Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, & Lorde: 2014 Grammy Nominees!

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, & Lorde: 2014 Grammy Nominees!

Major congrats are in order for a few of our favorite artists such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and newcomer Lorde!

It was announced earlier tonight that all three artists are nominated for 2014 Grammy Awards!

Taylor is nominated for four awards including Album of the Year, Best Country Song, and Best Country Album. Ed raked in two noms, including one for for Best New Artist.

Last but certainly not least, Lorde is nominated in four categories including Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

For a full list of 2014 Grammy Award Nominees, check out Just Jared:


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  • Araik Danielyan

    Congrats honey

  • xx

    lorde is so damn creepy with her pervy smile but shes so different thats why i kinda like her. but the grammys noms are a joke except for like 4.


    English Society has always been powered by this Triangle: the United Kingdom, US & Canada and Oceania. The other English speaking countries and regions have also significantly contributed a lot. But for MUSIC, you can not deny the power of this Triangle.

    Today (December 6, 2014), before Grammy Nomination Concert, I am sincerely proud to predict/introduce this Nu-Triangle to the whole world: Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran & Lorde are Nu-Triangle to brighten the whole music world, if not this year, then next year for sure.

    Taylor Swift is currently in Australia selling out concert by concert, breaking record by record. Tonight, from Australia, for the Grammy Nomination Concert, she will perform her award-winning prerecorded I Knew You Were Trouble. In February 2014, Taylor Swift will storm UK with 5 sold-out O2 concerts after winning couple of Grammy Awards. Nobody will under-estimate her star power.

    Tonight, Taylor’s BFF and superstar himself, brit Ed Sheeran, will be a presenter of Grammy Nomination Concert. I will not be surprised to see him winning awards by awards after he releases his second album in the spring 2014. I am just curious who will be the presenters.

    According to MTV, Oceanian Lorde, who “Rocks Out to Pop Royalty At Taylor Swift Gig” in her homeland New Zealand, will perform her number one hit “Royals” at Grammy Nomination Concert tonight. Do you still think her Metro Magazine interview was a Taylor Swift diss? Maybe? Her young age is her biggest advantage also her weakness. But never under-estimate a 16-year-old talented musician, do you remember THE Taylor Swift? Lorde, don’t be too shy, Ed Sheeran can be a very good friend. Tonight(12/6/2013)!

    Hi dear justjaredjr, do you have any further information about Lorde & Ed or Lord(e) & Taylor?

  • OK

    Very good nominations this year.

  • OK

    Not crazy about her make-up.

  • OK

    All in all the nominations were vey good.

  • LELE

    Honestly,Ed’s been releasing ep’s since he was fourteen in 2005. I don’t get how he is “new.” I wish he got more awards tho.