Angie Miller: 'This Christmas Song' Lyric Video - Watch Now

Angie Miller: 'This Christmas Song' Lyric Video - Watch Now

Check out the new lyric video for Angie Miller‘s holiday tune, “This Christmas Song”!

The 19-year-old American Idol alum released the tune on iTunes earlier today, along with “O Holy Night”. Check them out!

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“Blown away by this. Honestly wasn’t expecting to chart.. Can’t thank you enough #Dreamers,” Angie tweeted after the track landed at #54 on the iTunes charts. Congrats, Angie!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Angie’s new holiday song?

Angie Miller – “This Christmas Song” Lyric Video
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  • xx

    the cover looks cheap like she quickly done it on paint

  • http://@tialakandula Tia Lakandula

    Thank you Just Jared Jr. for continuing to write about Angie Miller. We #dreamers appreciate it. Despite the lack of any promotion by American Idol (except on twitter by Angie and her #Dreamers), we are so thrilled that Angie’s This Christmas Song charted up to #49 on iTunes Pop charts and #143 on Overall charts. That is incredible considering that Angie is not on national TV at this time and had to compete with The Voice and X-Factor. Please know that we are always grateful for your posts on Angie and we hope that you will continue to support Angie in her career. Sincerely, #ProudDreamer

  • xa

    miley cyrus?

  • Danners

    Being critical about the cover is ridiculous. The cover is holiday festive in red and highlights Angie’s natural beauty. What IS important is the content… Angie show’s that she can both write and sing music that is commercially appealing. This was a great song to release at the holidays and should be very successful in spite of the fact that AI and Fox have done very little to promote a true talent. All of her fans (and I’m an old one at 55 years old) need to help spread the word about a true gem.

  • Tricia

    no. Just no. It’s awful.

  • Joenob

    Awesome! Gotta Love Angie Miller

  • Go fuck yourself


    Yep, your face really is.

  • http://@tialalakandula tialakandula


    If you look at this cover and the one for You Set Me Free, they were all taken during the same time which was immediately after Idol S12 ended. She has the same haircut, makeup and clothes. It’s the same for Candice’s 2 covers. Angie recorded This Christmas Song in just 2 days and released it soon after. I doubt she had time to do a photo shoot for a new cover so she’s just using what’s already available. Angie is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need to be photo-shopped. I pray that whoever does her future covers will let her natural beauty shine through. But whatever the cover looks like is immaterial, as you said what’s important is the quality of the song and the vocals, and Angie gets an A+ for both!

  • Danners

    Amen sister…. And she’s even better performing This Christmas Song live. Mama Tana’s videos from the concert with Michael W. Smith in Jacksonville showed just how superb her vocal skills are as well as her ability to hold her own when singing a duet with the legendary MWS. Tia, have a wonder Christmas… I’ve read some of your blogs. You are a very gifted writer.

  • carolyn

    It’s ok. Her songs seem to sound alike. I’m a fan, just not a huge one. I read a bit on her..seems to me “MamaTana” keeps popping up…photo bombs..singing over the phone to MWS. photos with “fans”..don’t ride the infamous coat tail Mama….let her shine on her own

  • Danners


    I don’t feel that Mama Tana is riding any coattails. I believe that she is helping Angie keep a real presence via social media while Angie is attempting to get signed. I think that Tana’s presence is key to keeping Angie’s fan base informed. She has posted a lot of videos that no one else has had access to. With Angie’s family and friends being active in social media, we are getting a 3 dimensional view of Angie’s journey… Mama Tana is the same as any other loving parent. We all do what we can to assist our kids reach their goals, even when they’re adults. That’s what love does!

  • Art montesa

    I have been waiting for Angie to come out with something – and this just blew me away. I don’t have I-Tunes, but I have Rhapsody and I heard it there first. Great Christmas songs only come once in a while. This one is. Go Angie!!!

  • Lisa

    I felt in loved with this song in one minute! Go, Go, Go, Angie!!!

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