'The Tomorrow People' Recap: What Did 'Thanatos' Reveal?

'The Tomorrow People' Recap: What Did 'Thanatos' Reveal?


We learned so much about The Tomorrow People’s past in tonight’s episode that our heads are still spinning!

While Cara (Peyton List) was busy getting into Jedikiah’s (Mark Pellegrino) mind, Stephen (Robbie Amell) and John (Luke Mitchell) set out to find Aldus Crick (Nicholas Young), a scientist who used to study The Tomorrow People, particularly Stephen’s father.

They are determined to find a safe place where TTP can hide from ULTRA, but does it exist? And did John really kill Roger?!?

“It’s all part of our experiments, which you’ll see in episode nine,” Nicholas told JJJ. “Is it a place? Is it a time? It’s somewhere totally safe where no normal human being would be able to find. It’s a mixture of time and place, I would say, and therefore very difficult to come across. It’s found at the point of death, hence the title ‘Thanatos,’ which is the Greek personification of ‘death.’ In it’s mythical context, it was capable of being cheated on occasion. And this is exactly what we set out to do. We set out to cheat death and find a safe haven for The Tomorrow People. But I think what went wrong is that Roger Price disappeared and I’m not sure what’s happened to him.”

As for ULTRA’s mission change, Nicholas told us, “That is of course a question I get asked by John in that ending scene – why has Jedikiah gone from loving to hating, effectively? I think there’s more to it than Aldus Crick gives away in that episode. He says he’s jealous because Roger had all the powers and he didn’t, but I also think there’s a question of resentment – because having introduced Roger to Crick, we then carry on doing all these experiments, Jedikiah is excluded because he has no special powers. I think he feels his nose is put out of joint because we don’t include him in what happens thereafter.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK about all the revelations in tonight’s episode?

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