Joe Jonas: Life After The Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas: Life After The Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas chats with NYMag about life after the Jonas Brothers in their new issue, on stands now.

The 24-year-old musician opens up about his relationships with his brothers, Nick and Kevin, former flame and friend Demi Lovato and the future. Check it:

On dating Demi: “One relationship that meant a lot to fans was the one I had with Demi Lovato, who I’ve known for years. We had been friends forever, we were both Disney kids, and because we played a couple in the Camp Rock Disney Channel specials—and fans liked seeing us together—we eventually dated for a month. I really got to know her and got to see the ins and outs of what she was struggling with, like drug abuse. I felt like I needed to take care of her, but at the same time I was living a lie, because I wasn’t happy but felt like I had to stay in it for her, because she needed help. I couldn’t express any of that, of course, because I had a brand to protect.”

On his brothers: “It made us closer, being in this strange juggernaut together. I’m the middle child, so I’ve always been the bridge. I can relate to both really well. Nick and I are athletic, we bond over sports. Kevin and I were always close, but we don’t see each other as much since he got married. We were just three brothers facing all this insanity together. Whenever any one of us got too cocky, we’d remind each other that this shit wasn’t handed to us, we’d remind each other of all the people who hated on us from the beginning, who didn’t believe we were any good. We used that as motivation to get us going and keep us going.”

On the band’s breakup: “Things came to a head when we had a meeting where we thought we were going to talk about how to release our new music and it ended up shifting into this huge fight. That was the first time we were really honest with one another about a lot of stuff we weren’t happy with. The fight got loud. I was screaming. When Nick presented the idea of closing a chapter and moving on, I freaked out. I didn’t know whether to pick up and leave or just punch something, because I was furious. I’d spent so long working with my brothers on this band, and in my mind, it felt like we were just giving up. It didn’t make sense to me. But once I started peeling back the layers, I understood. There were a lot of dysfunctional things going on.”

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  • Ella

    I’m sure that a lot of us who just read the whole article were totally speechless now. Just W-O-W. I never thought that Joe would do this. But I do thank him for being so honest. He had been holding back all this issues for all of his life. From being a role model as a Disney artist, to his past relationships, to the sh*ts that is happening behind the cam. And now, he just let it all out. I know, and he knows that he can’t please anyone especially for doing this. Naming names was surely hard to do, but he have to because it’s the truth. Guys smoking weeds is really a turn off for me. After knowing that Joe (my DREAM GUY ever since 2007) did that in an early age, I don’t know but it didn’t turned me off. Rather, him being honest made me to love him even more. I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU JOSEPH ADAM MILLER JONAS! <3

  • yes

    his an Idiot.

  • yes

    he’s not even honest,he just want attention.

  • Ray

    Low blow Jonas… The Demi bit was totally uncalled for and what’s more didn’t need to be bought up again. Everyone’s moved on and didn’t give a flying f*** about it!! but I’m sure she’s grateful you’ve reminded us of. And how your a total douche,

  • Joeblow

    Clearly, by the Wayne reacted to his younger brother and all the name-dropping he’s a pretty immature guy. Sad.

  • Joeblow

    Stupid auto correct .

    Meant way he reacted

  • lovebug

    Love him to death. I appreciate his honesty and I’m more excited than ever for him to pursue exactly what HE wants in the future.

    As for those who are bent about him mentioning some names in this article – get over it. He didn’t ~slam anyone and if you were completely unaware of some of the things he said then you haven’t been paying attention for the past five years.


    Wow!! he seems very honest with his feelings i wonder what he’s really thinking

  • claudia

    a lot of what he said in regards to disney and just the industry in general is true – but it will be dismissed at this point since he has been ranting a lot lately therefore disney will continue making kids fall of the wagon.

  • http://none kendra joy bethune

    so were back on this again from joesph jonas
    about demi like guy ritchie still loved madonna after the divorce now it’s joe’s turn to metion it again

  • leah

    the part that he said that only 10 year olds would laugh at the JONAS script… like duhhhhhh what did you expect dude? the disney channel is targeted for kids… if he wanted an older audience he should have signed up for a show that’s not on the disney channel

  • Steffani

    If you read the whole article, him mentioning Demi was totally not a douche move. The whole article is A LOT more than this little snippet. I admire him for opening up to the fans. I’m now 19 and the Jonas Brothers were literally my life when I was in middle school. It’s amazing to hear everything that went on behind the scenes. I’m also curious as to who he hooked up with in the back of the car :O But I figure that will be under-wraps forever.

  • Hello

    This guy is such an attention seeker, he honestly doesn’t have anything better to do now that their band has broken up and that Nick and Kevin are busy living their lives. This guy decides to reveal personal things about Demi and the rest of the disney cast… Why would he reveal to a magazine that he “wasn’t happy” with her but stayed because he had a “brand to protect”. What a straight up f*ggot

    Where’s Miley’s wrecking ball when you need it?

  • Jaded

    He didn’t say that you freakin creep! Your twisted Mind wouldn’t know squat if you put it in there! Where is your brain? Bozo!!

  • Jaded

    Oh! Shut Up!!

>>>>>>> staging1