'X Factor' Interview: Restless Road on the Competition & Clicking Right Away

'X Factor' Interview: Restless Road on the Competition & Clicking Right Away

Check out this brand new interview with X Factor finalists Restless Road!

The guys – Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack, and Zach Beeken – opened up to JJJ about the competition, bonding as a band, their celebrity crushes, and more!

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RR are currently in the Top 4 and that much closer to winning the whole show! They even had a No. 1 country iTunes hit with their cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”!

Be sure to catch Restless Road on The X Factor every Wednesday and Thursday on Fox!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Restless Road

JustJaredJr: Hi guys! So how did you adjust once you were put into a group together? Any fun outings or bonding moments?

Zach: We all went to the X Games together right after being put in a group. We also went to the Hollywood sign. That was really the first time we all hung out together.

Andrew: We really clicked right away when we were put together. We all hung out at each other’s homes and just got to know each other’s families, and it was like we had already been friends for years.

Colton: We spent some time at each other’s homes!

JJJ: What would you say are the biggest differences between you? How would you describe each of you in one word?

Z: I don’t wear cowboy boots like the other guys do. Andrew is really energetic and Colton’s talkative.

A: I don’t think there are many differences other than what Zach said. We all drive a different kind of vehicle…(laughs). Zach’s the jokester and Colton is VERY talkative.

C: I have a very thick accent compared to them! Zach is funny and Andrew is energetic.

JJJ: Which artists/groups do you look up to in the industry? Do you like a lot of the same music?

Z: We all have similar taste. We would love to have similar success as One Direction but as country artists. We love Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, and Florida Georgia Line.

A: We’re all into hardcore hip hop and classical. Definitely our two favorites. We all really love new artists like Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, and Florida Georgia Line.

C: We like a lot of the same music but we have our differences too. I really love Rascal Flatts but as far as the kind of success we’d like to have it would be like Taylor Swift and One Direction.

JJJ: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

A: Tim McGraw for sure

C: Definitely Luke Bryan’s Concert!

JJJ: You’ve met some pretty big names already, including the judges. Have you been starstruck yet and by who? If not, who would make you starstruck?

Z: I’m a HUGE basketball fan and I met Dwight Howard from the Houston Rockets and I was really excited!

A: I think I’ve been excited to meet a lot of the people I’ve met so far like Selena Gomez, One Direction, and Michael Bublé. I think the atmosphere has a lot to do with whether or not I would be “starstruck.” Backstage where we meet a lot of these people it’s relaxed and very normal. But if we were in a situation where a lot was going on, I think I’d get more starstruck by meeting someone.

C: I have a big crush on Selena Gomez so probably her but other than that I’m a big fan of Chad Michael Murray and got to meet him, which was really cool!

JJJ: What do your friends and family back home think about all of this?

Z: They are in disbelief. None of us can believe how far the guys and I have come. No one saw this coming!

A: My friends and family back home are SO proud and they have been so supportive, and I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done to help us succeed and move on each week in this competition.

C: They’re so proud of what all we’ve accomplished but they’re blown away by everything that’s happened.

JJJ: So everyone wants to know – are you single or taken? What do you look for in a girl?

Z: Single. Someone who has a great sense of humor who just likes to laugh and be ridiculous all the time. Just someone who is down to earth and enjoys the little things in life.

A: I am single and I think we all just are looking for someone who is really down to earth and funny. I would rather be in a relationship with someone who is more of a best friend and can be herself.

C: Single. I look for someone who has a great sense of humor, and isn’t afraid to be themselves, someone who loves music, and loves to just have a good time.

JJJ: Who are you celebrity crushes?

Z: Dianna Agron, Kendall Jenner is really beautiful, and Beyonce.

A: Julianne Hough and Hayden Panettiere.

C: Selena Gomez, Sadie Robertson, and Julianne Hough.

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time (other than music, of course)?

Z: I play basketball, catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix, eat then go to the gym, and then eat again.

A: I love going to the gym to just pass time or whenever I’m feeling stressed out or angry. It’s the best place for me to relieve the stress. I also love going to the lake and spending time on the water or during the winter. We go up there because it’s so quiet and relaxing.

C: Hang out with friends, ride ATV’s, hunt, fish, and play football, basketball, and soccer.

JJJ: Who would you consider you biggest competition right now and why?

Z: Alex and Sierra because I think they are the coolest and most creative act in the competition, and my favorite to listen too.

A: Definitely Alex and Sierra because they are amazing at what they do and sound awesome, but the best part about it is that we love them and we’ve pretty much become best friends. We both help each other out with anything. We want to see them succeed just as bad as we want to.

C: Alex and Sierra. They’re in our category and they’re so unique and incredible singers and musicians!

JJJ: We’ve just seen that your currently number No. 1 in the country iTunes chart. How does that feel?

Z: I never thought a year ago…or even a week ago that I could we could be No. 1 on the charts. It’s incredible to think people all around the world are buying our music and that our name is really getting out there. We are so grateful and this is something we never could have imagined.

A: I never dreamed that we would reach No. 1 on iTunes and it’s just so overwhelming to see how much support we have, and to think all of those people bought our cover of “Wake Me Up” is incredible. I’m so thankful for everything that has happened this year.

C: It’s an absolute dream come true to even be surrounded on the charts by the people We’ve looked up to for so long. We’re just so humbled and blessed to be there.

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