Vanessa Hudgens on HSM Reunion: 'It's An Excuse For Us All To See Each Other'

Vanessa Hudgens on HSM Reunion: 'It's An Excuse For Us All To See Each Other'

Vanessa Hudgens opened up about the upcoming and much talked about High School Musical Reunion, organized by co-star Monique Coleman.

“She gave me a call and she was like, ‘Would you like to that? Is this something that interests you?’ and I was like, ‘Yes, yes, and yes,’” Vanessa, 24, dished to EOnline.

She continued, “Me and Ashley [Tisdale] had always joked around about having a High School Musical reunion. And we all love each other. We had the most amazing time of our lives together. To be able to come back after five years now, it’ll be a really amazing thing. We’re trying to set a date.”

Vanessa jokingly added, “”It’s just an excuse for all of us to see each other, really.”

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  • anney
  • claudia

    jared is so weird sometimes he will post this pointless article but he wont post the trailer. like when she got awards for GS and FG but he never posted it.

  • Where is troy

    Well since they went out way to post a pic without Zac I guess he is not going to attend no matter what date it is. that is not a good PR move on his part. Even though he may think it’s dumb to have a reunion his fans will miss him and I just hope it’s not because he thinks he is too good for this. Not cool

  • IMO

    Just Jill I don’t know why you wouldn’t post a pic with the whole cast that is just wrong. No matter who attends or not there was six main characters and you have no idea if all the cast can still attend since the date was changed. Aside from that Vanessa’s comments which were very charming and it seems that since she included the whole cast in her comments you should have posted a pic of all of them. We won’t know who will be able to show or not until there is a date given.

    BTW Vanessa was amazing in that trailer from “Gimme Shelter “and I had no idea it was based on a true story. Well done and her transformation was incredible she definitely left her ego at the door.

  • What a laugh

    He is suppose to be working & when news of this was first released it was during that time when he knew was going to conflict with his work schedule. Even Monique tweeted to tell him she understood and now much she would always love him. Does that sound like he thinks he is too good? In one of his last interviews he defended HSM and how much it meant to him and how he would never have anything back to say about those movies or never be ashamed, etc. he pointed out how important those movies were yo so many. Does THAT sound like he feels he is too good? Some people just want to make Zac look bad. The problem is, is the fact that Zac’s in far more demand when it comes to his career than any one of the others in this group.

  • What a laugh

    My last comment was directed to @Where is Troy.

  • IMO

    @What a laugh: I agree but I didn’t want to single him out since we have no idea what will happen now , until there is a date.
    Zac will be very busy with promotion this year and you are right he has never said a bad word against HSM only gratefulness so it’s my guess time will tell. I just didn’t like them (JJJ) posting a pic without the main Wildcat. Petty and trying to cause trouble if you ask me.

  • What a laugh

    @IMO, but the main thing is as you said when this event was first announced it was a date that Zac knew he was suppose to be working and now this event has changed for some reason. But it burns me when there are those who will want to play that “I’m too good card” against him. JJjr is posting a thread from Vanessa who supposededly is so excited but when this first came up she was the last to accept and according to several people her acceptance was not all that exciting. It seemed she was doing it because she couldn’t do anything else. And to me, if anyone of these people really wanted to see each other they could have since they all do actually live in LA pretty close to each other.

  • IMO

    @What a laugh: I think the point is that it was a gimmick to raise money for a particular charity. I have a feeling that some of these co stars were coerced into saying yes. Advised to so they wouldn’t look bad to fans. Since some do have more obilgations than others. Zac of coarse is the busiest of them all and I personally did not think it was time for this reunion for any of them . But since it was a go then they really had no other way to answer. Zac did have an excuse and a good one, then his injury compounded that but now he will be put in a spot so to speak if he has no promos, no filming , if he is healed, etc. He will have to go just not to look bad. Just as maybe the others were put in that spot as well. As far as the order I feel it was all set up for anticipation in the order to lead up to Vanessa and then lastly Zac. I really believe Zac would have been the first one asked since he really is the most important member of the cast and the one that would bring in the most donations. Since he had commitments for that time period they just went ahead. Now it’s up in the air and who knows maybe some other cast members will have to bow out if they get work. It has nothing to do with the way they feel about HSM I’m sure they all feel fond of the time (and each other) but as they grow older and some just don’t have the time its not fair to judge them for not attending reunions charity or not.

  • Haters Suck!

    Focus on the people who will be there not the person who won’t be.

  • oH GOSH

    I think people put too much thought into this, more so then the people actually involved. Don’t break a nail worrying about this stuff!

  • Chels

    @oH GOSH: Thank you! I totally agree! there’s no need to treat this like a criminal case.

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