Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: UPS Pick Up Pair

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: UPS Pick Up Pair

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler keep warm in the cool weather while stopping by a local UPS store in New York City on Saturday afternoon (November 30).

The couple picked up a couple of packages from the delivery service and headed over to the pharmacy.

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“Finished this #HarlequinKISS book on my flight from LA to NY. Awwe “Mistletoe Not Required”… Now I’m excited for the holidays! #GuiltyPleasure,” Vanessa posted up on her official Tumblr.


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  • OK

    The hottie and the cutie .

  • IMO

    They are adorable, I read where they are very involved with their church and they helped feed people on Thanksgiving. Doing that will build character and make life more meaningful for them individually and as a couple.

  • yets

    i love them.

  • Lawrence

    Happy to see the kids out and about, they make such a sweet couple. I hope they continue to endure despite all the hater bs, I know it gnaws at they’re very core seeing them still together but hey thats life. They need to deal with it like adults or at least to instead of resorting to childish name calling and other stupid uncalled for remarks.

  • claudia

    @Lawrence: they seem to bring out the best in each other i heard they were helping out for thanksgiving for charities or something and vanessa was singing at church. i know it sounds silly but they are like one of those holy couples who can do no wrong it just gets better.

  • Gloria

    I am a parishiner of the church they ‘claim’ to attend. Why they’re pr would use our church or any other to make them ‘appear’ Christlike is beyond anyone’s comprehension. No singing was done from either of them. The two times they came w camera men. Being sultry didn’t work for her now she’s using God. I would think if they helped people there would b cameras there too, as they don’t care to b kind without them there. Several people were spoken to harshly by Vanessa. She insists to b near the camera men. It is all a sickness she has and this latest guy feeds her gluten for fame at any cost.

  • tina

    @Gloria: “Thy shall not convet thy neighbors goods or his life.” IT’S NOT ONLY BAD KARMA IT’S A SIN. They have attended this Church since they first moved to NYC, now you come with this? There are pictures and videos of her SINGING. Never in the two years they have been there have we gotten a photographers pictures of them at church.

  • claudia

    @Gloria: to some extent i understand if you were offended by them since they have some fame behind them and you wouldnt want to draw that to your church ..but i dont recall any paparazzi showing up to the church just a few pictures of her in the church no more than five i dont think. And there are pictures of her on the stage singing so I dont know if you missed that or you simply weren’t there watching. Im pretty sure even on Wikipedia it says Vanessa has been religious since childhood and sometimes you sway but ultimately where you feel you belong best you go to. For someone of a church claiming vanessa was mean you speak harshly about her. a bit hypocritical dont you think?

  • claudia

    If i thought what they was doing was wrong i would gladly say because im just that type of person, however there is nothing found yet proving that they are milking Christianity for publicity. If people come forward and say yeah they were offended and they brought cameras and all sorts then i will say what they done is wrong otherwise i see no fault.

  • IMO

    @Gloria: You sound so bitter and jealous . If your a Christian you would welcome everyone to your Church. You would pray for them if you had misgvings about their sincerity and hopefully you would see a change. Since your church asked her to sing with the worship team I have my doubts about you and that you are the only one who feels this way. Or maybe you don’t attend that church at all and you are a hater but whatever you are I will pray for yor bitteness to flee and that you will find peace in what is important and the is God.

  • Lawrence


    I totally agree, they seem to enjoy each other which is what love is all about. :)

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