Zac Efron: Shirtless for New 'That Awkward Moment' Stills!

Zac Efron: Shirtless for New 'That Awkward Moment' Stills!

Zac Efron gets serious and shirtless in this new still from his upcoming movie That Awkward Moment.

Also starring Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Imogen Poots, the film tells the story of three best friends who find themselves where we’ve all been – at that confusing “moment” in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?”

In case you missed it, check out the film’s trailer, poster, and our interviews with both Michael and Miles!

Mark your calendars – That Awkward Moment is set to hit theaters on January 31, 2014!

15+ stills from the movie inside…

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Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 01
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 02
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 03
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 04
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 05
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 06
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 07
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 08
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 09
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 10
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 11
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 12
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 13
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 14
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 15
Zac-shirt zac efron shirtless for new that awkward moment stills 16


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OK @ 9:41 am on 12/19/2013

OMG Three Zac posts in two days. I’m in Heaven. Man is he hot!!!!!

OK @ 9:50 am on 12/19/2013

Six weeks from tomorrow and I hope it goes into wide release!!!

ANYA @ 9:51 am on 12/19/2013

Man, I totally forgot that the MAIN reason zac gets movies is because he ALWAYS gets to show his abs, pecs, and now his a**, that’s a wise marketing move! considering THAT IS what ZAC EFRON actually sells, also the reason why no one takes him seriously

Lauren @ 9:58 am on 12/19/2013

Did you read the premise of the movie at all? No?
Chill out

ANYA @ 10:02 am on 12/19/2013

@Lauren: I have, and no, I don’t mean about this movie in particular more like of every movie he is, so actually, in my last post I didn’t even meant about movie premise but about what he does in every movie, that’s why he suits the frat, golden boy character in every movie

OK @ 10:11 am on 12/19/2013

@ANYA I mustoof missed that scene in “AT ANY PRICE”
he is an actor and this is what the role calls for.

OK @ 10:38 am on 12/19/2013

Sorry that should of said must of missed

OK @ 10:40 am on 12/19/2013

One last look before work. ( I really do like his acting being shirtless is just a bonus.)

snazzy @ 1:36 pm on 12/19/2013

at any price was actually disappointing and im not saying that cuz im some “hater”. I respect that his fans find him hot and all that but his acting could step up a bit because all i see is body. maybe its a phase? who knows! its easy for him to take his clothes off and get a couple of million from horny women but i wish he got a wider audience. maybe a superhero movie or action that wont involve too much sexuality but heroism. just sayin not hatin.

xx @ 1:43 pm on 12/19/2013

lol hes always pouting, like he wants to say something but then hes like “nah my prettiness does all the talking” . gotta hand it to him tho, he looks 100x better in comedy and romcoms than serious acting…either way im still laughing.

OK @ 1:53 pm on 12/19/2013

@ XX Maybe if you stopped looking in the mirror you would stop laughing ? Just remember hater he who laughs last , laughs best.
I bet he is laughing all the way to the bank.

What a laugh @ 2:20 pm on 12/19/2013

Perhaps some of you who want to demean Zac Efron should read most critics’ reviews in regards to his acting instead of trying to use his good looks against him. Is that all you got to use to show your anger that he has been offered so many movies—that he has been working so much? It is jealousy when all you can do is complain about somebody’s looks for being able to get work. I can name a few people who have good looks who call themselves actors who can’t seem to buy a decent movie no matter how much they promote themselves. Looks only go so far.

xx @ 4:30 pm on 12/19/2013

@OK: because money is the source to all happiness right? him being richer than me automatically bumps up everything about him by like a thousand right? preach it right child ;) i see you have resorted to the “look in the mirror” remarks. i wasnt even saying zac isnt attractive lol he is hes very handsome so i dunno why me not really taking him seriously as an actor means im some kid or adult typing on my computer look all nasty when i personally think im not that bad lol. but thanks anyway.

xx @ 4:41 pm on 12/19/2013

@What a laugh: i read some of his critics and they were good, his best reviews were from paperboy but his at any price reviews overall were meh. but lets be real here, are “haters” like…supposedly me…gonna think “you know what? im going to read some zac efron movie reviews just to see if my opinion coincides with the critics” Nope. they are gonna take what they are given and go with it. Paperboy got a bit of buzz and even a golden globe. but the other two didnt quite reach the buzz. however movies like this? Always gonna keep him buzzing.
I am RAGING that zac efron is getting roles OMG
nope. im cool as a cucumber. zac is doing well so dont assume i think hes doing terrible cuz he clearly isnt. zacs looks can work for him such as in these romcoms or against him like in serious films. maybe thats why i cant take him that seriously? maybe i need him a lil roughed up to take away his um .. blinding beauty because …like @OK proclaims on every single zac efron post “Man is he hot!!!”

LOL @ 7:44 pm on 12/19/2013

Guys ignore the hateful comments. They are from the SAME person.

IMO @ 8:20 pm on 12/19/2013

@xx: I think it’s very obvious that he is one of the most beautiful people in the industry male or female and I if you look at the history of actors and actresses that can be a negative thing . Looks can distract form the performance and the actual talent of the individual. That is a fact that has been since the beginning film. With Zac , IMO the man has the talent to back of the looks. He is improving every time he makes a film and is still learning from every experience and it shows as he becomes more and more professional and proficient. After his intinal success in a fame soaring franchaise. He knew his limitations and wanted to concentrate on smaller films which where he could fine tune his craft and learn from respected professionals in the business. If it is called for to show his physical attributes and it’s part of the buzz for the films then hey welcome to Hollywood. I believe that Zac has his big break still ahead and right now these comedies are something that is a nice diversion from the heavy dramas and indies that have been his last few films. I do agree with What a Laugh in that his last few indies roles have been noticed by critics who finally are seeing past the handsome face and seeing that there is substance and talent in the man. Zac has the it factor and he stirs up interest and in Hollywood that translates to money. So if he took a chance with all these indy films (which in actually a very slight percentage make any money) and he fine tuned his acting skills they I commend him for working on his craft so when that special film role comes along he will be ready .I feel he will have more than name recognition and he will also will recognized for his talent as well by both the audience and critics. He has a bright future and he will prove the doubters wrong.

OK @ 8:50 pm on 12/19/2013

@What a laugh. Very well said .His time is coming.

OK @ 8:50 pm on 12/19/2013

@ XX Man he is HOT and TALENTED.

OK @ 8:53 pm on 12/19/2013

@IMO You are right he has the It factor only vey few celebrities have it and he does. You are also right he gets better with every film.

What??? @ 11:01 pm on 12/19/2013

@OK: You don’t read very well What a Laugh didn’t say his time is coming . IMO did.then you backtracking and telling XX that he is HOt and Talented as a afterthought after more intelligent posters said it first. that was the point you always just talk about his looks and how hot he is.

xx @ 3:31 am on 12/20/2013

@IMO: i like you. you say it how it is and focus on talent over looks. you dont seem biased and dealt with my opinion on a professional level. but i dont doubt his future he is doin well but i personally think romcoms is where he is at. nothing wrong with that he is still successful i dunno why @OK and others assumed i was jealous of him and his money when im not.
@What??? thank you!
@OK well i dunno what to say lol u proved my point and didnt even know how to reply to the comments/ assumptions you made of me.

Lawrence @ 8:42 am on 12/20/2013

Haters need to stick they’re heads in toilets and flush*lol*, they always say the same things about Zac its like reading the same story over and over*lmao*. Zac is hot and talented, I’m sure he’ll prove that again and again so its no worries.

truffle @ 10:45 am on 12/20/2013

because being hot comes first right? smh.

Sharona @ 10:59 am on 12/20/2013

Well, I am just going to sit back and take all the comments from the haters with a grain of salt. If any of you haters would take the time to go to IMDB and read the impressive list of projects Zac is attached to, you will realize that directors and producers do not agree with you, but instead, they see the talent Zac has and will unleash upon the public in the very near future. The fact that he is built like Adonis and is drop-dead gorgeous is just the icing on the cake!

IMO @ 12:16 pm on 12/20/2013

@xx: Maybe you won’t like me after you read what I have to say. You definitely have a right to your opinion about him only being able to do one thing, but it’s just your opinion. You have to know that when you come onto a Zac Efron post you are dealing with people who are fans of his. So when you state your opinion which anyone can do of coarse you will have to know that if you state things like he is always pouting , or he is basically a one trick pony your going to be in the minority here. You will be called a Hater because in essence that is what they generally do. So if you want my opinion I would caution you how you state your Point of view is the way you will be perceived by others. Not everyone will like what you say but at least you can say it in a respectful way. His fans love him no matter what he does but there are fans that are more realistic as well and see the pitfalls of Hollywood and the way they can pigeonhole an actor. We don’t want that for Zac I for one believe in his talent and he just needs that breakout role which I gurantee you will be in his future. I also would hate to see him pigeonholed into one type of film such as a romcom that is sure death for an actor . Time has proven that diversity is what they need and that is what I hope Zac will do diverse roles. He will grow and get better and better as he ages, he already has. So in that you and I may have a difference of opinion because I think Zac has the talent ,charisma, and likeability that will endear him to the general audience. I see that happening sooner than later and with this comedies he will get exposure to another audience he may not have had before . Young males and from what I have seen in the trailers ,they will not see him as a threat but they will enjoy his comedic timing and he will win them over.

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