption through the harsh realities of life on the streets.

As a pregnant teenager, Apple’s journey plummets her into a perilous struggle until finding salvation in a suburban shelter for homeless teens. With provisions of unprecedented comfort, a collective sisterhood connection and female empowerment, the shelter elevates Apple to break the shackles of her past and inspires her to embrace the future with clarity, maturity and hope not only for herself but her unborn child.

Also starring Brendan Fraser and Rosario Dawson, Gimme Shelter opens in select theaters on January 24th.

“Gimme Shelter” Trailer
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Lola @ 5:15 pm on 11/25/2013

not her best……………….. OBVIOUSLY.

next time V*** next time…

claudia @ 5:20 pm on 11/25/2013

@Lola: lol how is this not her best? the only other indie she done was frozen ground and i think this will def top that. what other movies have displayed true potential apart from her recent indies?
i think it looks great.

Caitlin @ 5:28 pm on 11/25/2013

I love it..I’m excited for it!!! :)

CAROL DONATO @ 5:48 pm on 11/25/2013

OMG, she just KILLED IT! I’m so excited to see this movie… Congratulations, Vanessa. You surprised me!

IMO @ 6:01 pm on 11/25/2013

WOW! Amazing transformation she definitely left her ego at the door and brought her raw emotions. I had no idea this was based on a true story and Vanessa even in this short trailer brings it. So proud of her willingness to take chances . It’s looks great and I can’t wait to see it and her future work. Well done

George @ 6:02 pm on 11/25/2013

My Queen I’m crying right now, it’s so good. Love you

George @ 6:03 pm on 11/25/2013

i forgot you look beautiful even when you try not to.

Dannilyn @ 6:03 pm on 11/25/2013

She killed it , so proud!

Damnnnn @ 6:04 pm on 11/25/2013

Hot , she plays a good toughie.

Sarah @ 6:05 pm on 11/25/2013

Didn’t think she had it in her. Have to admit it was good.

Sarah @ 6:05 pm on 11/25/2013

@Lola: Are you cray cray?

Will @ 6:06 pm on 11/25/2013

Looks good and I didn’t recognize Hudgens at all.

Will @ 6:06 pm on 11/25/2013

Or Rosario Dawson what the heck did they do to these people?

Lana @ 6:07 pm on 11/25/2013

Love her , great job!

Brianne @ 6:08 pm on 11/25/2013

I agree I didn’t think she had it in her. she was Amazing

Amber @ 6:08 pm on 11/25/2013

I’m so excited to see this.

muse @ 6:15 pm on 11/25/2013

This looks beyond amazing. The transformation she had to go through really pulled off. I honestly think she did her best work here, and this is just a trailer. People are gonna shoot her down and that’s just because they’re the small minded people who didn’t expect anything from her. But I think she’s proving to be more than that Disney kid, or the girl who dated Zac Efron or had a nude scandal. All she’s done is prove more and more to me and her fans that she’s more than those things. She is always referenced to something else, but finally people will just see her as Vanessa and it’s about time. Yeah, she’s worked her way to the more gritty emotional roles, which was the best step in her career and not just head on into the dramas without a process, she’s worked hard and as a fan, couldn’t ask for more or be more amazed by her.
The film looks raw and beautiful. I think the look and depth of her voice is helping towards the roughness of her character. Can’t wait to see it :)

(No bad ill towards Zac)

paulo @ 6:16 pm on 11/25/2013

the trailer makes it look a bit cliche but i assure u it is not

claudia @ 6:21 pm on 11/25/2013

@muse: yep her transformation truly is phenomenal and selfless. im not gonna lie i already look sleep deprived and worn out so to add makeup to make me look worse is a no no. it only has one reviewer commenting on it, but although people say thats a bad sign im pretty sure it hasnt even been reviewed properly yet so its still quite fresh on the market. overtime we will hear more about people who saw it at the screening.

lola @ 6:46 pm on 11/25/2013

This doesn’t look good. I expected more

ina @ 6:53 pm on 11/25/2013

@lola: i respect ur view, but i hope u still watch it :)

chris @ 7:17 pm on 11/25/2013

fail :/

lily @ 7:34 pm on 11/25/2013

i have a love hate relationship with this trailer since its amazing but it literally says the whole story.

daisy @ 7:19 am on 11/26/2013

go get it gurl go get it, theres already ppl saying she can get oscar buzz who wouldve thought?

Rosalie @ 9:06 am on 11/26/2013

This is really good. Not a movie I would watch, but I can tell she put her all into this role. I use to think her acting skills were so average, but taking on this role proves otherwise. This will be a great movie and her true acting skills will definitely shine through this movie. Great job Vanessa!

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