Spencer Sutherland Talks Giving Back for #JJJHolidays

Spencer Sutherland Talks Giving Back for #JJJHolidays

I really love the holidays!

It’s never really been about the gifts (well at least in my adult life :) — it’s more about the Holiday spirit, the energy and the excitement. And it’s not just the kids — Everyone seems to be jollier — smiling more. And most of all they seem to care more about others during the holidays. Not sure why that is?

It’s so cool seeing people actually seek out ways to help others. Whether it’s a person, an animal, a place or a thing — volunteering, donating or buying gifts that are tied to charitable causes. It’s ALL GOOD!

I think its really cool when celebs use their influence for “good”. In fact, I always have a greater level of respect for those celebs that take the time to help out. DO you?
There are so many ways for everyone to make a difference in whatever is important to them. Whether it’s dropping some change in a Salvation Army bucket, buying a less fortunate kid a Christmas present, or donating clothes to a coat drive, purchasing a charitable gift for a gift exchange- like a whistle that supports Fallen Whistle!

One of the first times helping out a charity was earlier this year when for my 21st Birthday. I performed an online concert through a website called StageIt! All of the money I made from ticket sales went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It felt great to contribute to the amazing life experiences that Make-A-Wish grants kids. After I did the show, I got so much out of it knowing I may make at least a small difference in someones life. It was then thatI realized I wanted to find ways to give more. You guys can too!

Giving back is so easy nowadays – in your own community as well as internationally. There are sooo any people and things in NEED — Seemingly endless, sadly. So just figure out what is important to you – like what you want to help support and simply look online and you could be making a difference even later today!

Hope everyone finds the spirit and has an amazing holiday!

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