'Awkward' Season Finale Interview: Beau Mirchoff on Prom, Matty Forgiving Jenna, & More

'Awkward' Season Finale Interview: Beau Mirchoff on Prom, Matty Forgiving Jenna, & More

Check out this brand new interview with Awkward star Beau Mirchoff!

JJJ caught up with the 24-year-old actor to chat about tonight’s (December 17) season finale.

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Last week, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) spent the whole episode getting ready for Matty to ask her to the prom, only to realize he was asking her permission to ask Bailey (McKaley Miller).

Yikes! We can’t wait to see what happens!

The Awkward finale airs TONIGHT @ 10:30PM on MTV!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Beau Mirchoff

JustJaredJr: So let’s talk about prom first. Do you think Matty was at all trying to make Jenna jealous by asking Bailey, or is he that oblivious?

Beau Mirchoff: They definitely made it a little bit ambiguous, but honestly, I don’t think he was trying to make her jealous. They have such a long history, Matty and Jenna, and I think he was just doing the mature thing in making sure it would be OK, not upsetting her in any way. It didn’t turn out that way and it’s kind of a juvenile way to do it, but he had good intentions.

JJJ: There was definitely a little spark between Bailey and Matty. Do you think they could ever work out?

BM: Yeah, I think is interesting. She’s easy on the eyes. She’s a tall glass of water. Can you say that about a woman? (laughs). No, she’s smart. She’s kind of like Jenna. Who knows though. It’s definitely the early stages of their relationship and they’re definitely intrigued by each other. There’s an attraction.

JJJ: Bailey seems pretty loyal to Jenna at this point though…

BM: It’s very early in their friendship. She may say that she doesn’t want to ruin that, but when push comes to shove, who knows what Bailey will do.

JJJ: Do you think Matty forgave Jenna too quickly? It seems like they are already starting to go down that path again…

BM: I think he forgave her way too quickly. I don’t know. Guys are so sensitive. That’s a mass generalization. I mean, everyone’s sensitive. When you’re cheated on and betrayed like that in front of all your friends, me personally, I may be able to hang out with that person in a group and be cool and mature about it, but no, I’m not going to go over to her house and ask if it’s OK to take her new friend to prom (laughs). No way.

JJJ: Dd you go to prom. What was your experience like?

BM: I did go to prom. I took a girl who I was dating for a while. She was a year younger than me. My prom was pretty uneventful. There was dancing and I know I requested Bruce Springsteen‘s “Dancing in the Dark.” We we’re all on buses. I grew up on Vancouver Island. We all partied the night away in some random forest. It was good times.

JJJ: Are you a good dancer?

BM: I mean, I will get freaky on the dance floor. I will go crazy, but I’m not classically trained per se.

JJJ: It seems now that Matty and Jenna are becoming friends again, and Sadie has a new guy, we’re getting fewer Matty and Sadie scenes, which makes us sad. We love them!

BM: They’re also my favorite friendship. They had some good scenes together and I know in the new season, there’s some great Sadie/Matty stuff, so that’s something to look forward to at least. I love their relationship. It’s so complex in a lot of ways.

JJJ: Do you think Sadie and Matty could ever work as a couple?

BM: I don’t think so. They’ve been friends for so long. I think it may be a little weird for both of them. They had that drunken hookup once. I don’t think Matty remembers that (laughs).

JJJ: Have you started filming season four? What else can we expect?

BM: Yeah, we’re excited. It launches from the beginning on senior year. It’s definitely a more mature tone. I’m not going to tease too much, but there’s some great stuff with the story that I think fans are going to love watching.

JJJ: A lot of college talk?

BM: Yeah, there are some storylines about characters getting ready for the college years. Taking those SATs. I’m from Canada, so we didn’t take those (laughs). But yeah, it’s exciting. Because it’s senior year, everyone thinks they’re adults. They think they’re older than they are, which leads to some very funny things.

JJJ: Last question – if you could give Matty some advice going into this finale, what would it be?

BM: That’s a very good question. I would say, “Stay on the dance floor. Keep your head on a swivel, and have a good time. Don’t be too emotional.”

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