Dylan Sprouse Responds to Nude Photo Leak

Dylan Sprouse Responds to Nude Photo Leak

Dylan Sprouse is making light of the situation after nude photos of him surfaced on Tumblr on Sunday (December 15).

“Whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore,” the 21-year-old actor/student joked on Twitter. “I messed up… but I’d be a fool not to own up to it. Got to move past it I suppose”

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His twin brother Cole took a friendly jab at him by writing, “Cold in that bathroom huh?” to which Dylan replied, “Love you too.”

It seems Dylan is taking it all in stride as he soon added “n00d pic dealer” to his Twitter bio. Then he took to his Tumblr page to share some of the funnier responses to the whole thing, adding, “Thanks for making me laugh through all of this.”

UPDATE: Read Dylan‘s new response!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Dylan’s reaction to nude photos leaking?

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  • Jennay

    lmao he handled it so well, this isnt gonna ruin his career or anything

  • OK

    WOW your right Dylan you are not fat and 14 anymore.
    I should of watched the show more. Good job on fessing up.

  • cody

    What 21 year old guy hasn’t sent someone pics like that. LOL.

  • http://www.eternalozzie.com eternalozzie

    he seems very well adjusted and normal guy … glad he can see the humor in it :)

  • Adfjk

    He probably leaked it himself

  • Jason

    Wow… nude pictures get leaked and for once, the person in them isn’t playing the victim. Amazing. Hope this leads to more work for the guy… being a former Disney star is tough, but it’s even tougher when you’re only known for being a twin.

  • tina

    @Jason: He knows who leaked the pictures, the ex gf HE GAVE THEM TO, so why would he “play the victim. It’sddifferent from a STRANGER HACKING YOUR phone.

  • hi
  • jack

    what is he doing to it?????

  • natalie

    this guy…….is my hero!!! :) :) :) :) :) I can’t express how much I loo up to this guy because of what he did and how he handled it. :D

  • hehe

    He’s certainly grown into his looks

  • claudia

    he handled it extremely well to the point where people have just laughed it off. but then again hes a guy so its a little easier. if he was a chick they would call her all sorts of names…

  • bu

    I believe he is a kid! he was what 18/19 at the time? big deal! just because he’s a public figure does not mean he can’t afford do be a kid! I am not totally simpathetic with posting naked picture, I don’t know why one should do that! BUT, he’s not the freaking president that has to be perfect all the time. he’s famous, so what? he’s still a boy and boys do pretty stupid stuff all the time! I don’t know why they had to make such a big scandal out of it! I disapprove of it, but that doesn’t change what I think of him as a person or as an actor! if you are afraid your kids are going to be scarred by this, it probably means that they are not old enough to be on the internet unsupervised yet! Keep an eye on them. the world does not have to be perfect for you!